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Will You Marry Me?

by YourFallOutGirl 3 reviews

Pete asks Patrick to make their relationship last forever.

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Pete was pacing the living room of the house he was sharing with his boyfriend Patrick. This was an uneasy time for our favorite bassist as he was going to take a humongo leap of the cliff here. He was going to ask Patrick to marry him. Pete kept fidgeting with his fingers as he looked at the guitar clock that was placed above the fireplace. Two miunets to 7. It was almost time.

Patrick stepped out of his car coming home from work. As he closed the door he saw Pete's shillouette pacing in the light of the fireplace. "Hmm... Wonder what's wrong?"

Pete heard the rattiling of keys and the door being opened. "Oh God." "Panda? I'm home! "In the living room Trix!" Patrick walked into the living room to see the fireplace and a bunch of candles lit around the perimeter and Pete sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. "Patrick? Can you come here please Hunny?" Pete asked his voice muffled by his hands. Patrick ran to sat by his love and put and arm around around him. "What's wrong Ladybug?" Pete looked at Patrick wath a weird look on his face. "Since when did you start calling me Ladybug?" "Since now." "Oh. Well, Butterfly, I have to ask you a question." "Anything for you Ladybug." "I know we have been together for some time now and through thick and thin we will be together." "Yes of course." Patrick giggled. Pete got up and got down on one knee. Patrick put his hand on his heart and let out a gasp. "Patrick Martin Stump will you marry me?" Pete closed his eyes tightly not wanting to see Patrick's expression. But he felt a hand on his chin lifting his eyes to meet his Butterfly's. "Of course I will Peter Wentz. I would love nothing more." Pete just stared as his fingers slipped to get the ring and place it on Patrick's chubby finger. They locked eyes then they kissed wanting nothing else. When they parted They let the tears flow. "I love you Butterfly." "I love you too Ladybug."
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