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After the Fall, he hunts down a stray. Crawford/Schuldig

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Crawford never would have thought it would be so difficult to find a red-haired German in Japan. It should have been easy, really. Easier by far than finding one Japanese boy in a sea of them, at least. But Nagi had been found first, waiting just enough time before dropping leads on where to find him. The boy was smart, after all, and knew that if they met again too soon they could be in danger. Farfarello had been even easier to find, with the occasional religious center being terrorized by a demon no one ever saw. Which left one wayward team member.

It had surprised the American, that the German could actually follow orders so well. And when he dug deeper, he realized that most of that surprise was because he hadn't honestly thought that he would need to search for Schuldig.

Because Schuldig, of them all, was the one that always came back. Back to the team. Back to the fight. Back to /him/.

Crawford didn't like being surprised.

Then he started to hear the rumors. A red-haired man, with too-sharp eyes and a scar wrapped around his neck like a grotesque collar. They said he worked at night, hung around the right places, took the most expensive jobs. They said he was a devil that had broken off from hell.

So the oracle left Nagi and Farfarello at their new residence and followed the rumors until he found the right place. The telepath could be random, yes, but not to someone who knew his patterns so well. It was no surprise to either of them when Crawford simply appeared at the redhead's door one day.

"Took you long enough," Schuldig drawled as he sauntered over to the American. Crawford noticed the scar first, the lack of cigarette ashes anywhere second.

"I thought you would have returned on your own." He put arms around a too-thin waist and frowned slightly before pulling the younger man to him. "Then I heard you were trying to break-off from us. Quite a surprise for me." One black-eyebrow raised.

Schuldig shrugged and grinned, a flash of white and razor-sharp. "A guy likes to know he's still worth chasing after," he said before kissing Crawford like a drowned man searching for air. Crawford thought that perhaps they should have savored the moment after months apart, made it last and made it sweeter. But then Schuldig was on his knees and cool air was on his flesh and he remembered how much he hated to be surprised.

Afterall, Schuldig was anything but sweet.
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