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They decided that Crawford needed a vacation...

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Brad was not a man that took vacations. He was too busy, for one thing, and could never trust to leave his team mates alone for too long. Nagi was fine, sure, but a teenage boy cannot be expected to keep a handle on the combined powers of Farfarello and Schuldig. Hell, most grown men couldn't do that, and Crawford saw it as just another example of why he was better than most people. And he wouldn't dare bring the others with him to some sunny location.

Not after the last time.

He would never forget the last Schwarz trip, so many years ago, when Schuldig had forced him to go on "It's a Small World" twenty-six times until the telepath could assure him that no, the dolls were not anatomically correct.

In the end, any vacations (and by vacation, he meant time away from everything and every/one/) were just a pleasant thought. So it was no small wonder that he inspected the small suitcase Nagi had pushed into his hands with an air of suspicion. He didn't hear any ticking or smell any toxic fumes. A trap then...

"Gott, you're paranoid," Schuldig commented from his perch on the couch.

"Wouldn't you be?" Crawford responded. "What's it for?"

"You." Nagi wore an almost amused expression on his face. "We decided you need a break from us, before you snap and try to kill Schuldig again. So we booked you a room for the week."


Two hours later, the oracle found himself looking around the lobby of a hot spring spa. It must have been a joke. Maybe the hot spring had been poisoned? Or maybe the hostess was really an assassin? Or maybe Schuldig was right for once in his life and he really was paranoid. With a sigh, he resigned himself to a boring...quiet...Schwarzless week. And smiled.

By the second night, he had made an...acquaintance. The man had shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and a pair of glasses. He spoke in a kind voice, but had a hard edge to him that made Crawford look at him twice. Then three times. Then more times than he cared to count. The man was on a break from his friends, especially from a red-haired, chain-smoking friend whose mouth got him into too much trouble. Here was a man that understood his plight, Crawford decided, and apparently the green-eyed man decided the same. By the fourth night, they decided breakfast wouldn't be needed the next morning. Lunch was also an option.

It was a much happier and less paranoid Oracle that returned to Schwarz a week later.


AN: Gift for hellboredoll. Yeah. Hakkai. I love putting them Schwarz and Sanzo-ikkou boys together.
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