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Those guys and their guns. Crossover with Gravitation. Crawford/K

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The first time Crawford saw him was after a building had exploded. The oracle had been pacing in front of their recent employer's building for an hour, trying unsuccessfully to calm down a distraught telepath who swore he had seen a giant panda in the sky. At first Crawford thought Schuldig had taken Farfarello's meds by 'accident' again but it quickly became apparent that a giant panda had been in the sky.

Then he had to convince Schuldig that no, he wasn't going

Then, from the corner of his eye, he had seen a flash of gold and turned quickly to follow it. Long blond hair, sharp blue eyes, a gun holster over a crisp white shirt.

An uze.

Crawford's mouth went dry when the stranger turned and winked at him.


"Schuldig, go ask Nagi for help." With a snap, his cellphone closed. He looked around quickly, but could not find the long-haired man in the gathered crowd. "Damn."

After that, Crawford didn't honestly expect to see him again. He was pleasantly surprised for once a week later when Schwarz attended to some business with the N-G record company. The man, K, was a manager. Why any manager would carry enough firepower to support a small army was beyond him but no less appealing.

Schuldig had spent the entire meeting nudging him in the side with a stupid grin on his face. When it was over, the redhead took the opportunity to say, very loudly, "Wow, sure are some nice guns that guy's packing! You love big guns, don't ya Crawford?"

Crawford swore revenge.

"Is that so?" a smooth voice cut in to his mental list of tortures. Flawless Japanese, with a hint of an American accent. "What's your weapon of choice? Mine is a nuclear bomb!" K exclaimed and chuckled happily, one hand stroking the barrel of his favorite gun.

And so it began. They would meet for lunch, then it went to dinner and drinks. There was business talk and weapon talk and other equally masculine talk, aside from one interesting conversation regarding shampoo brands.

"So you caused the majority of explosions in Japan over the past year?" Crawford asked, sitting back on one of the fluffy couches in K's penthouse.

K grinned widely and scratched the back of his head. "Ahahaha...yeah. One was for my employer's date so it was a good cause and it did let me wear that schoolgirl uniform for a while, which was fun and-"

Crawford kissed him. Then smirked when he felt the kiss being returned.

He felt some alarm, however, when K waved a loaded pistol jauntily and grinned.


AN: Gift fic for hungry_worm.
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