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To Your Corruption

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Like a bad addiction, straight to your brain. Youji/Schuldig

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It wasn't his fault. None of it was. Not the first meeting, late at night under a flickering street light. Not the meetings after, week after week, each time somewhere new. Not the wandering hands, or half-choked moans. Not the hard, messy kisses that tasted like ash and mint chocolate. Not the back-ally, dirty-motel fucks after midnight that always ended too fast but not soon enough.

Certainly not those.

It was his fault, his suggestions, his urging. Hard smile, hard eyes, hard kisses. Everything about Schuldig was cut jagged and hard, sharp enough to cut you in warning but not enough to keep you away. Enough pleasure-pain to make you nod and grasp on tight.

Which is exactly what Youji did.

It had started as an accident. Youji, brooding and angst-ridden and sick of the smell of flowers. Sick of Omi's plastic eyes and Ken's shifting smile. Sick of Aya's angry nothingness that seemed to hang over them all when they got too close. It hadn't taken much to get Youji dressed and away, heading towards the nearest club. There had been people wandering about- laughing, smoking, living.

The assassin supposed that one out of three wasn't that bad and moved on to the next cancer-stick. His last, and he savored it while he watched the city continue on.

Then along came Schuldig. Bored and twitchy and itching for something. Half-jaded but easily amused and apparently Youji was exactly what he was looking for.

He had said yes, and that was all the invitation the devil needed.

Week after week after week. They drank and laughed and fucked. And then went back to work. They didn't know how to do much else, in the end, so they stuck to basics. It wasn't fun, Youji told himself, because someone like Schuldig couldn't be fun. Vipers didn't play nice with others, after all, but it was better than nothing.

So he kept showing up. And Schuldig kept offering.

"You know," Schuldig commented on night, his words pressed against Youji's collarbone, "we should try mixing business and pleasure."

Something slithered down Youji's spine and he decided it was panic. "W-what?" he managed. It was hard to think with a hand shoved down your pants. "If you, no way."

A hissing laugh. "C'mon Kudou. Don't tell me you aren't hard enough to dent marble after a kill. I know" sharp teeth bit down on an already hard nipple, " you are."

Green eyes narrowed. "Get out. Now." He sat up quickly, pressing back against the headboard. "You're disgusting."

Schuldig chuckled but moved away, getting off the worn rented mattress. "What's the matter, Kitten? You can't handle the monster under, sorry, in your bed?"

Youji glared at him, not speaking.

"Fine," the German heaved a suffering sigh. He made his way to the door. "See you around, Kudou."

"Fuck you."

"Not tonight, apparently."


A week and Youji thought it was finally over.

Two weeks and he was already out of his apartment and down the street before he realized he had no clue where to find the telepath. "Fuck," he growled, raking a hand through his hair in frustration.

I knew you'd come to your senses a nasal voice echoed in his mind.

Youji refused to breathe a sigh of relief. Where are you?

"Right here, Kitten." Arms wrapped around his waist from behind and a pointed chin rested on his shoulder. From the corner of his eye, Youji could see too-blue eyes and red, red hair. "Miss me?"

"My apartment. Now."

Schuldig tsked, "So demanding lately," but followed him back. The door just closed behind them before the telepath found himself shoved back against it, teeth on his neck and hands pinning his wrists. He hissed when skin broke.

Youji tasted copper-blood on his tongue and pushed himself away, eyes wide and chest heaving. There was blood on Schuldig's neck, staining his shirt, and the Japanese man thought he had never been so turned on. "Gods...what's happened to me, what have you done to me?"

Schuldig smirked, arms to splayed like a martyr, hair falling over one sharp eye.

Youji shook his head, taking another step back and another until he could collapse on his bed. "What are you?"

"I," Schuldig said softly, "am absolute corruption." He pushed away from the door, nails digging into the wood once before letting go. "I am the power that sways. I am the beast that's in human nature." He walked slowly, bone-cut hips swaying in a perfect rhythm.

"I am the masonry of greed." He stopped, standing between spread legs, and leaned forward. "I will suck and fuck the very heart of you. And you'll like it."

And Youji knew he would.
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