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Schwarz. St. Paddy's Day drabble challenge. Yeah.

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Crawford awoke with the same sense of trepidation that he always seemed to wake up with. It had something to do with visions and a lot to do with who he lived with. Not waking up with a sense that something was going to wrong in this house was just asking for trouble.

Downstairs, he found Schuldig looking out a back window. The telepath was sipping some green concoction, wearing his green jacket, and looking like a deranged leprechaun. Crawford felt a brief flash of gratitude. At least he hadn't dyed his hair green again. That had been a disaster.

But Schuldig never looked that amused unless something bad had happened.

"What now?" he asked, resigned.

Schuldig pointed.

Their backyard, small though it was, was now completely dug up, with white flowers sticking up. And Farfarello was standing in the center of it all, singing a jaunty tune that was actually rather depressing when you listened to the lyrics.

And he was wearing a "Kiss me I'm Irish" pin. Great.

Schuldig smirked. "Mmm... potatoes."

"You let him do this, didn't you?" Crawford accused.

"Well, yeah. But he threatened to sing "Danny Boy" if I didn't let him go along his business."

The oracle sighed. "And why is he doing this?"

"Nagi bought instant potatoes last night and Farfarello declared it an 'insult t' the Mudder Country.'"

"Ah." Crawford adjusted his glasses. "You will, of course, pay for this at some point."

The German smirked. "Not if you don't want Far finding out you're half-English."

Crawford suddenly decided that retreat was not always a bad thing.
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