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Hey Pretty Boy, It's Time To Wake Up

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"Hey pretty boy it's time to wake up!" "Ugg i don't wanna Pete!" This story is based on a song called Get Ready 2 Rokk By a Techno-Pop band called Freezepop. I hope you like it!

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Hey, pretty boy, it's time to wake up
it's already after 10 o'clock
Hey pretty boy, put on your make-up
it's time to leave, it's time to get ready to rock.
Get Ready 2 Rokk~ Freezepop

The sun glistened into the shutters of a deserted bedroom. Deserted except for the fact that a single figure was asleep on the bed. Andy loved to sleep and he welcomed it whenever he could. What he hated though was people waking him up. And, unfortunatly for him, that's exactily what Pete wanted to do. "ANDY!?" He all but screached making Andy groan in disgust. "Wha d'ya wan Peef?" he asked, his voice in the pillow making the words come out all wrong. Pete smiled and sat next to his boyfriend. "Hey pretty boy it's time to wake up!" "Ugg i don wanna Pete!" "Andy it's after 10 o'clock how can you sleep more?" Pete asked increduosly. "Wach me Pilgrum." And with that he turned on his side and closed his eyes. Pete huffed sadly and walked to the door. But before he got there he had an idea. He pranced over to the bed laid next to Andy, and started nibbling on his ear. He felt Andy sink into him and felt that his misson was being fullfilled. "O.k I'm up." Andy said softly, "But keep doing that pleease."
"Yesh sir." he whispered seductivly and did what he was told. So as it seems Andy dosen't like being woken up... but being woken up by Pete was as sweeter then sugar itself.

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