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No Way!!

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The next part to "Sure, I believe You Naruto". Sakura and Naruto are still together. And his nightmare comes back. Then Sakura and Naruto see something that they didn't know about Sasuke. Please R&R!

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I do not own Naruto or any characters and stuff. I never will. Never.

Naruto! Please answer me. Why won't you listen? Naruto.... please just help me... Naruto... Naruto!!

"Damn't. It came back again. Why though? I'm sick of it," Naruto said to himself.

He was just now waking up. He had slept outside in a tree, leaning against the trunk of the tree, while he was on a thick branch. He yawned and looked around to find the sun a little way up in the sky and seeing the forest for miles around in the giant tree he was in.

"Another day with that damn nightmare. Why am I having this nightmare? I wish I could get rid of it completely," he said as he looked around some more.

As he looked around he saw a figure walking by the river. He got up and jumped to another branch that was closer to the ground. As he got another view, he gasped. It was Sasuke.

"What the hell, is he doing here?" asked Naruto.

He stood on the branch, not wanting to move. He didn't feel like fighting Sasuke again. He felt bad for having to, but Sasuke wanted to pick one with him. He watched, watching to see and here everything he did and said.


"Hehe. I wonder where Naruto is. I have been wanting to have a 'chat' with him for a while," Sasuke said laughing a little.

He seemed different. Was it the bite from Orochimaru? Was he acting like this because that bite is bothering him now because its doing something to his mind? Naruto heard what he said and mumbled something under his breath. He continued to watch and listen.

"So he's still with Sakura I here? Doesn't bother me now. That's all in the past. But I still want Naruto gone. I hate his guts. And the next time I see him he is going to get his ass kicked by me! Sakura means nothing to me anymore. She doesn't exist, to me," Sasuke said grinning.

"How the hell did he put this all behind him? Sakura meant everything to him, and now he believes that she doesn't exist? What is going on with him? I need to find Sakura and tell her this stuff. But I think I'd like to hear some more," Naruto said as he sat against the trunk of the tree and listened some more.

"Naruto will be gone. I'll make sure of it. And with this new jutsu I learned, I'll be able to beat him easily, no sweat. And I also have a little surprise for him as well, hehe," Sasuke said.

Sasuke was now at the river and he sat down close to the bank. Naruto then got up from where he was and jumped to another tree, quietly. He then sat down, again. He noticed that Sasuke's eyes were red, and that they aren't supposed to be. His eyes are normally black.

"Something is up with him," Naruto said to himself.

Sasuke then put his hands into the river, feeling the water run over his hands. He then cupped his hands into the water and splashed the water into his face, He sighed as it felt refreshing.

"What the hell? His eyes turned back to black. This is so messed up. I need to tell Sakura and quick," Naruto said as he jumped towards the hut that was farther down the river.

Naruto! I've called to you mnay times. Please help me. Stop ignoring me! This is important! Why are you doig this Naruto? Why? Please HELP ME!

"No it can't be. Its coming back. Please, go away! I don't know who you are. Just leave me alone!" Naruto said to himself.

He seemed like he was talking to someone else too.

Why should I leave you alone? This important. You should know this already, the voice said.

"It answered me! How do I know what your talking about? I don't know!"

Oh, but you do know. Someone told you that you would know soon enough. This is important so hurry up and help me, damn it!! the voice seemed mad now, and worried.

"Hello? Its not answering. This is creepy. But what did it mean when it said, 'someone told me that I would know soon enough?'"

He was now at the hut and quickly went into the hut without knocking or anything.


"Sakura! I have to tell you somethings!"

"Hey, Naruto. Ok. It looks like something is wrong," Sakura said as she went over to Naruto.

He then told her everything he had heard and said and what Sasuke had said about him and her.

"Sasuke, said that about me? That he thinks I don't exist, and that he doesn't care about me anymore? He doesn't even like me as a friend?" she said as tears started to form.

Naruto then held her close, and wiped away the tears. He then kissed her.

When they parted Naruto said, "He seems totally different. He isn't himself anymore. We shoud talk to him," Naruto said.

"Don't tell me you forgot already. Don't you remember telling me that he said he was going to kill you? You can't go out there. I won't let you Naruto. I can't let you, I don't want to see you die!!" she said as more tears came.

"Oh, Sakura. I won't its just I want to talk to him badly. I know there is something wrong with him," he said as he held Sakura close.

Slowly the tears slowed and then stopped from Sakura, but she couldn't get the thought out of her mind.

I just can't let him. I can't let him go, and then never see him again. I know Naruto is strong, but Sasuke just seems stronger. I could feel it, when we he kissed me. That was before Naruto and I were together, Saukra thought to herself.

"Hey, Sakura. I bet Sasuke is outside right now. Come here," he said as he suddenly lifted Sakura into his arms.

He picked her up and they went outside. She was still in his arms when he jumped into a tree and looked around. No sign of Sasuke. He then went to another, and another, until he thought he would see Sasuke by then.

"Naruto what are we up here for?" Sakura asked as she looked around.

"Look. There's Sasuke... and," he then stopped, shocked at what he saw.

"It can't be. But how? This isn't right," Sakura said looking too.

"This is totally wrong. I can't believe it," Naruto said still shocked.

"What the hell?! How could Ino be kissing Sasuke?" Saukra yelled.

"I... don't know," Naruto said softly.

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