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Watch The Stars Go Out Tonight

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Ghosts and demons cause yet more trouble

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A/N: Dun, dun, dun!!! laughs evilly Next chapter means trouble cackles Yes my dears yet more trouble for our wonderful MCR and poor little Kaela, I have got quite attached to that kid you know so don't worry she's pretty safe...for now at least.
Disclaimer: No...crosses fingers behind back I don't own My Chemical Romance scary U.N. guy...

Chapter 27
Watch Stars Go Out Tonight

Melaina yawned as light streamed through her net curtains and spilled onto the plush plum carpet that surrounded her like a sea. There was another knock at her door and stretching lazily she stood up and grabbed her silk dressing gown from its hook next to the four poster bed before slinging it over her shoulders and tying the belt as she walked to the oak door.
"Hello?" She asked as she swung oak panelling open, tiredly brushing black hair from her eyes as she did so. Her ten year old daughter stood, with one hand against the wall and a pained expression on her young face, her equally dark hair vaguely plaited away from her face.
"Mama Master Tiberius wants to know if he can send to fetch them back yet." The little girl murmured sadly "I told him you said to wait but he says they're annoying the mansion ghosts again. He says if you want them brought back sane they should fetch them today." She said it with such perfect naivety that it was hard to believe she knew what she was talking about.
Melaina bit her lip and sighed "I suppose he must if he must but tell him to be careful with them and not break in until they're asleep you understand?"
"Yes mama." Kaela replied sorrowfully, turning to walk back down the corridor.
"And Kaela," Melaina added "I love you sweetheart."
Kaela turned and smiled at her mother "I know mama." She murmured softly.


Gerard woke up to the bang of his brother falling out of bed. "Fuck." Mikey yawned quietly as he landed hard on the carpet, rubbing his head where he'd banged it against the cupboard.
"You okay?" His older brother called from across the room, Mikey nearly jumped out of his skin, completely forgetting that Gerard was there.
"Umm yeah..." He answered slowly, standing up and yawning widely as he tried to wake himself up a bit more. He needn't have bothered as Frank bounded in with a childish energy none of them could match and jumped onto Mikey's back.
"Frankie!" Mikey yelped "Get off!" Frank just cackled evilly and tackled the younger Way brother to the floor, giggling manically as he did so.
"Frank!" Bob yelled as he walked in and took in the scene, looking as freaked out as Gerard did, if less tired. "Stop trying to rape Mikey!"
Frank just giggled louder and jumped to his feet before bounding back out of the room and nearly knocking Bob over as he shot down the stairs to the kitchen.
"Umm..." Gerard started "Who gave him the blue pills?"


Movie marathons, popcorn and surround sound seemed to be the only possible way of getting Frank to calm down - and it was also the only way to relieve the constant nagging that Ray's death had on all their consciousnesses. Gerard sighed as he wished he could escape like Frank did, whenever something life threatening or disastrous happened he would just shoot sky high and then break down again after his hyperness had all but died. It seemed to be such an easy way out although they all worried about the possibility that Frank took drugs to get it. They'd just hit half way through The Corpse Bride and Frank was beginning to calm down, Mikey shot his brother a worried look as he too noticed the fact the guitarist had sunk considerably further into his seat and wasn't watching the film anymore. Gerard glanced at Bob but the drummer was lost in his own thoughts and a tub of popcorn so with a resigned sigh the vocalist stood up and went to make himself a cup of very strong caffeinated coffee.
As he walked into the kitchen something flickered out of existence in the corner of the room, a tiny little black creature that had been greedily eating up the band's despair as they sat in the living room watching films as a dire way to escape from it all. Gerard spun around as he caught something on the edge of his vision again, this time sitting on the kitchen table. Then next time he caught sight of it longer, a monkey like creature with long, heavy black wings and bloodshot eyes. Its long pointed fangs had protruded from his partly open mouth that trickled crimson. Gerard blanched at the sight of it but shook it off seconds later when it didn't appear again as a figment of his imagination and set back to making himself a cup of coffee.


Around the house shadows were creeping. Their sweeping black gowns sending leaves spiralling up away from them as their heavy boots left marks in the thick ash. Some crept around the house to the back, others at the front and yet more around either side until there were about two dozen of them spread at intervals around the mansion. Kneeling down each scratched a rough pentagram out into the grey ash and began to chant, their voices only just rising above the rustle of the leaves in the forest that surrounded them. Then they sat or stood in the eves and waited, they waited for the Sun to go down and the lights to flicker off in the grand house and then they would strike. For now the occupants were protected from the demons and the ghosts but that wouldn't last long and when they got free all hell would break loose with them.

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