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A Winter Fall

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Cheesy title I know, anyways, this one tells everything that happens to Emma, Charlie, and Gerard after Emma runs out of the house.

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"Oh, shit," Gerard ran past Charlotte and out the door. His wife followed. "Charlotte, stay here, you're too pregnant to be out in the cold!"

Charlotte stopped at the porch, "Gerard, shut the hell up!" He was already down the street, he looked back at her.

"That's no language for a pregnant woman!" he smirked.

"Just go get Emma!" she turned around and sat in the living room, warming herself before she froze to death even though she was outside only for a minute.

"Emma, please, listen to me!" Emma had finally slowed down and Charlie grabbed her by the shoulders as soon as he got the chance.

"No, just leave me alone," her teeth were chattering. She ran out of the house so quickly she forgot about a jacket.

"Emma, forget about them! They were caught up in the moment!" Emma squirmed in Charlie's grasp and tried to break free.

"Stop Charlie, go away!" Charlie let go of Emma, she walked away. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around Emma, who shook it off. "Charlie, I'm fine, I just wanna be alone!"

"No, you don't! Emma I've known you what, five years now? You never want to be alone! And put on my jacket it's freezing!" Charlie flung his jacket back onto Emma's shoulders, who once again rejected it.

"Leave me alone, Charlie! Just give me some space!" Calmly, Charlie put his jacket back on Emma and threw her over his shoulders.

"Charlie, put me down you fucking bastard!!" she kicked and screamed, but nobody noticed. Everybody knew Charlie and Emma, they always played like that.

"I'm doing this for your own good, you'll thank me one day!! Oww, Emma!" Charlie grabbed the left side of his face in pain.

Emma had kicked him a little below his eye and fell to the icy ground. She ran away and left Charlie cursing himself in the snow. Charlie realized what was happening and he sucked up the nuisance under his eye, then ran after her. He stumbled a little due to the slippery ice underneath his feet, but quickly recovered. Charlie's legs were numb, so were his arms. The bitter cold was eating away at the bare skin his jacket would've covered, had it not been laying on the ground about a block away. Emma was still far away from him, but, at least, he could see where she was going. It felt like his legs were going to be torn off by a rapidly spinning razor blade. He couldn't move at all anymore and he saw Emma couldn't either.

"Emma, please, can we just talk?" Charlie came to a complete stop and talked in between deep breaths.

"No, what have I been telling you......fuck!!" Without even realizing it, Charlie's feet started moving towards Emma.

"Emma, you okay?" Charlie slipped about halfway to where Emma laid on the ground, clutching her leg and letting out every tear her eyes would release.

"Charlie!!" he could see a little of her face behind her blonde, shoulder length hair, her face was red but her lips were almost blue.

"It's okay, just relax I'm gonna get you home. Alright, I'm gonna try my best not to hurt your leg, just tell me if it hurts, 'kay?" Emma nodded, then Charlie picked her up bridal style and jogged home.

Although, he was slim and skinny, Charlie was actually quite strong. He was on the track team so, it didn't take long until they found Gerard taking a break on a bench.

"What the hell happened?" he asked while taking his coat off to put around Charlie's shoulders. The coat was so big Emma could wrap her entire body in it, while still in Charlie's arms.

"Stay still," Gerard attempted to pick up Charlie while Charlie was still holding Emma, but he heard a crack in his back once he bent down and started panicking.

"Gerard follow me, I'll carry Emma for now," Charlie yelled while running off towards the front yard of a two story blue house, about two houses down.

"I'm getting too old for this kid, where are you taking me and my daughter?" Gerard was doing his best to catch up with the kid, but he was too dang fast! Charlie was kicking open a gate and running up to the front door of a house, that was two houses ahead of Gerard.

From where Gerard was he could see Charlie kicking the bottom of the door he was in front of and waiting for someone to open it.

A moment later, the door flew open and a girl about Emma's age opened it. She went up to about Charlie's shoulder, she had dyed, , layered, purple hair that went down her back, glasses, and was wearing a hoodie that had the signature Misfits skull on it, with some ripped jeans. The girl took one look at them and motioned him in. Gerard saw Charlie jerk his head toward Gerard, the girl looked his way and he waved at her. Charlie ran inside, while the teenage girl walked towards him.

"Hi, I'm Gerard, you mind if we stay for a little bit?" the girl nodded and waved a hand towards her house and Gerard followed her.

"Thanks, for helping us out, I'm not sure if Charlie knows you or not, I'm just Emma's dad," the girl smiled and shrugged.

A soft moan greeted Gerard and the girl when they stepped into a living room, the warmth of the house was inviting and friendly. Charlie was sitting on a couch with Emma in his lap. He was gently massaging Emma's right leg while Emma was wincing at Charlie's touch. The girl left the room and went down the hall.

"Dad!" Emma beckoned. Gerard immediately ran to the couch.

"Emma, me and your mom are so sorry, you have no idea, it's not that we don't love you...."

"It's just not the same," Emma finished. "I understand, it's two looked so happy together and it felt like everyone in the world forgot about me," Charlie looked down at Emma, she didn't see the "what about me?" look he was giving off.

"Sugar, you know that will never happen, all of us love you with all our hearts. You'll never be invisible while we're around," Emma smiled and shrugged her shoulders. The girl came back with a tray of hot cocoa and a bag of marshmallows.

"Thanks, Chloe, you're the absolute beeeest," Charlie hit the place in Emma's leg where all the pain was built up, his hands flew away from her leg and went straight to Emma's hands to pat them comfortingly.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Charlie's hands also backed away from her hands when he felt Gerard's fatherly stare, coming from his right side. Chloe had seen all of this and took a pen and a writing pad from her pocket, then started scribbling on the paper.

While Emma and Charlie waited patiently, Gerard leaned down to Emma, "What's she doing?"

"Oh, yeah, Dad, I guess we forgot to tell you, Chloe's a mute," Gerard looked from Emma to Charlie, who just shrugged as an answer, then back to Chloe, who had just finished writing, she showed it to them.

"Do you think Emma needs to go to the hospital?" Gerard read aloud. "Yeah, actually, that's a good idea, you guys stay here and I'll run home and get you guys some jackets and the car" Just as Gerard was about to pass her, Chloe's hand held him back and ran down the hall. She came back with two heavy coats, just right for Emma and Charlie.

"Oh, thanks, we'll return 'em soon as possible, promise, Chloe!" Emma said from her spot on the couch.

"Here, let me help you up, Em," Charlie lifted Emma's head and got off the couch, from there he took both of Emma's hands and had her lean on him. Then, he took the coat Chloe brought out and helped Emma put it on.

"Thanks," she said, looking deep into his chestnut eyes.

"So you guys ready to go?" Gerard said loudly as he picked up Emma like the girl he wanted her to stay as.

"Uh, yeah let's go, thanks for everything Chloe!! We'll see you on Monday!" Charlie thanked Chloe while Gerard speed walked down the street back to his house.

The walk back was pretty boring. It was completely silent the entire way, pretty much because Emma had fallen asleep. Charlie would look at her occasionally or if some of her hair fell on her lips he would sweep it away, with Gerard watching his every move.
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