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Chapter 5

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About a year and half after the events of the book, a new gang arrives in Tulsa and stirs things up. The soc/greaser war is at an all time high, and our gang's lives will never be the same.

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Chapter 5

Two-Bit slouched in the hard, plastic chair that he was confined to. Along with three socs, he was dragged down to the Principal's office for participating in the fight. He was actually quite surprised that he was outnumbered by socs; usually it was the greasers who got the blame for any scuffles that happened on school property. He was glad that Steve got left out of it, and that Pete wasn't dragged into it as well.

He sighed and flipped up the collar of his black leather jacket; the office was small and musky. The walls were all painted white, with brown carpet. One window was located in the room - just to his right - and the blinds covering it were half closed, revealing a small amount of sunlight. Four chairs were pulled up in front of the Principal's - Mr. McCrery - large oak desk. The chairs were an uncomfortable plastic and dark green in color. The desk itself was large enough to lie on, but was covered in papers, paperclips, manila folders, and a name plate.

"Are you listening Two-Bit?" Mr. McCrery asked, obviously annoyed.

He looked up and toyed with the cigarette sitting behind his ear. "I think so."

The older man glared and folded his hands in front of him. "I'm very serious about this boys," he glanced back and forth between the four of them. "This has been going on for far too long now. It is very important that we keep the violence out of the school's hallways - especially the knives." He sent a pointed look to Two-Bit.

One of the blonde, curly haired boys to his left sighed dramatically. "But that's what started all this in the first place, sir. They brought their knives in and we just defended ourselves..." He whined.

Two-Bit rolled his eyes. "Yeah because that little twerp had a huge blade, pretty boy! He had nothin' on him!"

The three boys glared at him and the blonde boy - who seemed to be the ring leader of the crew - spoke up again. "You did!"

Two-Bit shook his head. "I thought y'all asked for a haircut? The mushroom look really don't suit ya all that well."

The boys clenched their teeth together and swore under their breath. Mr. McCrery cleared his throat. "Boys, boys, see this is what I'm talking about! This arguing is uncalled for!"

Two-Bit rolled his eyes and began to whistle as the three boys whined to the principal that it was in fact Two-Bit being the unkind one, and that they were just the innocent victims in the whole situation. Two-Bit could have cared less who was getting the rap for it, he just wanted to get out of the damn office and find something a little more entertaining to do.

"Okay," Mr. McCrery cut in. "I am going to leave y'all with one final warning. The next person to slip up will be facing a suspension." He looked at each one of the teenagers in front of him, "Do I make myself clear?"

The socs all nodded and apologized. Two-Bit continued to flip his unlit cigarette between his fingers and said nothing. Mr. McCrery seemed to think it was a good enough response. "Okay then, all of you can be on your way now."

... ... ...

Two-Bit exited the large red doors of the school and entered the parking lot. He could see Steve and Ponyboy waiting for him next to his car. He pulled a cigarette out from behind his ear and dangled it loosely between his lips. "Howdy boys!"

Steve gave him a brisk nod and Ponyboy waved. "How's it goin' Two-Bit?"

He shrugged. "What can I say? A free afternoon for drinkin' is in order." He laughed at his own comment and took a long drag off of his smoke.

"So what happened this mornin'?" Steve asked bitterly.

Two-bit just shrugged and kicked at the dirt beneath his feet. "Oh you know...smarten up and stop pullin' blades or I'm gonna get a suspension."

Steve scoffed. "And what about those damned socs?"

Two-Bit just shrugged indifferently. "Warnin'."

Steve shook his head as if it didn't surprise him. Two-Bit knew if anyone got pissed at those monkey faces it was Steve. He was very unforgiving and just loved to fight them. There had been so much animosity and hostility between the two groups - even more so with their gang in particular - that it was hard for any of them to be forgiving. It was because of the socs that Johnny Cade had to pull a blade; and Two-Bit blamed them completely.

Johnny had gotten hurt real bad by the south end kids. Later they had found out that it was indeed the same Bob Sheldon that he had killed who had hurt him. They took him by surprise one afternoon in the vacant lot; four socs had pulled up in a real tuff mustang drunk as skunks. Johnny never had a chance against them. The rest of the gang ended up finding him in the lot a little while later semi-conscious. He had cried and ended up with a nasty looking scar on his cheek. Two-Bit never remembered being angrier at a jumping. Johnny-kid was their little buddy; he didn't bother anyone, and was real quiet. His parents had always given him a real hard time at home, so for that the gang had unofficially adopted him as their pet - the only real family he ever knew in his short life.

When that night went by and the gang later found out what happened to the two youngest boys, Two-Bit immediately went on the lookout; going as far as wanting to search Texas for them. He needed to know that Johnny wasn't scared, and that he was okay. He wanted Ponyboy to remember what he had told him the night before when they walked home from the movies. He had felt pretty guilty about leaving the two kids in the lot that night so he could wander around drunk. Somehow, he felt that if he would have stayed with them and gotten Ponyboy home then maybe they could have fought off the socs - no, they would have fought off the socs.

In a way, the socs who still bothered them about Bob got under his skin like nothing else. Of course, Two-Bit wasn't the type to show them that; he would just smirk, spit, and flip out his blade and there would either be a fight or they would get back in their hot cars and go back to where they came from.

He looked back at Ponyboy, who wore an angry scowl on his face. "What's wrong with you kid?"

He glared at Two-Bit as if it was the most obvious thing in the whole world. "Why didn't ya'll let me in on that fight?"

Steve gave him a quick smack in the shoulder. "You know just as damn well as the rest of us that Darry would have skinned all three of us! You don't need to be getting into anymore trouble!"

Pony glared at Steve hatefully. "What do you know, Randle? I can take care of myself just fine!"

Two-Bit knew that he could. Sure he was the smaller one out of the group, but Ponyboy had once got himself caught up in a murder rap and then succeeded in running into a burning building to save a bunch of lives. The kid was something else - that was for sure - but that didn't mean that the older boys in the gang wanted him getting into trouble, especially with the two boys waiting at home for the young boy. "Don't ya go worryin' Ponyboy." Two-Bit waved him off. "You can have one next time."

Pony looked at him as if he grew a second head. "Whatever you say..."

Two-Bit cocked a grin and threw his cigarette butt to the ground. "You boys ready to blow this joint or what?"

They both nodded and said nothing while climbing into Two-Bit's car. The ride back to the Curtis' was pretty silent for the most part, with only the radio emitting any noise. After a long day at school the sound of Elvis' voice was a sweet one to the three greasers. Two-Bit began to sing along loudly; receiving groans from the two other boys. He laughed loudly and rolled his window down, singing loudly out of it when he stopped at a red light.

"Two-Bit will you shut your trap!" Ponyboy yelled with a smirk on his face.

Two-Bit craned his neck around so that he could see him better. "Don't tell me y'all started listenin' to the Beatles!"

Ponyboy rolled his eyes. "No Elvis is dandy and all, but your horrible singin' voice isn't."

Two-Bit and Steve both let out a hearty laugh. The light turned green and Two-Bit zipped around the corner at a high speed. "You sure do have a mouth on ya kid."

Ponyboy snorted and said nothing. Steve on the other hand just eyed the kid. It was no secret to the boys that Steve got annoyed by him very easily. Two-Bit knew that deep down he didn't hate the kid - and that he really put up with him for Soda - Steve was just like that. He liked the older boys, and the rough and tumblers, like Two-Bit and Tim Shepard were - like Dally once was. He remembered one of the only times he ever saw Steve in pure agony - to the point where he broke down and cried like a baby - was when they saw Dally fall; when a torn up seventeen year old kid was shot down because his best friend had just died. Johnny was bad enough, watching Dally get shot up like a target practice right in front of their faces just topped it off.

"Two-Bit you payin' attention man?" Steve hollered, breaking the scatterbrained boy from his thoughts. Two-Bit shook his head and quickly swung a right turn up the Curtis' drive way.

"Where's your head at?" Steve asked with a smirk. "You were almost as bad as the kid for a second there."

Ponyboy rolled his eyes and opened the car door and stepped out. Two-Bit cocked an eyebrow and grinned. "Did I scare ya Randle?"

Steve smiled challengingly and opened his door. "It takes a little more than that Mathews, but you not talkin' for ten seconds out of your life is enough to give a granny a heart attack."

Two-Bit mocked him. "Ha ha ha, we got a joker here!"

Steve snorted and ran up the steps to the old Curtis house and bowed. "Thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen! I knew I would kill y'all out there."

Two-Bit shook his head, picked up an old rag off of the fence and threw it at Steve, who caught it easily. He took the steps up in two's and was about to grab the door handle when Ponyboy pushed the door open. He looked at the two of them indifferently. "No one's home."

He was about to open his mouth and say something - like always - when he was quickly shut up by a sharp pain to the back of the head, followed by crazy Sodapop laughter. He reached a hand to the back of his head and grinned. "Howdy Soda."

Soda grabbed his knee as he laughed. "Good shot Dar...I guess I owe ya five bucks."

Darry cracked his knuckles from the other side of the road and laughed loudly. "I guess ya do kid."

Two-Bit picked up the thrown football and threw it back at Darry; of course his aim wasn't as nearly as good - neither was his throw - and it landed a few feet away from Darry. Sodapop was still in hysterics at the fact that Two-Bit was nailed in the back of the head by a football being thrown from a good fifty feet away. The younger boy wiped at his eyes and let out a deep breath. "Glory Two-Bit you're slow."

Two-bit turned on him with a grin and tackled him to the ground. Sure, Sodapop was smaller and younger, but he was still quick and could keep up with Two-Bit in a fight. The boys rolled around on the grass trying to out maneuver each other when they were both hauled up by a pair of strong hands. "Who's up for a game of football."

Two-Bit and Soda looked at each other and then back to Darry. "You're on!"

... ... ...

"You're lucky I'm playin' on your team Curtis." Two-Bit grinned mischievously at Sodapop.

Soda just raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Well I can always go play on Darry and Pony's team."

Steve looked at Two-Bit and growled. "Because that would be real fair."

Soda laughed. "That kid's gotten faster, ya hear? Darry...well let's go for Darry."

Steve furrowed his eyebrows and rubbed the side of his face. "Soda you always wanna go for Darry. Pony's not the one we have to watch out for, Darry is."

Sodapop shrugged his shoulders lazily and smiled. "Yeah but it's so much more fun when we go for Darry!"

Two-Bit laughed. "You like getting' your ass handed to ya, don't you?"

Soda shrugged. "If it's by Darry it's a lot more fun. You know how competitive he gets."

"Yeah Two-Bit, now you can get in another scrap today," Steve muttered with a small smile.

Soda cocked an eyebrow. "What scrap? When did y'all get into a fight?" He stood straighter with a more serious expression on his face.

Two-Bit regarded Steve sharply - who just shook his head - and shrugged his shoulders. "Some socs were hasslin' the kid today so we fought 'em off. They actually got hauled down to McCrery's office too."

Soda's eyes widened in concern. "Why were they hasslin' Pony?"

Two-Bit was confused for a second before he realized what he had said. "Oh no - not Pony. It was Cutler's kid, Petey."

Now Sodapop looked really confused. Two-Bit forgot that he wasn't too familiar with Cutler's gang and that the kid wasn't so bad when they were at school. So without confusing him further, Steve finished for Two-Bit. "The kid hangs out with Ponyboy at school, and they were bothering him, five of them." Steve pulled out a smoke and lit it up, taking a long drag. "So Two-Bit pulled a blade and we threw them off."

Sodapop took a look behind his shoulder and then looked back at the boys. "Pony didn't help?"

Steve shrugged. "I pushed him outta the way."

Soda looked indifferent at this. "He didn't get hurt though?"

Two-Bit shook his head, noting the younger boy's concern. "No, the kid's fine. Just pissed at us."

Soda nodded but decided to change the subject. "Alright, I guess he can get it now. Two-Bit you get Ponyboy. I want Darry."

Steve laughed at Soda's determination and just shook his head. "I got your back, Soda."

Soda smiled widely. "Good."

The three boys turned around and looked at their opposition; Darry just stood tall, tossing the football between his hands with a smirk on his face. Ponyboy stood beside him with a smug grin on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. Two-Bit figured they didn't have to plan at all - they always won anyways. But that didn't mean that the three man team didn't enjoy the game.

"Game on!" Soda yelled loudly - and randomly out of no where - and ran at Darry like a mad man. Darry just laughed at his little brother and tossed the ball over to a waiting Ponyboy who ran with it. Steve went after Ponyboy, diving for his feet, but the younger boy was much faster and jumped over the awaiting arms. He came at Two-Bit - who had no help at this point, Steve was lying on the ground scrambling to his feet, and Soda was trying in vain to get Darry down, but failing miserably. Two-Bit readied his arms at his side and began running at Ponyboy, who easily twirled around him and scored a touchdown.

"Good job, Two-Bit!" Steve yelled at him sarcastically.

Two-Bit laughed loudly. "You're one to talk, he jumped right over your useless ass!"

Soda began to laugh maniacally from behind them. "I got Darry down!"

Two-Bit and Steve just looked at each other and started laughing. Soda was jumping around triumphantly around the fallen Darry, who in turn was laughing just as hard at Soda. Ponyboy stood with a goofy grin on his face at the touchdown line, and then began running at a distracted Sodapop. Two-Bit watched as the youngest brother ran full speed at him, and speared him down to the ground right next to their oldest brother - who looked like he was going to die from laughter now.

Two-Bit and Steve jogged over to the pile of bodies. "Nice help you are Sodapop!" Steve laughed.

Soda rubbed his rib cage. "I got him down this time, didn't I?"

Darry deadpanned. "Yeah sitting on my foot until I trip over you finally is excellent football techniques, kid brother."

Soda grinned. "I know, I've never pulled a better move in my life!"

Steve grinned at his friend. "And that's sayin' something."

Soda glared mockingly at him and jumped to his feet to take Randle down as well. Steve tried to side step him, only causing an awkward collision and a playful fist fight. Darry looked between younger boys. "Are we going to play or not?"

Two-Bit shrugged and sat on the grass to smoke, as the two best friends wrestled. Darry laughed at their antics and Pony just watched on with a smile. It was days like this that Two-Bit liked; he got to hang out with his buddies and they could just have a good time without any interruptions by socs, or filthy hoods like Ray. Days like these came fewer and fewer now, but that didn't mean they didn't enjoy them any less. The gang got to be themselves and hang around each other, and that was all that mattered.

Two-Bit stubbed out his cigarette. "Who wants to go pick up a six pack? I'm toast!"

Darry looked at Ponyboy, who just shrugged. "I guess we win, kid."

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