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Chapter 2 Confusion

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The curse of Eriko Sohma is about to be explained. Hold onto your hats, people.

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Eriko finally sat up, looking at the tall man & the graceful girl across from her.
"Haa-nii, is that you?"
"Ah, Eriko you're awake. Your wounds were very complicated."
"Thank you. I really owe you alot."
The young girl padded up the stairs, with heavy footsteps falling up behind her.
"If you would have left her down there any longer, she would have died."
"Thank you again Haa-nii." Hatori turned around & smiled.
"Just get better for me."
He walked out to his car. Eriko heard his engine start and rumble off.
******************Eriko sat on a large cushion near the kokatsu. She looked at the house much different than her own. Her's was more complex. The girl from before sat across from her, handed her a cup of tea.
"I'm Tohru Honda. It's very nice to meet you."
"I'm Eriko Sohma, the head of the family's sister."
"Eh... you're..." Tohru freaked out not wanting to look at Eriko. "All this time I've been so rude! I'm sorry!!!"
"It's okay Tohru-chan."
Shigure stepped through the door.
"Ah, my dear butterfly, how are you?"
"I'm fine Shii-nii."
"I was wondering if you would like to stay here until Akito cools down?"
"Oh thank you, yes of course."
She leapt up & hugged him. With a resounding boom, two dogs walked out of the smoke.
"Shigure-san, why are there two dogs?"
"Well, I should explain, Eriko, had a different curse placed on her. Instead of transforming like a normal member of the juunishii, she transforms, by hugging any member of the zodiac, she turns into their spirit, but also transforms them."
"So she's a member of the zodiac."
"But if she hugs a normal person, like you, she turns into any random zodiac member. I should also explain, that she has every member of the juuishii's personality, yes that includes mine, plus her own."
"What kind of curse has been placed on her?"
"I'm not at liberty to say that, but..."
He looked at Eriko, with despair. "She can't speak. Unlike Kisa, it's because of the curse."
Tohru looked at Eriko with endearment. So that's the kind of pain that Eriko-san had too face everyday. Then they heard the doors close. Yuki and a soggy Kyo walked in. Yuki was suprised but Kyo looked away. It had started to rain. Yuki was about to talk to the girl he had spent most of his childhood with.
Hoped you enjoyed people. There's alot more to it... and more characters. Signing off for now, Aiya.
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