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Chapter 7

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About a year and half after the events of the book, a new gang arrives in Tulsa and stirs things up. The soc/greaser war is at an all time high, and our gang's lives will never be the same.

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Chapter 7

"So I told the little broad that if I caught her over there again I would smack her, kid sister or not." Two-Bit rambled on from the front seat of his car. Soda just nodded his head and smiled; if there was anyone in the world that would stop Two-Bit from kidding around it was his kid sister; she was more of a trouble maker than he was.

Two-Bit's companion for the night, however, just giggled along like it was the funniest thing he had ever said. Soda couldn't quite remember her name - Carol or something - maybe it was Patty? They both sounded the same to him. Thing was, the girl was tall, blonde, big chested, and was popping out of her clothes - therefore, she could be named Carol, Patty, Betty, or Gail - they were all the same to Soda in terms of Two-Bit's dates. Soda hadn't met this one before, but he didn't think she would last very long.

They were heading over to Jay's diner for the night. The day at work had been long and it dragged; Evie had kept Steve company for most of the day, and Russ had been pretty mad at them for being late, and then Steve's lack of work. He had had better days at the DX.

Steve and Evie were sitting to his left on the far side of the back seat. She was sitting on his lap while they drove (they had enough people stuffed into Two-Bit's car), and Ponyboy sat on his right. Steve hadn't been talking much to Soda, more than likely due to the fact that his kid brother was 'tagging along' again. Soda had insisted that Pony come with them; Steve had brought Evie, and Two-Bit had brought Annie, so Soda jokingly told Pony that he could be his date. He needed someone to keep him occupied.

"I don't care what that little punk thinks he's up to!" Two-Bit growled from the front seat again. Ponyboy had just laughed in response to - well - whatever it was they were talking about.

"Curly ain't that bad, Two-Bit," Ponyboy replied.

"He's a little shit and you know it, Curtis!" Two-Bit laughed.

Ponyboy just rolled his eyes at the older boy. "You weren't saying that last week when we all met up at the pool hall."

Two-Bit shook his head and took a sharp left turn that caused Steve and Evie to groan. "He wasn't following my sister around last week."

Ponyboy lips twitched into a higher smile. "Well, maybe she don't like him. You ever think of that?"

Two-Bit laughed as he parked the car. "She best not be. She's too good for that hood."

Soda almost laughed thinking that maybe Ponyboy would be better for her. Two-Bit's sister, Mary, was an alright kid. She was going to the same high school as the boy's were, and got good grades. She was a smart girl indeed, but Soda couldn't help but feel that she was a bit naïve. If Curly Shepard was following her around, Two-Bit was going to be in for a hell of a ride.

Ponyboy pushed his door open and stepped out of the car, dusting his pants off in the process. Soda slid out right behind him. The blonde in the front - who Soda was now calling Nancy - smoothed out her skirt and winked at the younger Curtis. A small blush grew up to Ponyboy's cheeks, but he shook it off with a somewhat disgusted smirk. Soda could only laugh at the kid.

"I'm starved, Steve. I hope ya brought some money with ya," Evie drawled, smacking on her gum.

Steve rolled his eyes. "Hold your damn horses woman, and I'll get ya some food."

Ponyboy just stared at her - another disgusted smirk growing over his features. Sodapop knew just fine that Ponyboy was not a big fan of greaser girls, namely Evie. He had claimed that they wore way too much make up, and were too loud and obnoxious for his liking. Soda could see his point of view, but was friendlier towards the rambunctious girls. He thought they were fun to have around for a good laugh from time to time.

Two-Bit held open the door to the diner for his date, who giggled - once again - at his antics. He gave her a sharp grin and wiggled his eyebrows. Steve and Evie just shook their heads at him and quickly entered before he would slam the door on them. Ponyboy just smiled at Two-Bit and held the door open for Soda as well. Once they got inside, they situated themselves at a table by the window in the far right side of the room.

"Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones was playing in the background from the jukebox by the front counter. Jay's was a nice little place that was located just outside of greaser territory, in the middle class part of town. There was the occasional soc that hung out at the joint, but mostly middle class kids and greasers.

It wasn't a very big diner; it only housed about twenty five tables in the whole place. Each was situated in straight lines across the floor, five in four lines. An additional five (larger) tables were on the right hand side of the room, and were elevated by four steps. All of the tables had clear table tops, with black legs; the chairs also had black legs, but with teal cushions on the back and seat. Most of the diner itself was painted (with various designs) of white and teal. The front counter of the store had a clear top - just like all of the tables - with a large display case in the front, showing off Jay's famous deserts. It was an all female staff - complete with matching teal dresses and white aprons - with the exception of big Jay himself, who was the head cook.

The boys knew Jay Mancini fairly well; they had been frequenting the diner since the day that Dally had discovered it, which was about five years ago. Since then, he had let the boys get away with loud singing and dancing, as well as being their rambunctious selves. The diner didn't occasionally fill up to full capacity - unless of course it was Friday or Saturday night (which it was) - and when it wasn't too full, Jay was a lot more lenient with them. Of course when the diner was full, he watched them like a hawk. He wasn't afraid to boot them out, but always let them back in the next night.

"Hey, looky there, Ponyboy! It's that ole red head, Cherry!" Two-Bit pointed out towards the door of the diner. She walked into the restaurant with two female companions, as well as four males. Soda thought she seemed to be pretty cozy.

Soda turned to Pony and watched as his ears began burning a bright red, and he slouched in his seat. "Shut your trap, Two-Bit!" He hissed.

Soda smiled at his younger brother. "What's wrong, kid? I thought you was friends with the broad?"

Ponyboy seemed to sink lower in his seat. "Well she's just too good for everyone! She wasn't my friend then, and she ain't my friend now!"

Steve smirked. "Is that so, kid?"

Ponyboy just glared at him. Soda knew all too well the way those two thought about each other. Evie just smiled and smacked on her gum. "I could go wail on her if ya want, Pony."

He shot a quick glance to her. "No! I mean...don't fight with her."

Soda grabbed at a pile of napkins and glanced over the railing at the group of socs, who were conveniently sitting just underneath of them. Two-Bit let out a hearty laugh. "I remember when she was trying all hard like to help us; broad just ended up shackin' up with the rich boys again!"

Ponyboy gave him a horrified look. "Shut your lousy trap Two-Bit, you idiot! She can probably hear everything you're saying, wise guy!"

Two-Bit cocked an eyebrow. "You sure are getting' pretty riled up for a broad who ain't even your friend."

Soda scrunched up a napkin in his fist and chucked it over the railing. It conveniently fell to the soc's table, landing in one of the girl's drinks. Steve and Two-Bit laughed out loud, both going for their own napkins. Ponyboy just shrunk further into his seat and hid his face with his hands. "You fools always gotta act this way in public?" He sounded totally embarrassed, but Soda only wanted to cheer him up.

Two-Bit went to toss his napkin, only to have Ponyboy quickly shoot his arm up to block the shot. Steve laughed and tossed his napkin behind the distracted boy's back. One of the soc's stood up. "You greasy pricks better watch where you're throwin' your garbage!"

Evie put her chin in her hand and gave him a seductive grin. "What's a matter, don't like the attention?" She licked her lips at him and winked.

The soc stood uncomfortably and scratched the back of his head. Soda could have burst out laughing at the look on his face. "No...we just want to have a good time here is all, if y'all don't mind."

Evie smacked on her bubble gum again and blew a bubble. "Naw, we don't mind." The soc just nodded and sat back down. Evie snickered and threw one last balled up napkin over the railing before sitting completely back down again. That was Evie alright.

"You always gotta do that?" Steve grumbled.

She smiled back at him. "Its okay Stevie. That ape face ain't got nothin' on you, sugar."

He only cocked an eyebrow at her and said nothing; even though Soda knew damn well there was a little more behind the action than what was perceived. He turned back to Ponyboy. "Sorry kid, we was just trying to cheer ya up."

Ponyboy just sighed and flipped open his menu. "Just let it go, alright?"

Soda smiled. "You get way too bunged up sometimes."

Ponyboy shot him a mock glare. "And you get way too goofy sometimes, Sodapop."

Soda just smiled and ruffled at the kid's hair. He didn't try to embarrass him, it just happened. Like that one time when they went to church with Ponyboy, they didn't mean to laugh out loud and drop the hymn sort of just happened. Soda loved his brothers more than anything else in the world; he wouldn't make them feel bad intentionally if his life depended on it.

He looked back at Ponyboy, who was trying his hardest not to stare at Cherry. He elbowed him gently in the arm, and dipped his head down so that he was ear level with him. "You don't need to worry about her, kid brother."

He stared at Soda intently. "I know. I just don't get her. She helped us out before...why ain't she doin' anything now?"

Soda looked back at the pretty redhead and returned his gaze back to Ponyboy. "Who knows? You know how them soc's are; in the end all they care about is their reputations."

Ponyboy sighed dejectedly. "Well, so do we..."

Soda nodded. "Not all of us."

The corners of Pony's lips twitched upwards. "Thanks, Sodapop."

Soda shrugged and tossed another balled up napkin over his shoulder. "No problem, little brother," He gave him a giant grin. "Besides, any broad who don't give ya the time of day ain't worth your time. You can do two hundred times better."

Ponyboy snorted and held back a laugh at the whining soc's a few steps below. "It ain't the point."

Soda gave him a slight shrug and smiled at the approaching waitress. He returned his gaze back to Ponyboy. "Either way you just gotta deal with it."

Ponyboy nodded. The boys (and girls) proceeded to give the waitress - whose name was Amelia - their orders. Most of the time they just ordered their regular order of a burger, shake, and fries; they were almost six for six when Two-Bit's date - Judy, or whatever - decided she wanted a salad. Soda couldn't for the life of him understand people who thought of lettuce as a meal. It didn't even fill him up! They sat in a comfortable silence as they waited for their meals.

"So where did you two meet?" Evie asked Janie, or whatever her name was, breaking the silence amongst the table.

She fluttered her mascara caked eyelashes and smiled brightly. "I was on a smoke break at my work - Hands On - and I bumped into him on the sidewalk."

Evie almost choked on her pop. "You work at a rub and tug?"

It was Debbie's turn to choke. "No! I am a masseuse!"

Evie laughed. "Yeah, okay lady. You expect me to believe you? You sit there and give men full body rub downs - at a place called Hands On - and expect me to believe you ain't a hooker?!"

Steve gently touched her arm. "Evie..."

Two-Bit grinned lazily. "Ladies, ladies. It doesn't matter where we work." He glared slightly at Evie. "At least she has a job."

Evie narrowed her eyes dangerously at Two-Bit; that look always did scare Soda. "You are so one to talk, Mathews! You are the laziest idiot I know of in Tulsa!"

Steve slammed his fists down on the table. "Not now, guys! Can't we chill out?"

Evie jumped at the noise and nodded at him. "Fine, you just make sure Two-Butt here keeps his big trap shut."

Two-Bit cocked an eyebrow and was about to open his mouth when Steve pointed at him. "Lay off, Two-Bit."

Lucy cleared her throat quietly. "So, how did all y'all meet each other?"

Two-Bit grinned and slung an arm around her shoulders. "Well Soda and Pony here are brothers. Steve here went to the same grade school."

Steve snorted at that and leaned back in his chair. "Two-Bit here was in the same grade, even though he was a whole two years older than the rest of us."

Two-Bit shrugged lazily. "I appreciate my education there is nothing wrong with that."

Ponyboy chuckled at that. "Except that you have been in school for about sixteen years now."

Soda laughed at his brother and the smug look on Steve's face. Two-Bit always had a habit of losing, well, losing battles when it came to the topic of his schooling. There was nothing wrong with him going to school; it was just too easy for the guys to rib him for it.

His date looked back and forth between the boys. "So y'all been friends for a good while now, huh?"

Evie snorted. "I thought we covered that."

The girl's shoulders dropped and she frowned slightly. "Well, I was just making friendly conversation, you know. I didn't know you north end girls could be so nasty."

Soda winced; he knew that comment wouldn't be taken too lightly by one Evie. As he predicted, the blonde girl dropped her arm to the table and glared at the other girl. "What the hell did you just say, yutz?"

The girl cowered a little and swallowed. "I don't wanna fight with y'all...I came here to have a good time."

A heavy hand slammed down on Soda's shoulder and he jumped. A deep, nasty voice laughed. "Well a fight is what y'all are gonna get!"

Before Soda had a chance to stand up a fist flew into his face and he was knocked to the ground. He shook his head and he could here a female voice from above him. "Ray! What the hell are you doin'! He didn't do nothin'!"

The hand grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and lifted him to his feet. He was spun around quickly, and thrown into the wall behind him. A very angry looking Ray had his hands wrapped around his shirt collar. Soda attempted to push him away. "Glory! What the hell is your problem?!"

Ray sneered. From the corner of his eye he could see his two buffoons standing in front of Steve and Two-Bit, while Ponyboy stood back with Pete. Soda looked at Ray again, who looked like he was ready to slit his throat. "You're my problem, you little faggot."

Christine approached Ray from behind and grabbed his arm. "Let him go Ray! He did nothing!"

Ray let go of Soda with his right hand and turned around to face her. "You shut the hell up, you little broad!"

Soda took the opportunity to punch the older boy in the side of the face as his head was turned. He stumbled back a few steps and brought his hand to his face. He glared at Soda and pulled out his switchblade. "You are gonna regret that you ever did that, punk..."

Soda furrowed his eyebrows at the shady character. "What is goin' on man? I thought we was all on the same page here!"

Ray stepped closer quickly and pointed his blade at Soda's throat. "We were until you decided to hit on my broad!"

Soda immediately became confused. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Christine grabbed Ray again from behind. "Ray stop it right now!"

He shoved her back roughly once more. "You stay out of my business, bitch!"

Soda furrowed his eyebrows. "I think you're a little misunderstood here..."

One of Ray's gang - who Soda only knew as one of the Young brothers - grabbed Ray's arm and nodded his head to the outside, where red sirens were approaching. Ray put his switchblade away and pointed his finger at Soda's chest. "I ever see you talking to her again - ever - I will kill you. Savvy?"

Soda furrowed his eyebrows and looked over Ray's shoulder to Christine, who looked upset. She jammed her fists into her coat pocket and mouthed a 'sorry' to him. Soda was completely bewildered. Ray grabbed Christine roughly by the arm and dragged her out of the diner, leaving its patrons staring Soda's way.

Ponyboy shot a concerned look Soda's way. "Glory! What on earth did you do?"

Soda adjusted his jacket and rubbed the side of his face gingerly. "I have no idea."

Steve pounded a fist into his hand. "God dammit, I knew I didn't like that guy! Why the hell would she tell him you were hittin' on her, Soda?"

Evie crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. "She wouldn' least not that I know of. She wouldn't do anything to get him mad at her. She's probably gotten worse than you, Soda." She had a disgusted look on her face.

Soda swallowed the lump in his throat. "That was just bizarre! I don't know what's going on, but that guy is one greasy hood."

The waitress returned to their table with a tray of food. "Ya'll still up for some food?"

Soda looked at the frightened girl and Ponyboy, then to an equally angry Two-Bit, Steve, and Evie. He shrugged. "Yeah I guess so."

They returned to their seats and began to eat. Every few minutes Soda's eyes would drift to the door, hoping that the hood wasn't ready to storm the diner. Ray could give good ole Tim a run for his money; Soda would prefer not to squabble with the guy in the middle of the diner.

He didn't know for sure what had just happened, but he had a funny feeling that it wasn't the end of his troubles with Ray Cutler.

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