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Chapter 27:The Makout Montage

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Making Out to the max. Really just a funny chapter of all of the characters kissing(NOT EACHOTHER) and me defining them. But there IS plot. And I admit I got EXTREMELY LAZY with this chapter...oh w...

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"Really?.....That's great!.....I promise I'll be there you, bye." Lilee hung up her cell and smiled. Everyone stared at her, waiting for an answer. "As of 2 hours ago, I have a little sister. Rose Katherine Leto." She said.

Everyone devoloped a huge smile and Lilee was surrounded in hugs.

"In three months, that'll be us." Brendon whispered to Lilee before taking her into a passionate kiss.

Makeout # 1. The passionate kiss. Where tounges meet just not as violently as the makeout.

Ryan put his arm around Kara. "That is so cute." She said.

Ryan looked at her. He sighed.

Now that he thought about it, he felt kind of bad that Kara wanted kids and he didn't. He never said he never wanted kids, just not at his age. Maybe when he got a little bit older. It also kind of scared him that Lilee was so young. 18 years old and pregnant. They never planned it, but they never thought of the concequences either.

He smiled. "Jared must be ecstatic."

Lilee looked at Ryan. "He was trying not to be too loud." She grinned.

"Yeah, you're 18 with two, 1 year old brothers and a newborn sister." Spencer said. "Do you feel weird?"

"I did when he first told me about it, but I'm over it." She said. "I have to get used to it now." She touched her pregnant belly and smiled.

Spencer smiled back.

"Lilee, come here, we wana show you something." Skye said. Lilee followed Kara and Skye into a different room.

"So..." Jon started off.


"You're gonna be in Jared's possision in a few months." Ryan said.

Brendon nodded. "Yeah."

"So, are you excited?"

"Fuck yeah." He yelled. "I'm really excited."

Jon nodded. "How's that video diary coming out?"

"How'd you know about that?"

"Uhh....I just knew."

Brendon shook his head. "You're a suspicious ass."

"I don't know about the ass part but I am pretty suspicious."

"Seriously, what exactly do you talk about?" Spencer asked.

"Uhh, what life is like here, in Las Vegas, in this house. What life will probably be like here."


"So, any names yet?"

Lilee sighed. "It's hard. I personaly like the names Alex, Brian, David and Nick."

Skye smiled. "You have a good taste in names."

They all laughed.

"Did you decide with Brendon?"

Lilee nodded. "Yeah. My personal favorite is David, so I can call him Davey." She smiled. "But Brendon likes Nick."

"Maybe we should go back out." Kara said.

They agreed.


Kara sat next to Ryan again. He stared at her. 'Maybe kids can't be that bad..." He pecked Kara on the cheek.

Make Out # 2 Peck: Not a violent kiss at all. Simply touching someone lightly with their lips.

"What was that for?" She asked, blushing lightly.

He shrugged. "Because I love you."

She smiled. "I love you too." They began to kiss.

Makeout # 3 Kiss:The normal kiss where you just kiss.

Spencer stared at them. Jon looked at him and cocked an eyebrow. "Spencer. Spencer...SPENCER!"

Spencer switched his attention to Jon.

"You can't watch people make out!" He whispered.



It was once again night and Brendon and Lilee were just lying on their bed. Talking about nothing.

"3 more months." He said.

Lilee looked at him. "Yup, just 3." She smiled

He rubbed her stomach. She kissed her. "I love you."


Sorry it's so short, but it's like a deep depression here. Hystericaly crying....umm...bye
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