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Theres Much More Me Then You Think

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Patrick falls for Jamie a girl in a twisted breakup with her boyfriend but can she get over her old boyfriend and see how much patrick likes her?..and wait patrick changes just because this girl ha...

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This is a new story am working on i have so many plots in my head i might justs have to add a few other new stories some i might not update as much as others but they all well get finished...eventually...well for now enjoy
PS for those of you reading my other stories i will update tommorrow iam STILL working of getting everything transferred onto my laptop
well enjoy and REVEIW please!
(Jamies POV)
"please dont get me wrong hun"said Dave
"dont even you fucking ass hole" i said storming out of his apartment past the chick in fishnets
hanging on him
the names Jamie..Jamie Daffy
i live in the windy city chicago
i was happyily with my boyfriend dave...
but for right now thats all you need to know
let me get back to my story
I was in my former boyfriends apartment things were just getting heated up
when a women knocked at the door dressed sleazy i let go of his neck
as he went and answered the door
"Davey!" screeched the blonde hair hoe
dave looked amused and surprised as the women threw her arms around him
"Chrissy.."said dave his voice trailing off
"this is my..erm friend..Jamie" he said finishing the sentence slowly
which lead to me slapping him and him saying dont get me wrong
like i`d ever
I stormed out of his apartment and down the street i was so pissed i didnt even look up
as i ran into some guys chest spilling his coffee down him
"HOT!" he screamed i looked startled and looked under his thick rimmed glasses and his trucker hat covering
his eyes he was cut he had sideburns a normal turn-off for me but he was cute or in my
"ohmygoshamsooosorry"i said half surprised and the other half from me making a full out of my self in front
a of a cute guy
"its okay" he said smiling
"are you?"he added
i shook my head yes and noticed my wet face my make-up was probley running down my face...shit
he smiled more and i just looked confused
"uhm here" i said handing him a tissue from my pocket
he took it as his hand brushed against mine i shiver slightly
Dave never had this affect on me...
"sorry i didnt chatch your name" said the guy
"Jamie" i said holding out my hand
the guy smiled and took it "Patrick" he added simply
I didnt notice i still had been holding on to his cool hand its coolness on my warm hand made me feel nice
he shook his head and looked embarssed as he let go of my hand i looked slightly disappointed and hide it
right away
"Patrick what the hell" said a guy with a dark brown afro
"oh sorry jamie th-this is joe" he said looking slightly embarssed
i shook hands with joe as patrick and him made small talk
"we have to get going" said joe slapping patrick on the back and walking over to a white van
"well i best be off" said patrick giving me a small wave
great i find someone i like and now i`ll never get to see them ever...again
I gave a sad disaapointed smile and waved back
"wait can i have your number?"asked patrick shyly
I shook my head yes and took out my phone
"only if i can have yours" i said bravley..hey i didnt want to loose him completly what if he never called
I took a cute picture of him and he took one of me after plugging each others numbers in our phone
he went down the street looking back one more time and smiled as i walked on to my apartment
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