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Chapter Four

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Chapter 4

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A/N: Wow, I'm actually updating a story, it's a miracle. But hey, now that it's summer vacation, I have a lot more time to write, so I should be updating a lot more often.

Okay, for those of you that don't know, and ya'll could ask a little more nicely: An I.M. is a swim race that includes all four strokes. Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. And a 25 is the equivalent to one length of the pool. Hope that clears some things up.

I like updating this story because Dakota's personality completely matches mine and she's just a fun person to write for. Still don't own the rest of the Outsiders though. 009

Chapter Four

This was my second-to-last race; the 200xI.M., my hardest event. I had won all of my races so far, breaking state-record-times in both of my freestyle events. Sammie had also broken a record in the 200xBreaststroke, which is her best stroke. Now, as happy about this as I was, it only created a lot more pressure for me right now. If our team wanted to get into the regionals, I would have to break record on this event. It was the only chance we had.

There were only five people racing in the 200xI.M., so there was only one heat. Supposedly, it was the best from the best of each of the three teams at the meet. Only problem was...I was the only one from my team!!!! Why the hell did Coach only sign me up for this?!!! Major pressure. The state record was 2"59" was going to be tough to beat. I would need to finish each lap in, at most, 20 seconds.

I was standing on the deck behind lane #2, waiting for the last heats of the 100xBackstroke to finish up. My heart was pounding so hard I was sure the girl next to me could hear it. I looked up to the balcony and grinned as I saw the gang. Pony, Johnny, and Ty were all waving while the rest were trying to get me to laugh, mostly Two-Bit making stupid faces. I could see Darry smiling and it didn't take a genius to know he was proud of me. In fact, I was pretty proud of myself. Two records in one day....maybe three. Damn, I rock!!

My race was up next and I could feel my hands start to shake. I was glad that the headache and nauseousness from this morning was gone, or else I'd probably be dead. Oh, the miracles of aspirin. I dropped my towel on the bench and stood next to the block, dipping my goggles in the water before strapping them over my eyes. The only thing in my mind was that I couldn't go over 20 seconds a lap. I jumped slightly as the crackle of the PA echoed throughout the pool room.

"Event #25: 200xI.M. Lane 1: Taylor Christensen, Lane 2: Dakota Curtis--" I couldn't help but laugh as I heard the gang screaming my name. I needed the support, my entire body was shaking slightly at this point. I waited as the announcer finished the lane assignments, still wishing that someone else from my team was here with me.

"Racers...take your marks" This was it. I climbed up the block, made sure my goggles were tight on my face, and stared at the water, visualizing the dive entrance. 20 seconds a lap.

"Get set." I positioned my right foot slightly in front of my left as I bent down and grabbed the end of the block, knees bent for the push off, ready for the start gun. 20 seconds a lap....19 would be better.

BANG. And I dived.

The butterfly was first, my worst stroke. But as soon as I felt the water rushing past, I forgot about the race. I forgot about the roaring of the crowd and the other teams that were praying for my downfall. The only thing that mattered at this point was me and the clock. I needed to beat that time. I finished the first lap, did a quick flip turn, and started back to the deep end. I was trying to count the seconds in my head, trying to make sure I beat 20 after every lap. I didn't know what place I was in at this point, and didn't want to risk looking around since it would definitely slow me down.

Soon I finished the butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke. I was finally on the freestyle, my home turf, the stroke I dominated. As I began the long, smooth strokes, I was flying through the water. Two more laps and I would be done with this race. Exhaustion was starting to creep into my veins and my muscles were starting to ache, but I wouldn't slow down. In fact, I pushed myself harder as I made the final flip turn and started down the last length.

I was getting tired, my headache was starting to come back, the aspirin was betraying me. I wanted to finish this damn race. Ten feet away from the finish, I let out everything I had left and practically threw myself at the wall, hitting the time pad with both hands to stop the clock. I tore the goggles of my face and looked at the scoreboard where the lane results were posted. On the second line there 2 for my lane. Next to that there was a 1. I had come in first place, but I already figured that by the way everyone was cheering. I had to wait for the rest of the racers to finish before the time would be posted next to the placings. They all finished a few seconds after I did. The crowd went silent, all wondering the same thing I was. Did I do it? The times appeared.....


My entire team went crazy. I beat the record, I beat it by three seconds, nothing else mattered now, the team was going to the state regionals no matter who won the rest of the races. With a sigh a relief and happiness, I pulled the hair tie out from my ponytail, dunked my head under the water and ran a hand through my hair before pulling myself out of the pool. And let me tell you...after swimming at top speed for eight straight lengths, that is not an easy task. I grabbed the towel from the bench, wrapped it around my waist, and walked back towards our team's bleachers.

I shook hands with coaches, parents, and other random people who gave me their congratulations. Right now, I wasn't a greaser. I was a girl who was a dang good swimmer, and had just worked her butt off to break three state records. I was a hero. When I got to the bleachers, Sammie literally pounced, squeezing the life out of me.

"Sammie," I choked out, a familiar round of coughing forming in my chest. "I love you, but I'm already having enough trouble breathing right now, and you're not helping anything." When she finally let go the rest of the team and Coach Jacobs proceeded to hug me before I could sit down and get my inhaler from my bag. Sheesh...and I thought it would be the racing that killed me.


I couldn't help but smile as Sam and the rest of the team hugged the living daylights out of Dakota. When I first saw her this morning, I was starting to get worried. She and Sam were sitting of the bleachers instead of warming up and it seemed like she was using her inhaler every five minutes. I was debating on whether to tell Darry or not, but she seemed to get better real fast, and the Curtis brothers probably had already noticed. Darry and Soda usually have an eye on her all the time. I watched as Kody and Sam sat on the bleachers, talking and laughing as the meet went into its final races. I heard Two-Bit and Steve snickering behind me and I groaned, well aware of what would be coming next.

'Aww, that's so cute. He can't take his eyes off her," Two-Bit cooed before breaking into a fit of laughter, causing the rest of the gang to smirk. I suddenly had a huge urge to throw him over the balcony railing, but I only had myself to blame. In all actuality, it was me who started the thing about Dakota and me being destined to be together.

A few years ago, I had accidently let it slip that I had a crush on Dakota ever since she first started working in the garage. They've been giving us a hard time ever since, but I don't think Kody realizes that I really do like her. Aw Hell, I'm in love with her. I'm not afraid to admit.....well, except maybe to Kody. In fact, that only one in the gang that doesn't know about my feelings is Kody, go figure.

She's the prettiest girl I've ever met, prettier than any Soc and a hell of lot nicer to be around. Anyone could tell that she and Soda were related, natural good looks. She didn't need to wear skirts or other fancy clothes like the other Soc girls. And she definitely didn't need to dress like a slut like the Greaser girls. She didn't need any make up at all. She just looked naturally perfect, dressed in boy jeans and a mechanics shirt, her white-blonde hair pulled in a high ponytail, a bit of oil-grease on her face.

She's so different than the rest of the gang....and yet, exactly the same. I don't know how to explain it, but I had fallen for her fast and hard. I don't know how anyone couldn't. The guys are always telling me to ask her out or something, and I will....eventually...maybe. Right now, I'm pretty content just being her best friend. Doesn't mean that I can't still think about her.

Finally, the last race fo the meet was about to start. Dakota, Sam, and two other girls from the team were lined up behind Lane 1. But the race didn't matter, Dakota had gotten the team to state, three new records. Pride did not even begin to describe what the gang was feeling towards Kody right now. And it was different than our normal, she's a Greaser, pride. It was more of a, that's-our-baby-girl, sense of pride. That's exactly what Kody was, the baby girl of the gang, even though she anything but a baby. And then all the sudden, all my good thoughts disappeared as I watched her.

The race had already started, it was an I.M. Relay. I already knew that Sam would be doing the breaststroke and Kody would be freestyle anchor. The butterfly racers were already done and now they were on backstroke. Something was wrong. Dakota was sitting on the bench, one hand clutching her chest. I could tell that she was having trouble breathing and every so often she would cough, badly. Her whole body was shaking from it. Sam looked unsure what to do, but Dakota waved her away when their team member came back from the backstroke leg. Sam quickly climbed up the block and dived as soon as the other member touched the wall.

After a brief, but harsh coughing fit, Dakota stood up and got up on the block, waiting for Sam to come back. Her breathing had become more labored and she looked like she was swaying a little bit. What was wrong? She had looked fine a while ago. I looked over to Darry and Soda. They were both frowning in concern, not a good sign. When she finally dived for the final laps, I ran down the stairs from the balcony to the pool deck. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I also knew that she had to be exhausted by now and she was going to have a hard time pulling herself out of the water.

She finished first, as always, but she was clinging to the wall, trying to catch her breath. I knew the signs. She needed to get her inhaler, now. I grabbed her towel from the bench and kneeled down at her lane. My clothes were getting wet, but I could care less. I put a hand on her shaking shoulder, trying to get her attention. When she looked up, she grabbed my outreached hand, and I pulled her out effortlessly. She really needed to gain some weight. I gave her the towel which she used to wipe off her arms before wrapping it around her slim waist.

She let down her ponytail so her wet hair hung around her shoulders, she still looked beautiful. She looked so tired and sick, I just wanted to hug her, protect her, but I refrained. I was, however, going to make sure she got home and went to bed. Suddenly, she started another coughing fit, and I started rubbing her back.

"Do you need your inhaler now?" I asked, reaching into the pocket of my jacket where I keep the second spare. When I learned that she had asthma, I had immediately offered to carry one of her spares since I was the person she worked with. It also made me feel like I was an important part of her life, even though that sounds completely stupid.

Dakota shook her head. "It's alright, I've got mine in my bag. I just need to head to the locker room." I wasn't sure. She sounded really bad and her bag was on the opposite side of the room, but I let it go. I started walking her back to the bleachers, looking up at the balcony as the rest of the guys headed towards the stairs. And then, I heard a faint call.

"...Ty..." Dakota said softly. It took me a few seconds to realize that she had stopped walking. I turned around to see her eyes roll to the back of her head, and watch her fall head first into the diving area.

"Kody!!!" I shouted, getting on my knees to pull her back out. Sam, Coach Jacobs, and a group of people had gathered around the diving area at this time, all looking frightened and worried. The gang had heard the shouts, but were too far away to do anything. I realized that she wasn't coming up and all the lifeguards were gone. I took off my jacket so I was just in my jeans and T-shirt and dived into the water.

She wasn't very deep, but she looked unconscious, and that scared me more than anything. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up to the surface. A group of guys helped me lay her down on the pool deck while I got out of the water and grabbed the spare inhaler from my jacket.
I put my ear close to her mouth, listening for even a faint sign of breathing, there wasn't any.

Damn it, I thought as I tilted her head back. I took off the cap of the inhaler, shook it a few times, before putting it in her mouth and pushing down on the bottle. I had to do it three times before she finally responded and coughed out the water. I pulled her up to a sitting position and gathered her small frame in my arms while she coughed violently. She looked up at me and gave a small grin.

"Hi, Ty," she said softly. I just smiled.

"You scared the heck out of me, kid." She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me, which I had no problem returning. Soon, Darry made his way through the crowd, thanked me, and picked Kody up so he could take her to the car. Sam has already gotten her stuff from the locker room and given it to Soda. I would check up on Dakota later in the afternoon when I changed my clothes and she had a few hours sleep.

A/N: So, what'cha ya'll think. See, I'm starting to add in the romance. Now, come on, how many of you saw this coming. How many of you think Tyler and Kody make a good couple? Tell me. 009
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