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Harry Potter's Strange Night

by MasterKtulu

How can a planned night of fun turn into something so different so quickly and change Harry's life forever? (Absolutely NO Male Slash! / One-Shot / Set during OotP)

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Harry Potter's Strange Night

J.K. Rowling and various others own everything, I own nothing. Please don't sue me, I'm already poor and miserable.

Harry Potter's Strange Night

By MasterKtulu

This was written using Canadian English.

English is my second language so there's bound to be many, many, many mistakes.

If this isn't your kind of thing, don't read it.

If I had any scrap of talent at writing, I wouldn't waste my time on fan fiction.

If you don't change your life around you'll end up going in a straight line...

He had waited impatiently the entire week for this... For this night to finally arrive. It had taken him only a few minutes to convince her to break curfew and meet alone at night... He had been elated when she had actually agreed to meet at one o'clock on Friday night. The same day she had agreed to meet, he had found a secluded unused classroom on the second floor that would be perfect for their use and he had made sure that everything would be perfect for Friday Night...

After all the nights that he had fantasised about her, he was finally going to have her and nothing was going to stop him. After a terrible fifth year at Hogwarts and the O.W.L exams only two weeks away, he really needed this. Things were finally starting to look up for him this year. So as Friday night came around, he found himself in the hallway of his chosen classroom, leading her by the hand. She had been quiet all night but he didn't care, as talking was not what he had planned to do tonight. She had dressed herself simply in an attempt to look like she had not tried overly hard in dressing up for her rendezvous. She wore a simple, loose knee-high black dress and a long-sleeved buttoned up white dress shirt. Not that he really cared what she wore, only what was underneath.

He entered the abandoned classroom room still leading his non-talkative girlfriend by the hand. And as soon as she completely entered the room, he closed and locked the door with his wand. Not wasting any more time, he pulled her by the arm roughly to him and embraced her tightly with both his arms. With his arms securely around her, he started kissed her passionately. She didn't respond but he didn't let that deter him any and without any warning he forced his tongue down her throat. After a few more seconds, she finally responded and started kissing him back shyly with a little reserve.

Having waited so long already, he moved his hands down from her waste to her firm bum and started grabbing her buttocks roughly. He felt her pause so he placed one of his hands on her lower hip and placed the other on her lower back, rubbing small circles. Her pause over, She re-started kissing him and a few moments later he could tell she had lost herself in passion and was gone to the world.

Seeing as he wasn't going to get a better chance, he lifted the back of her black dress with one hand and with the other, he gently entered her white cotton panties from the elastic band top. Seeing as she was still in her own world, he quickly found her warm rosebud and started rubbing her anus in circles with his index finger. She immediately responded my moaning in his mouth.... Encouraged by her response, he grew bolder and started applying a bit more pressure. That caused his finger to just barely enter her now pulsing anus, all the while continuing to move it in small circles. She moaned a bit more, but then suddenly she returned to conscious thought and her eyes snapped opened. She pulled slightly away from him and stared into his eyes nervously. Swallowing a lump in her throat and never leaving his eyes, she spoke for the first time that night.

"Uhhh! Harry... I'm-"

"Shhh... It's all right Cho... I know you'll enjoy this... Just give it a bit of time and try to relax."

That said, Harry pushed his finger inside Cho's arse about an inch before stopping as her anus clenched shut.

"Arrgh... W-wait... Before we-"

"Shhh... It's Okay... Don't you rust me? Come on; just close your eyes... Relax and just feel..."

Harry thrust his finger harder and slipped its entire lengths inside Cho, making her gasp instantly. He could feel her shake slightly... Out of pleasure, discomfort or pain he didn't know nor cared at the moment. He started pulling back his finger until only the tip was left inside of her, expecting to start fingering up her ass. But as he was about to re-enter the Asian beauty's rectum, he felt her start to push him away. Then with all her strength, she pushed him hard enough for him to fully exit her orifice and for the two of them to separate. And immediately she started trying to explain herself to him.

"Please Harry, I'm sorry but before I join your 'House'... I just want-"

Momentarily confused by being forcefully pushed back, Harry's brain froze as trying to comprehend the comment she had just said. What the hell was she talking about? Join his house? She wanted to Leave Ravenclaw house to join his house Gryffindor? What the hell did that have to do with fucking each other? Just then Harry's brain unfroze and he started to get angry by being refused. In his angry state, he concluded that Cho had no intention of letting herself get shagged tonight... She probably had just wanted to talk about Cedric Diggory dying again or something and start crying on his shoulder. Harry didn't appreciate being treated by his supposed girlfriend like he was some sort of 'Special Friend' that she could count on for a good cry whenever she felt like it... Then suddenly, Harry's thoughts were interrupted by her continuing speech.

"... I just want to thank you for the-"

Having enough of explanations, Harry cut her off angrily.

"What the fuck's the matter with you? If there is one thing I hate, it's a fucking tease. What do you think we were going to do at one in the morning in a bloody abandoned classroom? Study? Reminisce about old times? Fuck you! Having the nerve to try and thank me for being your little 'Crying Buddy'... I don't fucking think so you waste of a good pussy!"

Cho stumbled back in shock and started crying.

"Please Harry... You have to listen! You don't understand... I just wanted to-"

"Shut the bloody up you fucking cunt! I came here so I could fuck your brains out! Maybe even cement our relationship into something exclusive or whatnot. You should be on your hands and knees thanking me to be for the opportunity to be with me. But yet you see fit to treat my like this! You may still be a Virgin Cho, but you've become damaged goods the way you've been acting all year. I should have known you were going to treat me like this... Why the hell did I even bother with someone like you? I'm not wasting anymore time with a little bloody prick-tease like you anymore!"

As if he had hit her, Cho dropped on her knees and cried even harder. While she sobbed uncontrollably, she started speaking hysterically.

"Harry I'm so sorry! I just wanted to... I didn't think you would ever... I was so nervous... I just wanted everything to be perfect... I ruined everything... I didn't mean to push you away! It wasn't my place to do something like that... I'm so sorry, I just panicked for a moment. Just please don't leave me! Please Harry! I'm begging you, please allow me to join your 'House'. Take me as your 'Last', but please just take me... Make me yours now and forever... You can still fuck me... Beat me to a bloody pulp even... You can do anything you want to me... Just please don't leave me! I can't be alone anymore... I need you so much Harry! Look..."

And with that, a more hysterical by the second Cho who was still on her knees turned around and dropped on her hands to the floor. She then lowered her head, resting it on the floor and pushed her bum high in the air. Then with both arms, she reached back and she flipped her black dress over her back. And finally, She took hold of her panties and pulled them down quickly, desperately showing Harry her hairless pussy lips and her pink rosebud in-between her two firm butt-cheeks.

"So you can just panic again? Change your mind at the last second? I don't thing so you bloody little cunt. Your not the only pretty girl at Hogwarts you know. There are literally hundreds of girls who would do anything... Anything I asked, for the simplest of smiles from me."

Harry then took his right foot and placed it on her naked bum and kicked it down firmly so Cho fell on the floor sobbing heavily. Harry stared at her near perfect pale naked butt-cheeks for a few seconds, and then he turned around and walked out of the room slamming the door shut behind him. As Harry walk away he could heard Cho start to shout hysterically while still sobbing heavily.

"Come back! Please come back! I'm sorry! I'll do anything you want! Anything! ANYTHING!!! Please! I can't lose you! I'm nothing without you! I love you so much! Please let me show you how much I love you... Let me redeem myself worthy of your 'House'... Please!"

Harry ignored her and continued walking away angrily, cursing his luck at having to deal with this sort of stuff. If she wanted to join is house so much, all she had to do was talk to Dumbledore about being resorted into Gryffindor... She didn't have to play with him like some prick-tease... It's not like he had any influence with anything concerning changing houses. He finally came to the end of the hallway and rounded the corner aggressively and walked into something or more precisely someone.

"Oh! Hello Harry... Are you searching for Crumple-Horned Snorkacks too?"

"Luna? Isn't it a little late to be wandering the hallways all alone?"

Luna smiled at him in her usual strange self

"I'm not alone Harry. You're here... Aren't you?"

"Yeah... I guess..." Harry answered uncertainly noticing her non-matching clothes consisting of a plaid skirt and purple sweater.

Suddenly Harry smiled, as an idea formed in his head... He was horny as hell and here was an attractive petite blond Ravenclaw who people thought was so strange that everyone dismissed her without a second though... He could literally fuck her any which way he liked and even if she said something later, no one would ever believe her. She could make her into the perfect little sex toy and if he played his cards right, he would be able to use her more than once without much trouble.

Suddenly making his decision, he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her roughly towards him as he started walking in search of a private place to fuck her little brains out. Luna did not resist in the slightest, and simply followed him with her strange smile still on her face.

"Where are you taking me Harry? Do you happen to know where there's a nest of Nargles we could observe by any chance? Their mating habits are supposed to be spectacular to watch..."

"Er? No Luna... And for Merlin's sake, be quiet will you. I don't have the patience for it tonight."

Luna nodded seriously for a moment, then instantly her strange smile appeared on her face again. After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at a girl's bathroom on the second floor. And to Harry it was good enough for his intended purpose for the next hour or so. He walked in still dragging an as of yet, still willing Luna behind him. He noticed the huge floor-length mirror that hung on the right wall, thinking that he could make perfect use of it tonight. He stopped in the middle of the empty room, let go of Luna's hand and turned to face her. He looked her up and down appreciatively, then he took out his wand and locked the door and thought to put a silencing charm on the entire room. All this time she stood still, looking shyly at the ground like she knew what was possibly in store for her tonight.

Harry took one step towards Luna and grabbed her shoulders with both hands, making her head shoot up to look into his eyes like she was waiting for instructions. Harry gently turned her by the shoulders, so she faced the floor-length mirror mounted on the wall. He stood close behind her and rested his chin on left shoulder so he could stare at Luna's smiling reflection in the mirror.

Harry took hold of both her wrists, then placed them securely in his left hand and lifted them high above her head. He turned his head and started kissing and licking her neck and she responded instantly by tilting her head the other side to give him better access to it. He took his right hand that was presently resting on her hip and raised it slowly until it covered her right breast. Without waiting, he then started firmly massaging her breast and switching to the other from time to time.

Luna closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations she was feeling for the first time and started to moan softly.

Not totally satisfied, Harry stopped briefly and started removing her plaid knee-high skirt one handed, letting it fall to the floor... That left Luna only in unique bright orange cotton panties and her purple sweater. Harry then continued his assault on her tits, massaging them roughly one at a time, making Luna whine loudly. Soon Luna's nipples were hard and completely erect, both trying with all their might to break through the fabric of her sweater. It didn't take much time for Harry free Luna's wrists in favour of rubbing and pinching each of her nipples through her purple sweater at the same time. Without Harry's support, Luna's arms fell to her side as she was overcome by sensations and unconsciously parted her legs slightly.

It didn't take long for Luna to be panting and moaning loudly at the wonderful sensations Harry was giving her chest. While his right hand continued its exploration, his left started to snake itself downwards to find new grounds to explore. Having found something of interest, Harry's left hand started rubbing Luna's inner thighs, from her slightly parted legs, sometimes slightly brushing her panty covered crotch.

All too soon with the attention he was giving Luan, Harry felt a warm liquid covering his left hand, as Luna's body lubricated itself for what it knew was to come. Felling the welcoming heat and wetness from Luna's crotch, Harry knew it was time to go a bit further. He left her breast and inner thighs alone in favour of the bottom of her sweater and lifted it up until it meet the resistance of Luna's lowered arms.

"Lift your arms in the air now." Harry ordered.

Eyes still closed, Luna responded instantly and as she lifted her arm high in the air, Harry lifted the rest of her sweater over her head and threw it in a corner. He noticed immediately that Luna wasn't wearing a bra and was totally topless. Not that a bra would have done her small tits any good anyway, as her newly fifteen-year-old body had not much need for any kind of support as of yet. Now having Luna only wearing her tight orange cotton panties that were giving her a cute and attractive little camel toe, Harry decided not to waste anymore time. He grabbed both sides of the elastic band of her panties and in one determined move, pulled down continually until he was crouching on the floor and her panties were at her feet. Raising his head, Harry came inches for Luna's small and firm bubble butt. Harry couldn't resist, leaned his head forward and started kissing then licking both of her butt-cheeks. After a few moments, Harry grew bolder and starting at the bottom and moving upwards, he started licking Luna's butt crack slowly with a heavy wet tongue.

"Arrgh... Mmmm!" Luna moaned as pleasure raced through her spine.

Harry moved slowly, but all to soon he had reached the small of her back and decided to continue upwards until he reached her neck. As her slowly stood up all the while licking her spine, he could feel Luna's entire body shiver uncontrollably. As he reached her long slender neck, Harry adopted the same position as before and restarted his attack on Luna's nipples and thighs with both his hands.

Harry looked upward from Luna's delicious body and stared at her reflection in the huge mirror. Luna had her eyes closed and still had her arms lifted in the air where he had commanded them to be earlier. She had very petite, faired skin milky white body... Her small almost non-existent perky tits had small but long erect pink nipples. She had small youthful hips, a flat athletic stomach and for her small stature had a pair of long slender legs. She also didn't have single hair on her entire petite body, making her perfect virgin vagina visible to the world. She was a bit youthful looking but still cute and attractive enough for anyone with a dick to want to fuck her silly.

Having waited so long, Harry grabbed her pussy with his right hand and placed his middle finger in the length of her wet southern pink lips and started to rub its length franticly.

"Urghhh! Harrrrrryyyyyyyyy!" Luna suddenly shouted as she experienced her first orgasm ever, making her whole body shake.

Harry smiled in a satisfied way and started twisting and pinching almost as hard as he could one of her nipples with his other hand, making her scream again in pleasure and in pain. From time to time he switched breast, twisting and pinching her harder and rougher.

Soon Harry's right hand, which was rubbing franticly Luna's pussy, was soaking wet from her vaginal juices. Luna was reduced to moaning and grunting incoherently, her mouth wide opened and drooling slightly. And seeing as Luna's mind was somewhere else completely, her body took over as she pressed her small bum into his crotch and started grinding him hard. And although she was not coherent enough to notice, she had just made Harry moan continually.

If Harry hadn't been lost in pleasure of having his erect member rubbed by two small naked buttocks; he might have laughed or be completely turned on at the sight of Luna's reflection in the mirror... With her arms still up high in the air and rotating her hips grinding him as hard as she could, she looked like she was playing with an invisible Hula-Hoop or performing some sort of weird mating dance. And knowing how strange Luna usually was, the latter was completely possible.

Harry was lost in sensations, feeling Luna's butt grinding into him, but soon he wanted more and had had enough of what he considered foreplay. Harry Released Luna's sensitive and by now swollen right nipple and placed his left hand on her flat stomach right bellow her cute bellybutton. Then Harry let go of Luna's throbbing and overly lubricated pussy with his right hand and placed it on her upper back right bellow her neck.

Luna was still lost in sensations and just continued her patent pending 'Arm-Raised-Butt-Grinding-Action' while moaning and grunting every few seconds. Suddenly without warning, Harry pushed her hard in the back while pulling her lower stomach towards him, causing her lower body to stay perfectly upright and her upper body fall forwards and bend completely over. Harry moved his right hand securely to her hip and then he let go of her stomach with his left hand to unbutton and unzip his pants. That done, he wasted no time releasing his well sized for a soon to be sixteen-year-old erect member from his boxer shorts and aligned it with her dripping wet pussy.

Gently, Harry entered her, producing Luna to gasp at the surprised but welcome intrusion. Soon he reached her still intact maidenhood and stopped before damaging it. He then placed his remaining hand securely on her other hip and squeezed tight to prevent any further movement from Luna.

"Luna?" Harry asked in what he thought was a serious tone, wanting to play a little game with her...

"Y-yes H-Harry." Luna answered while lifting her head so she could look at Harry by his reflection in the giant mirror.

"After tonight... You'll belong to me... Do you understand?" He asked hopping it sounded like he was being serious, wondering what her reaction would be.

"Yes Harry! I've waited for this for so long." Luna answered quickly and excitedly.

Harry frowned slightly but continued anyway going a little further.

"You'll belong to me in every way Luna... For all of eternity... You'll be my loving mistress... My submissive concubine... My obedient slave... My first of many... Do you understand? Do you accept?"

"Oh yes Harry, I completely understand... And I of course accept... I accept with all my being!"

And in a very formal tone she immediately continued.

"I swear on my magic that I, Luna Lovegood belong mind, body and soul to Harry Potter for all of eternity! I accept the responsibility to be his 'First of Many' and all the duties the position brings."

Luna paused and continued in her happy and exited manner.

"My father will be so relieved... He was worried that no one would ever take me... That no one would be my eternal master... But I knew... I could sense a strong connection between the two of us... I knew it was only a matter of time before you took me as your own... I only had to be patient and wait for you to take me"

Harry wasn't too sure what the hell she was talking about, as he had only been messing around with the mistress/concubine/slave bit. But she had sworn on her magic, and that was final... It was impossible to go back after such an oath. He owned her in every way imaginable... But on the other hand he really couldn't have cared less as he had a third of his respectfully sized cock inside of her tight, pulsing, getting wetter by the second hairless pussy...

"But I never expect to be your 'First'... I never believed that I would ever be higher than your 'Third', after Ginny and Cho... I know it's a greater responsibility than I thought I would have, but I accept the honour none the less. I won't let you down master, I swear... I will perform my duties of the 'First' to the best of my abilities... Better even, I swear it."

Luna paused a moment and started clenching her vaginal muscles every few seconds making Harry groan out of pleasure.

"I assumed you had already taken Ginny as your 'First' but I wasn't sure... But I knew for certain that you were planning to take Cho tonight... At the beginning of the week, I heard her tell some of her friends that she was pretty sure that she would finally be bound to your 'House' on Friday night. She was so happy to have another chance at having a worthy master after Mr. Diggory refused to allow her as Cedric's 'Third' just before the Third Task, when he visited Cedric at the school. It seamed that Mr. Diggory didn't think that any Asian Witch was good enough for his Pureblood son... So when I saw her sneaking out of Ravenclaw tower tonight, I knew she was meeting with you for her initiation, so I naturally followed... She arrived at the entrance hall a good half an hour before you did, pacing nervously all the while. Then you lead her to the second floor classroom you chose for her initiation... I had to see if maybe I could watch... I love watching you so much... Maybe I could even learn something to from her initiation, that I could use for my own someday... But you locked the door, so I couldn't see you... But you did forget to put a silencing charm on the room, so I was able to hear everything..."

Luna hesitated for another moment.

I was sure she was to become your 'Second'... I never imagined the possibility that you would consider her as your 'First'... To be honest master, I'm relieved that Cho messed her initiation so much tonight... Cho would have made an awful 'First' master... I don't know what you were think-"

Luna suddenly realised what she was saying to her master and immediately apologised.

"Oh! Who am I to question such things...? I'm so sorry master! Please forgive me."

The more Luna explained the more Harry was confused but since he wanted to fuck her this century, he decided to accept her apology and be done with it. There would be enough time later to think about other things... But this was also an excellent opportunity to 'Punish' her a bit...

"It's Okay Luna. As I'm in your still virgin wet cunt right now I'm feeling a bit generous towards you... So I guess I can forgive you this once... But I'll still have to give you a bit of this!"

The suddenly, Harry let go of her right hip with his hand and started spanking her ass quickly as hard as he could considering their still attached position.

"Aaah-Urghhhhhhh!" Luna screamed / grunted surprisingly as she felt the sting on her right bum and a large pressure deep insider of her groin start to grow. Surprised at the repeated spanking and confused by the overwhelming pleasure it seemed to give her, Luna was just coherent enough to make sure that she didn't move in the slightest... She would kill herself before moving an inch or so and run the chance of her master exiting the inside of her body... She had waited too long for this to ruin it now.

As Harry was spanking his naughty little Ravenclaw, he made sure his left grip was secure, as he didn't want Luna to move forward too much. The last thing he wanted right now was to accidentally leave her wet and warm pussy. Because with every blow, he could feel her vagina clench extremely tight and at that moment he couldn't imagine a better feeling, but how wrong he was... Suddenly by the tenth and final blow, Harry felt each and every muscle inside of Luna's body started to spasm uncontrollably as she orgasmed for the second time in her life. A full thirty seconds later, Luna muscles stopped spasming, she calmed her breathing and spoke.

"If that's a punishment master, I will have to bring out your wrath towards me very offend..."

And as a thank you for her orgasm, Luna restarted clenching her vaginal muscles as hard and as fast as she could, making her master moan in pleasure.

Harry, who had a hard time thinking clearly at the moment, still was able to realise that having Luna misbehave solely to receive a spanking, was a disaster waiting to happen.

"That wasn't really a punishment Luna." Harry explained trying to keep his concentration. "If you misbehave in the future, believe me when I say that you'll regret it... But also, when you've been a good little girl... When you've served me well... You may request a spanking or something similar if you so desire it."

"Thank you master... You're too generous towards your lowly servant... I look forward to the day when I earn the possibility of such a request..."

Luna paused and Harry could tell that she was uncertain about what she was about to say.

"I hesitate to mention this master, but as your 'First'... It's my duty to ask you to give Cho one last chance. She was very nervous binding herself to you and your noble ancient 'House'... She knew that tonight was the last chance at happiness she would ever get... I could sense the desperation in her all week... She and everyone else thought that no one would ever want her in their 'House' after actively trying to become a member of Cedric's and failing miserably. You gave her so much hope and happiness all year when you still considered taking her even after a few misunderstanding this year between the two of you. From what I heard through the door earlier, it seemed that she tried to formally thank you for considering her before beginning her initiation to be bound to your 'House'."

Luna paused to try and gage her master's reaction to her giving him advice. As his 'First', she had the honour and privilege of being able to be somewhat candid with him when they were alone. By looking in the mirror's reflection she could tell that he was waiting for her to continue, so she assumed that she was not going to be punished for her boldness and continued.

"She probably overly planned every minute detail of what would happen tonight... I'm guessing that she wanted to prove her worthiness to you so much that she probably decided to take some initiative with her initiation. I know she was wrong to even think of such things... She should just have shown up, given her oath to give you ownership of her mind, body and soul and not do anything else unless ordered by her now eternal master."

Luna paused again finding more courage.

"Please indulge me and consider my request master... She will make a good 'Second' or better yet 'Third' if you decide to take Ginny before her... Even if you in your infinite wisdom do not want to give her a rank as a member of your 'House', I feel that I must beg you my master... I must beg you to consider binding her for at least the position of 'Last of Many'... I'm sure she would, over time prove her worth to you, even if her only purpose in life is to serve and pleasure me... If it takes me the rest of my life, she will become a valued servant to you master; I swear it on my magic!"

Confused by yet another magical oath but wanting to finally start fucking her, Harry gave in and answered Luna.

"I'll grant your request Luna... I'll give Cho one last chance... But you'll be solely responsible for her... Understand?"

"I understand master... Thank you! You won't regret the faith you showed in m- Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!"

Having had enough of the conversation, Harry rammed the remainder of his penis in one hard thrust into Luna. He instantly broke through her hymen and did not stop penetrating her until he had his entire length inside of her. Without waiting for her to get used to the unfamiliar intrusion or for her to stop shrieking, he started thrusting in and out, faster and harder until he was almost going as fast and as hard as he could. And with Luna still bent over with both arms flaying like a rag doll, Harry discovered that having so much control and power over someone was a big turn on. Harry stared at her in the mirror's reflection and redouble his effort to finally topped off at the fastest that he could fuck...

As Harry was trying to fuck her the fastest possible, Luna had stopped screaming and tried to remain as quiet as possible. But soon she couldn't control it any longer and she started shrieking, moaning, whining and grunting at the top of her lung like an enraged Banshee. All thoughts of restraint left her mind taking with it everything else, leaving an almost catatonic Luna behind who knew just enough to stay on her feet. She didn't know how much time had occurred since her master had started fucking her and right now she couldn't have cared less. The only thing Luna noticed during her master's fucking were feelings of pleasure with hints of pain, which she didn't mind at all...

From Harry's position, he only had to look down to see her throbbing pink anus beg for his attention. Not wanting to stop fucking Luna's tight cunt, he moved his right hand in a somewhat awkward position and without further thought he completely entered his middle finger into her rectum in one hard motion. Luna shrieked something intelligible and Harry could feel her pussy and rectum start pulsing rapidly as she road a huge orgasm. Her third of the night... Not that Harry was keeping count or anything.

He started finger fucking her arse slowly and over time he gradually built up his speed until he reached the same speed as his dick was going at in her pussy. Still looking at her ass hole being presently being violated by his middle finger, Harry thought that she was ready for a bit more...

So still not wanting to stop fucking her still pulsing pussy as hard and as fast as he could, Harry removed his middle finger from her anal cavity and immediately returned it but not before adding his index finger too... Having her arse stretch so much, caused Luna's dying orgasm to come alive again stronger than before and making her moan loudly. And even though her third orgasm hadn't ended completely yet, Harry decided to count it as her fourth of the night...

Encouraged by her muscle spasms and vocal reaction, Harry started fingering her rectum with both fingers in wild abandon surpassing his dick's speed by leaps and bounds. He continued like this for some time but soon he grew unsatisfied and wanted something different. Plus it didn't help that his right arm was getting dead tired fingering her rectum at top speed...

Having enough of pussy for one night and wanting to rest his right arm, Harry removed his dick and two fingers from Luna's two orifices and grabbed both of her small hips tightly. He then aligned himself with her reddening rosebud and gently entered her rectum in one continuous slow movement.

"Urghhh!" Luna grunted.

Harry moaned feeling her incredible tightness and welcoming heat. He started thrusting slowly, then built up his speed to go faster and harder... And soon, he was thrusting as fast and as hard as he could and the only sounds to be heard were Luna's loud grunts and Harry's balls as they slapped her pussy repeatedly with each of his thrusts. Then suddenly...

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Luna screamed in pleasure.

Immediately, Harry felt Luna's anus clenched tightly, then he felt every one of her muscles start spasming as she received the biggest of her orgasms of the night. Her fifth by Harry's calculation... Not that he was keeping score or anything...

But by now, Luna's heavily contracting anal muscles caused Harry's control to weaver slightly and he knew it was too late for him to recover... So Harry gave it everything he had left and with one loud grunt, he exploded his inside of Luna rectum. Shot after shot of his hot cum coated the inside of Luna's still pulsing rectum as they both lost themselves in their respective orgasms, moaning and breathing heavily. All the while, Harry's body continued to spasm Uncontrollably, as his once fluent thrusts became awkward and uncontrollable as he continued to penetrate Luna's now full and cum leaking arse.

After he expelled every last drop of entire load of semen into Luna welcoming body, Harry stopped thrusting and removed his softening cock from Luna's rectum. Luna didn't hesitate by straightening up and turning around quickly. She dropped on her knees and started cleaning her master's cock with her enthusiastic wet tongue.

Not knowing what else to do, Harry put his right hand on top of her head and started petting her like he would a dog who had just performed a good trick.

Liking being petted, Luna raised her eyes shyly and smiled brightly at her master, not stopping in her efforts to clean every bit of his crotch. A few minutes later, Luna pulled back her head slightly and spoke.

"I could do this all night master... You taste so good..."

With that Luna, reached back with her right hand and brought it to her butt crack and gathered the cum that was leaking out of her anus. She then brought it to her mouth so it wouldn't go to waste and fall on the floor. After licking her hand clean and savouring her master's sweet nectar, Luna reached back again to see if more had leaked out... finding none more, Luna brought her face to her master crotch again but continued looking up at her master eyes and restarted her cleaning efforts of before. A few minutes later she pulled slightly back again, licked her lips a few times and pulled up his boxers then his pants and finally zipped and buttoned him up. During all this, she never took her eyes off of his, as if doing so would hurt her very soul... Now all done she straighten up and spoke again.

"Thank you master... For everything... you have no idea how happy you've made me tonight..."

Luna remained unmoving on her knees and looked down in a submissive way awaiting her master's further instructions. Harry was still petting her head, trying to think of what to do or say next. Now that he had a clearer head, he thought back to what she had said earlier and continued to pretend like he knew what was going on.

"You're my 'First' Luna... I expect much from you... But for now, I officially welcome you to my 'House'..."

Luna's head snapped back up and smiled brightly. Then in the most serious tone he Harry had ever heard from her stated:

"Thank you master, I will take great joy and Honour in being a member of your honourable 'House'. I will make you proud of choosing me as your 'First'... And in time, I shall strive to be your 'Greatest of All', as I have dreamed my entire life."

To Harry things couldn't get any weirder, so he simply smiled at her and nodded in an accepting way. He hoped it looked like he knew what was going on as he couldn't understand Luna's need to legally give up her rights, freedom and freewill to him. As of now and forever, every thing she was belonged to him. But it seamed like Luna wasn't finish talking.

"Now that you have finished initiating me master, it's my duty to inform you that Cho is on the other side of the door. Where I'm sure she has been waiting since we entered here for my impromptu initiation. Maybe it would be a good time to bind her to your will before she decides to do something else stupid... You don't have to decide what to make of her tonight; her rank can always wait for another day..."

Harry nodded, as he didn't doubt Luna's information for some reason.

"Alright, clean yourself up a bit and get dressed Luna... Then come join us in the hallway."

Luna bowed her head in acceptance and Harry walked to the door, removed the locking and silencing charms then stepped out of the bathroom. Outside, he instantly came face to face with the Chinese beauty that was looking submissively down at her feet. Still feeling a bit angry with her, Harry spoke in a low calm voice wondering where this would all lead to next.

"I know you followed me and Luna here Cho... And even with the locking and silencing charms on the room, you've probably already guessed correctly... But if you haven't, then let me tell you that I've just finished initiating Luna as my 'First of Many'... By your complete stupidity, you lost your chance to be my 'First'... Well what are you waiting for, explain yourself you stupid cunt?"

Cho instantly went down on her knees, looked up at Harry and started pleading desperately.

"Please Harry, I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry that I interrupted my initiation by daring to push you away... I just wanted to thank you for even considering me for your 'House' before we started... And I ruined everything... I'm so sorry! I swear it won't happen again... I swear! I don't care what you make me, just please take me... I'll do anything for one last chance to join your 'House'... Anything!"

"Anything?" Harry asked seriously.

"Anything Harry, please... I'll devote the rest of eternity proving myself worthy of your 'House' and to you... Please accept me as one of yours... Please!"

Harry still did not know what was really going on but he made his decision anyway... He smiled at Cho slightly and nodded once at her.

Instantly that made Cho smile and she spoke quickly before he had a chance to change his mind.

"I swear on my magic that I, Cho Chang belong mind, body and soul to Harry Potter for all of eternity! I accept any role my master deems me worthy of and I pledge to always follow his 'First'."

She paused then smiled brightly for the first time in weeks.

"I'm yours, master... I'm finally yours forever... In a way, I'm glade it happened this way... I never deserved to be your 'First'. Luna is a good choice master; she'll be perfect... I'll follow her lead and follow your rule now and forever master."

"For a servant with no rank yet, you sure talk an awful lot Cho..." Harry stated seriously, starting to really get into this.

"She does, doesn't she master?" Luna's hard voice spoke threateningly. A second later, Luna appeared fully clothed through the bathroom door. Her eyes narrowed towards her master's new slave, not forgetting the oath concerning Cho she had sworn earlier to her master.

"My apologies master... My apologies the 'First'... I haven't learned my place yet, I'm truly sorry." Cho stated almost desperately and fearfully.

Harry smirked evilly. He suddenly felt very horny at seeing Cho so submissive and desperate.

"If you can't control you mouth, maybe I should occupy it with something else... Give you a chance to prove yourself to me... What do you say Cho?"

Cho said nothing and remained on her knees in a submissive way, looking at the floor. She knew her master didn't really want her to answer his question.

Harry advanced on her slowly and grabbed her roughly by the hair with both hands to secure her in place. All the while Cho didn't react in any way.

Harry looked at Luna.

"Luna... Would you?"

Luna nodded once in understanding and immediately moved to stand next to Harry and quickly kneeled down. She looked over at Cho and smiled encouragingly at her. Luna then gently unbuttoned and unzipped Harry's pants and then lowered them slightly just enough for his confined member to emerge. Starring at it longingly for a moment, Luna stood back up and took a step back to observe.

Cho looked transfixed at the soft but slowly hardening cock waiting just inches in front of her face as if in a daze.

Harry not really caring what was the fuck was the matter with Cho and his dick, tighten his grip on her hair and started to pull her head towards his crotch.

Cho hesitated for just a moment, then suddenly kissed the tip of Harry's soon to be six-inch long cock, making it twitch. Encouraged by her master's twitching dick, she started kissing and licking every part of him that she could reach with her forced stationary head. She grew bolder and more adventurous by the second, and after a while Harry forced her head downwards. Getting the hint, she latched on to his now reachable balls and started sucking them with wild abandon, making loud slurping noises that echoed in the empty hallway. The noise only stopped when she switched from one to the other every few minutes.

All to soon, Harry was hard as a rock again and pulled Cho's head upwards and forced her mouth off his now wet and satisfied balls. His cock was now perfectly aligned with her mouth and she was only happy to continue her earlier work of licking and kissing every bit of flesh that she could reach.

"No Cho... It's time to open up like a good little girl..."

Cho pause in her actions and looked up shyly to stare in to her master's eyes. Slowly she opened her mouth, forming an 'O' shape just big enough for his dick to fit tightly.

Taking a tighter grip of her hair with both hands to make sure she didn't move in the slightest bit, Harry slowly entered her warm mouth with his hard member. After entering the first three inches, he paused and moved back, only to enter the same three inches in her welcoming mouth. Getting the idea, Cho closed her lips tighter around his cock and brought her tongue into the action by rubbing the underneath of her master's dick.

Soon Harry found a steady rhythm and Cho closed her eyes, thanking Merlin at having the opportunity of proving herself like this to her master. They continued in the same way for quite some time only increasing the rhythm every once in a while.

All too soon Harry was going full speed and Cho was sucking him like her life was depended on it. But wanting more, Harry decided to give her everything he had, and in one thrust gave her the remaining three inches he had yet to give her.

Cho's eyes snapped open, panicked slightly and stopped breathing and gave indications that she would gag soon. She did not try to move her head away but she did look up at Harry questionably.

"Relax Cho. You must relax your throat and try not to gag, then slowly start breathing again... I'm not removing my cock until you do... And if you dare move, you will regret it for the rest of your life... I know you can do it... Come on, prove yourself to me."

With that, Cho immediately obeyed her master... She closed her eyes again, relaxed her throat to stop the gagging, and then started breathing through her nose again but with a little difficulty. She realised that she like having her master's cock deep inside of her throat and wondered what it will fell like to have it in her other two orifices... Soon she had relaxed so much that she became totally limp and was only staying upright by her master's fists full of hair. A few seconds latter she remembered her new life's purpose and started playing with the underside of her master's dick with her tongue again.

Harry smiled proudly at Cho in an almost fatherly sort of way.

"That's my good little girl... Now it's time to finish it..."

With that Harry pulled his dick from her throat only to thrust his full length's back forcefully. It didn't take long for a fast rhythm to develop and Harry was deep-throat-fucking the Asian beauty at full speed. All too soon, Harry felt the pressure mount inside of him and he knew he was about to explode. At the last second, he quickly pulled his dick from her throat, grabbed it with his right hand and started jerking off aggressively. Then with his left hand still holding her hair tightly, he pushed her head slightly back and pointed his dick directly at her oblivious relaxed face.

Wondering why Harry had removed himself from her mouth, Cho opened her eyes only just in time to see cum flying at high velocity coming directly at her. She force her eyes to remain open as her master's hot cum hit her forehead and she quickly opened her mouth as far as it would go wanting to taste him. The second shot hit the bull's eye and landed directly into Cho's awaiting mouth and she quickly swallowed. She then reopened her mouth just in time to have the third and fourth shots of cum land on her right cheek just bellow her eye and her lower chin respectively.

And before his fifth shot could get out, Harry ungracefully pushed his spasming hips forward to place his dripping member into Cho's cum-wanting mouth... Cho not missing a beat, closed her lips around the tip of Harry's cock immediately and started sucking as hard as she could, to get every last drop of cum he had to give her.

When completely dried of cum, Harry pulled away and redid his pants and motioned to Luna to stand in front of an extremely satisfied cum-savouring Cho.

Standing directly in front of Cho, Luna stared enviously at the completely oblivious servant that was licking her lips of her master's sweet nectar with her eyes closed. She wanted so much to taste her master again... She had not gotten enough before... She needed so much more... Then her master unknowingly granted her wish.

"You can take your share now Luna..."

Finally having her master's long awaited permission, Luna immediately jumped down and locked her arms and legs tightly and securely around Cho, trapping the now alert and confused slave. Admiring the oriental beauty's cum-covered face for a moment, Luna leaned slowly forward and started to methodically slurp every bit of her master's seed off of Cho's small exotic face, swallowing only when necessary. As this was going on, Cho closed her eyes and basked in the attention the 'First' was giving her face.

When Luna finished slurping the now gone bountiful cum, she started to lick Cho's entire face for any trace left of her master's gift. Soon the only wetness left covering Cho's face was Luna's own saliva... Not one to abandon her quest easily, Luna then started to heavily lick Cho's red lips, making the now moaning petite Asian instinctively open her mouth. Luna immediately latched aggressively on Cho's small delicate lips and rammed her tongue down the happily surprised oriental beauty's mouth, trying with all her might to find the smallest taste of her master's addictive nectar.

Not finding the smallest of particles of her master's seed left in Cho's mouth, Luna abandoned her quest for cum... Luna let go of her death grip then de-angled herself from the completely submissive Cho and stood up. Reaching down, she helped Cho stand up, then both of them stood right next to each other two feet in front of their observing master. Cho looked towards Luna to follow her example as was expected of her from now on... As any member of their master's 'House' had to always obey and follow in the example of the 'First' unless ordered differently by their master... Immediately copying Luna's physical pose, Cho stood straighter, tilted her head slightly upward proudly and stuck both her small chest and firm rear outwards. Instantly, the pose made Cho feel like she was presenting her physical attributes and total worth to for her master's critical eye... And with further thought, Cho concluded that Luna had consciously designed the pose for that precise purpose...

Now that both of them were presenting themselves to their master, Luna discreetly put her arm around Cho's petite waste then lowered it to grab her firm bum forcefully and started to grope her aggressively. Cho momentarily surprised, moaned slightly at the hard groping then immediately realised her mistake. She silenced herself immediately and tried to ignore the overwhelming pleasure she was feeling in her backside. This went on for at least a full minute, and Cho had to concentrate her entire self to remain unmoving and completely silent before her master's watchful eye...

When Luna finished with her little test towards Cho and stopped groping aggressively at her ass, she patted the now soar bum a few times, silently telling Cho she had done well. Then Luna rested her hand possessively on the same bum, never letting on to her master what had really happened behind their back...

Not being the casual observer, Harry had enjoyed watching Cho trying with all her might not to fidget or moan at whatever Luna's actions had been behind their backs... So seeing as they were both on display for his pleasure, he decided to slowly circled them once like he was checking for any defect on his two new properties... He immediately noticed Luna's right hand still resting on Cho's bum possessively and smiled. Having found nothing defective with his properties, he returned to stand in front of them with a serious face. He knew he had to speak to them about something as they were obviously waiting for something... But what exactly, he didn't know.

He thought about everything that had been said and done tonight... Eventually he came to the conclusion that right now it didn't matter why they did what they did... The only thing that mattered was what to do about it now... They had made themselves into magically bound sex slaves, with the only goal in life to please their master... And he would have to treat them as such from now on... Now if their only goal in life were to serve and please him, he would have to evaluate them somehow... How else would they realise their life's goal if they didn't know if they were on the right track or not... Having only convinced himself, Harry looked towards Luna and spoke.

"Luna... Wonderfully strange Luna..."

Luna instantly squared her shoulders proudly.

"... Tonight you performed your initiation almost perfectly... Almost... I'm so proud of you... You proved yourself worthy of being my 'First of Many'... Continue to perform to tonight's high standard and you'll please me to no end... And maybe one day..." Harry thought quickly to one of her past comments and continued. " day, you'll become my 'Greatest of All'..."

"You're too generous master... I only exist to serve..." Luna whispered determinedly and proud while bowing low.

Done with Luna, Harry turned his head slightly and looked at Cho next.

"Cho... Tonight didn't start like I expected..."

Cho's shoulders dropped slightly.

"I gave you another chance at Luna's urging and with it, you've earned an initiation tomorrow night where you'll receive a rank to my 'House'... If it weren't for Luna, you wouldn't be here right now... You owe much to Luna... So very much... So no matter what rank I give you tomorrow night, you are now and forever Luna's personal servant... If she feels hungry, you'll feed her... If she feels dirty, you'll clean her... And if she feels horny, you'll please her... Do you understand Cho?"

Cho bowed slightly and answered happily.

"Yes master I understand... You're too generous towards me... You are right, I owe her so much... so much... It will be my infinite pleasure and great honour serving the 'First' to the best of my ability."

Harry nodded and continued.

"I expected great things from you Cho... Greater things than what I have seen as of yet... Tomorrow Luna shall bring you back to this bathroom at one in the morning, where you shall be initiated to my 'House' and be given your rank... You'll have to work extra hard to pass my judgement. but if you do, you'll have the honour and privilege to spend the rest of your life pleasuring and worshipping me as my 'Second' or 'Third'. But if you fail tomorrow night... I'll name you 'Last of Many' and you'll spend the rest of your life on your hand and knees and serve every future member of my 'House'.... Never again feeling my touch."

Harry could almost feel the fear coming in waves off of Cho as he had said his last statement. Cho then bowed very low and responded in a fearful low voice.

"I thank you master, for the opportunity and privilege to serve you and follow the 'First'... I swear to devote the my every waking moment prove my worth to you master... And your 'First' will never want or need anything as long as I live...I will not let you down again master, I swear it!"

That done and sexually satisfied for now, Harry decided to call it a night.

"Do you two think that you can both make it back to Ravenclaw tower on you own without any trouble?" Harry asked.

Luna answered for the both of them, as Cho knew enough not to speak.

"Yes master, we can."

"Then I'll wish you both a good night and I'll see you both tomorrow."

"Goodnight master... We'll dream of you." Both Luna and Cho said in perfect synchronisation.

And with that, Luna dropped her right arm to her side and turned around and started walking away with a little extra swing in her hips. After a moment, Luna looked back and motioned Cho who was following close behind to stand next to her. Now both side to side, Luna in an act of dominance grabbed roughly Cho's already soar bum and started to lead her presumably back to Ravenclaw tower.

Harry watched them walk away enjoying the view and he knew somehow that Luna wouldn't allow Cho to go to sleep just yet. Just then he heard Luna start to speak to Cho.

"The next time you get a taste of our master's seed in your mouth, you will save me at least a drop... I kissed you for nothing... Not even a small bit of his sweet nectar... The next time you have that honour, you will keep some in your mouth even for a week if you have to, until I can come retrieve it. You better listened good whore, I can make your life a living h-"

Harry wasn't able to hear the rest of Luna's threats towards Cho, as they were both too far away and out of his sight... But deciding that Luna could do pretty much do what she wanted concerning Cho, he didn't waste any more thought on it. He turned around, and started walking slowly in the direction of Gryffindor tower thinking heavily.

A few minutes latter, Harry entered the Gryffindor common room with a satisfied smile on his face. He walked to the couch in front of the fireplace and sat heavily on it, staring deeply into the dying fire.

"All in all... It's been a pretty good night... I wonder what my life has in store for me next..." Harry whispered to himself softly. As happy as he was at finally getting laid, the events of the last few hours were confusing to say the least. Harry couldn't believe his luck at having both Luna and Cho magically bound to him forever, becoming his eternal sex slaves... But just then, he realised that they were now both now his responsibility... Now that they were bound to him, he was pretty sure they would want to follow him everywhere he went and that would include the summer holidays too. He would need to find a new place to live as he was pretty sure that the Dursleys would object to him bringing two slaves in their house. Well at least he was extremely wealthy, so he could arrange something before the end of the school year.

Then Harry thought of the way that both Luna and Cho had talked about everything... They had spoken about it like it was completely normal for a handful of teenage Witches to magically bind themselves fully to the same Wizard... Maybe it was some sort of strange Wizarding custom that Muggle-Raised Wizards like him had not been told about yet... Or quite possibly, had been told about it while sleeping in Professor Binns' Magical History class. But wouldn't Hermione have raised hell about it... Well, unless she had liked the idea and decided to magically bind herself to someone too... Maybe even to Ron... They did act strangely with each other sometimes... Tomorrow morning, Harry would have to go to the library to research these, as of yet welcome events. Suddenly, Harry's contemplation was cut short by a soft voice to his left.

"Harry? What are you still doing up?"

Harry turned his head and found Ginny Weasley at the top of the Girl's stairwell in a short, tight and almost see-through white nightgown. Her long red hair was loose and framed her beautifully freckled face that wore an adorably shy expression on it. His cock immediately twitched uncontrollably at the sight of her, making him smile suggestively at her before finally answering her question.

"Waiting for you Gin-Gin... Waiting for you..."

The End

: This is my second attempt at writing anything and my first at writing what I call a Porn Fiction. I wrote the bulk of this late one lonely night, when I was in a weird little mood... It started with the idea that Cho would turn Harry down, then he would bump into Luna and have sex with her. Very simple and to the point... So as I started actually writing the supposed plot-less thousand words sex scene, for better of worst it somehow transformed into this...

And you don't have to tell me, I know this story is a bit much at times (Even if some of you out there would want much more). But if I wanted reality, I would spend a lot more time thinking about my presently non-existing sex life and not my inaccurate interpretation of Harry Potter's magical sex life...

Anyway, for anyone wondering what that 'House' and 'First' bit was... I have absolutely no idea. I just wanted a way for Harry to be confused and to not be in total control of the situation and I came up with that...

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