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Three weeks later Kate sat in the bed as the nurse walked around talking to her about something, she nodded periodically but her mind was somewhere else. She no longer felt the tears that were staining her cheeks; she didn't even know why she was crying in the first place.

"Kate, wait." She turned to face him smiling with her eyes awaiting his response. "I lov- I'll call you later." He replied with a wave. She smiled and nodded before turning and walking away. Once she was turned he groaned and punched the wall. Why was it so difficult for him to say what he felt?

Kate blinked quickly to rid the memory and return to reality. She sighed and rubbed her bloodshot eyes.
"Now why is such a pretty face like yours covered in tears, and on the day of your discharge?" the nurse's voice was sweet and Kate smiled politely.
"Just relieved I guess." She lied and the nurse nodded with a smile. It was then that Pete burst though the door.
"Sister you get to go home today!" He yelled excitedly and Kate gave him a slight smile. Pete frowned and threw her some clothes, she laughed in response as she scanned the unfamiliar clothing. Pete scratched his head,
"Yeah I had no idea, I just went though drawers at Patrick's." He stated with a shrug.
"Patrick's?" Kate questioned as she looked away while the nurse was removing her IV.
"Did I live there?"
"Uhm, kind of, I mean not technically 'cause you lived, lived with Sam, but yeah, you had clothes there, and Patrick's is closer to my house than yours is so taaa daaaahhh." Pete smiled and Kate nodded once more while she gestured for her brother to turn around, he obliged and she changed as quickly as she could.
"You're bad at this game." Kate replied after she was done changing, Pete turned around and looked at his sister who was in Patrick's shirt and jeans.
"Wow, yeah I am."
"Switch with me." Kate whined and Pete laughed.
"I don't fit in his clothes, I wear your size, well, your size pants at least."
"You shouldn't though, you squeeze into my pants - that's not the point," Kate paused, "Whatever it doesn't matter, just give me your belt, I'll be fine."
Pete rolled his eyes, undid his belt and handed his sister his belt just as Joe walked into the room.
"Are those Patrick's clothes?" he questioned confused and Pete groaned.
"They looked like hers all folded and shit in the drawer. I figured they were hers cause his were all over the floor." Pete defended.
"Stupid, she has the second drawer from the top in the little dresser thing." Joe used his hands to describe the specific dresser 'thing.'
"Great, fantastic," Kate cut in, "I signed my papers can I get the fuck home now?"
"You have to wait for the doctor and then you can go." Pete replied and as if on cue the doctor came strolling in with her file in hand.
"Well Ms. Wentz," He began and skimmed though the files, "Unfortunately we're not sure if you'll ever get your memory back, but you remembering those random memories is a good sign that still gives us hope for a full mental recovery. There is no concern for your physical injuries you just need to come back in two weeks to remove your stitches. Just be careful not to do extraneous activity, anything that would pull a stitch, and if in the occurrence that a stitch does get pulled no worries, you'll just have a larger scar than you would have if the stitch had stayed shut." The doctor finished his routine and shook her hand before discharging her.
"OK!" Pete continued to yell once outside the hospital,
"Let's get her home so we can then go help Patrick move."
"Dude you're a little bit too excited to move Patrick." Joe replied as he turned Kate's wheelchair around in a circle.
"Why is Patrick moving?" Kate questioned mid circle.
"Cause he doesn't want to live in the place where you got shot." Joe laughed but quickly silenced his laughter when he noticed Pete's death glares.
"Plus," Pete started off, "He got this new loft place thing that pretty much kicks ass, I'm not gonna lie."
"Oh in the building across from Kate's?" Joe replied as he shut Kate's car door.
"Dude shut up." Pete said through clenched teeth and Joe shrugged apologetically. As they were driving Pete kept glancing at Kate in the rear view mirror.
"What?" Kate responded while staring out the window.
"Uhm, you're not going home, home." Pete responded and Kate gestured for him to continue.
"Well, ok the guy who shot you, the main suspect, knows where you and Sam live, Brian and Matt, where Mom and Dad live, he knows where I live, where Joe lives, we were going to put you with Andy but for some reason Andy thinks that Sean lives right by him, anyways, you'll be living with Patrick for awhile, just until we can get you someplace else, or until the police find him."
Kate glared at her brother.
"What? You can't just put me in a stranger's house Pete!" She squeaked and Pete eyed her through the mirror.
"He's not a stranger Kate." He sighed as Joe glanced back to look at her.
"He is, he is to me." She cried and Joe grabbed her hand.
"It's alright, we need to keep you safe, and he'll take care of you better than any of us will just trust us ok?" Joe responded while patting her hand. Pete sighed and pulled into a parking space outside of the building. Kate followed behind Pete and Joe up the three flights of stairs. Pete threw open the door starling Andy who was standing in the semi empty living room. He glanced around the big living space, since it was a loft it had a wide open everything area, kitchen, family room, dining room, everything flooded together the only thing excluded was the bedroom/bathroom area that you had to go up a metal spiral staircase to enter.
"Do you guys really make this much money?" Kate mumbled in shock, which caused Joe and Pete to laugh and nod.
"Well," Andy started off, "Kate everything of yours is upstairs, that's kind of your area."
"But what about -" She began but was cut off by Andy who pointed to a corner of the lower floor where Patrick was attempting to curtain off his self made 'bedroom area.'
"That's not fair, this is his place." Kate argued but Andy shrugged,
"Ok try taking to him about it."
Kate looked over at Patrick who was proudly admiring his curtained off bedroom area.
"And those are totally Patrick's clothes." Andy gestured to Kate who nodded and glanced at Pete. Andy also glanced at Pete,
"Dude you know he has a 'thing' about that."
"What thing?" Pete questioned confused. Andy looked at Joe who smiled and nodded that he knew exactly what he was talking about. Pete looked between Andy and Joe,
"What thing? How come I'm his bestest best friend and I don't know about his clothes thing!?" Pete stomped his foot like a little boy having a fit.
"Hey Kate, why don't you go upstairs and I don't know, go upstairs." Andy replied and Kate rolled her eyes.
"This whole treat Kate like a child thing ends today." She spat as she stomped up the stairs to the upper area.
"Some things you just don't tell your best friend, like I don't know, things pertaining to his sister." Joe started off and looked at Pete who wasn't following.
"Like what? When they screw I know about it." He whined crossing his arms over his chest.
"Like I don't know," Andy paused to rethink his story, "You know how some guys get extremely turned on when their girlfriends wear like their favorite team's jersey or you know, when their girlfriend wears their clothes."
Pete's eyes grew wide.
"I did not," He stopped before quickly heading up the stairs yelling for Kate to change this very instant.
"What the hell is he yelling for?" Patrick asked while walking up playing with the hammer he just finished using.
"Kate needed to change." Andy replied fighting back a yawn.
"Why?" Patrick questioned confused as Kate attempted to run away form Pete.
"Leave me the hell alone Crazy." She yelled and swatted him away. Patrick glanced at the stairs.
"That's my shirt, those are my jeans. That's so hot." He mumbled as he watched Kate walk down the stairs.
"Hi." Kate replied shyly, "I'm sorry about the whole hospital thing, I just felt taken advantage of, I'm sure you're a very nice guy I mean you are letting me stay here. Thank you." She rambled on while putting her hands in her pockets. He nodded,
"I need to go," he glanced around and then at the hammer in his hand, "hammer something." Patrick quickly walked away, Kate sighed.
"He hates me doesn't he?"
Andy and Joe both laughed,
"Nope, not at all." Andy replied as he walked out the front door with Joe in tow to go get more of Patrick's things to move in. Later on that night Patrick was all moved in and sitting in the middle of his living room finishing putting together his drum kit, Kate was upstairs rearranging the set up of 'her room.' She rummaged through the unfamiliar things, there was only a handful of items that she actually knew where they came from. She picked up some weird bright yellow stuffed pterodactyl.
"What in the fuck is this thing? I am immediately in love with it." She mumbled to herself. She shrugged and placed it on her bed.
"I don't know what your name was, but it's now Pterrance." She laughed at herself and continued to move things around until she smelled something coming from downstairs. Kate strolled downstairs and took a seat at the kitchen counter and watched Patrick at the stove making eggs. He turned slightly and put all the contents of the pan onto a plate and then turned around, Kate startled him.
"You are a very quiet sneaker." He replied as he sat down at the kitchen table.
"There's cereal in there and that's about all the food we have." He gestured with his fork to the cabinet.
"You're not going to ask if I want eggs?" Kate questioned confused as she strolled over to the cabinet that contained her dinner.
"Ugh no, you don't like eggs." He replied with a mouthful. She opened her mouth to ask how he knew that but quickly shut it and just poured her Rice Krispies. She shuffled back to her seat and was already sitting before she noticed that she forgot the milk. Kate was about to get up but Patrick was already at the fridge, he pulled out the chocolate milk and slid it across the counter to her before getting a bottle of water for himself. She eyed him apprehensively as she poured the chocolate milk into the bowl.
"What?" He questioned while rinsing his plate.
"You knew that I didn't like eggs and that I use chocolate milk with cereal." She replied and he sighed while turning off the faucet.
"I know lots of stuff Kate."
"Like what?" She questioned while putting a spoonful of cereal in her mouth.
"Like, I don't know, stuff." Patrick replied as he sat down.
"For instance?" Kate questioned once more.
"I don't know, I can't just randomly spit out Kate facts on cue." He laughed as did she.
"Ok, you're ticklish behind your knees." Patrick replied while rolling his eyes and she nodded.
"Yeah, that's right."
"I know."
"Why do I have a bright yellow stuffed dinosaur?" Kate randomly questioned.
"Pterrance?" Patrick replied.
"What did you say?"
"Pterrance the ugly as sin stuffed dinosaur that I got you for Valentine's Day because I lost your real gift. Pete said that I was going to get slapped, but I didn't, you liked it." Patrick laughed and Kate nodded.
"That's so weird. I didn't know what its name was so I named it Pterrance, cause pterodactyl started with a P and I like to mispronounce it, so I named him Terrance -"
"But with a P so you can mispronounce it too." He finished her sentence as he stood from the table, "That's not really all that weird Kate, I mean you are the same person, you think the same." Patrick took her empty bowl and rinsed it out in the sink.
"If you say so." She sighed
"So you still don't remember anything?" he questioned while drying the bowl.
"I remembered something this morning, but I don't know, everything I remember is broken up and doesn't make any sense."
"What did you remember this morning?"
"I don't even know, I was leaving, I guess it was your place, and you told me to wait so I turned to face you and you started to say something but ended up saying that you would just call me later, and then when you thought I wouldn't notice you punched the wall. Like how does that even make sense?"
"It makes perfect sense,." Patrick mumbled while opening the cabinet and putting the bowl away, "You saw me punch the wall?"
"Uhm yeah I guess."
"Anyways, that was Brian's place and you were leaving for work." He corrected.
"So it was a real memory?" Kate questioned and Patrick nodded.
"Why did you punch the wall?"
"Uhm, just 'cause." He tried to shrug the question off.
"Just because? You punched the wall just because?" She laughed not believing a word he said.
"Ok no, but, it had already been more than a year and we were already having sex and you already said it and I don't know I just couldn't say it. You were all like 'No pressure Patrick, don't say it just 'cause I did' and I wanted to, I really did. There was all these perfect moments that I should of said it, and I would get so close and then get scared and say something else instead. Like this one time instead of saying it I said falafel, it was horrible." Patrick rambled on and Kate just stared at him confused, she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.
"What in the world are you talking about?"
"Huh?" he stopped his rambling to look at her.
"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, you're rambling on about nothing that makes any sense to me." She specified.
"Oh, 'I love you,' I punched the wall 'cause I didn't say it." Patrick cleared his throat and adjusted his hat.
"Oh." She replied now understanding.
"I was kind of a nervous, shy, unconfident young person. I'm pretty much over that now, but for the longest time I was convinced that you were going to come to your senses and dump me."
"That's retarded." Kate huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, Patrick shrugged.
"I couldn't help it, I was the nobody kid dating the prom queen. Which, speaking of prom, was a whole different experience."
Kate laughed at him,
"Uhm 'cause I only went to make you happy. I didn't want to go to mine where I could pretty much stand on the wall and be invisible so going to yours where everyone got to stare at me and be like 'what the fuck is she doing with him' didn't sound like a fun time to me. Granted I wasn't always the weird shy kid, I just needed to be comfortable before I could be normal, well kind of normal, my self rather. I mean, I was always my most comfortable when it was just us."
Kate just stared at him with a raised eyebrow, he nodded.
"Yes I always speak in incoherent sentences that don't really fit together."
"So besides your whole self image problem, she's too good for me thing, why was prom bad?" Kate laughed as Patrick glared at her.
"Hey you, don't make fun of me." He threw a plastic spoon at her.
"I just don't understand, I was with you correct, like exclusive or whatever, why the inferiority complex?"
"I don't know, look at me then look at you." Patrick shrugged and Kate narrowed her eyes at him.
"I don't like that look." He mumbled and she kept her gaze on him.
"Whatever I'm ignoring that last comment, tell me about prom."
"Uhm," He paused to think, "You won prom queen."
"Thank you, because I already didn't know that. Why was it bad for you?" Kate rolled her eyes before returning her gaze back to him.
"It wasn't that it was bad for me, I don't know, it was just weird kind of surreal. I got into a fight with some guy, Andy ran over Joe."
"You got into a fight?" Kate exclaimed wide-eyed and Patrick nodded.
"Yeah with this kid that kept saying things and it pissed me off. You were in the bathroom with Sara when he swung at me, he missed the first time, then I decked him then he hit me back giving me a bloody lip and then," he paused to take a breath, "you came out of the bathroom, you were mad." Patrick laughed slightly and Kate gestured for him to keep going.
"You punched him too, then we got thrown out of the prom. Later on we found out that Joe said something perverted to the principle and got himself thrown out as well and those are still my pants." Patrick finally noticed that Kate was still in his jeans when he walked around the counter. Kate looked down,
"Uhm yeah I didn't feel like changing my pants, is that ok?"
Patrick nodded and motioned towards his curtained bedroom area before quickly walking away, Kate sighed and shook her head. She hopped off the stool and walked over to the curtain.
"What is your deal?" she replied from outside the curtain.
"Deal? I don't have a deal?" He squeaked from behind the curtain.
"Here." She replied and tossed his pants over the curtain leaving her in a tank top and underwear.
"It's fine, you have a weird thing about your clothes I get it." She crossed her arms over her chest.
"I don't have a weird thing about my clothes, I have a weird thing about you wearing my clothes, there's a difference." He replied as he emerged from the curtain immediately being startled by Kate's nakedness.
"Oh God that's just as bad." He groaned and covered his eyes as she rolled hers.
"I can't win, there's no pleasing you." She yelled frustrated.
"It's not that, it's just, never mind, I'm just going to make myself look bad, I'd rather have you think I'm weird." He mumbled.
"And we had sex? You're flipping out right now 'cause I'm in my underwear."
"Can we not talk about sex right now?" Patrick questioned while still covering his eyes.
"Why?" Kate prodded.
"Let's talk about stickers, do you like stickers?" He tried to change the subject quickly.
"No I want to talk about sex."
"Pass." He responded and she laughed at him. She was growing more and more amused at his uneasiness.
"So did we have sex all the time? It was good wasn't it?" Kate stated seductively and Patrick covered his ears while starting to hum a song.
"That's it isn't it? You want to fuck me now and you can't." She raised her voice so he could hear her over his humming. Patrick walked back into his curtained area still covering his ears and humming loudly. This was horrible he had no control around her and though she didn't remember anything she already knew how to break him down. The twisted part about it was that Kate wanted him to crack, she wanted him to make a pass at her, he had her intrigued and the fact that he was gorgeous didn't hurt either. Patrick leaned up against his dresser trying to think about anything besides the last time he had sex with Kate, it was no use.

He was leaning up against the console in the studio staring into the empty recording booth. Kate walked into the control room while popping the top on a soda, she took a big sip before she noticed Patrick standing there in deep thought.
"Hey." She finally spoke up and handed him the can, he took a drink and then handed the can back to her smiling slightly.
"What's wrong you seem stressed." She laid a hand on his back, running her fingers lightly down his spine.

He was suddenly snapped out of his gaze when he felt her put a hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly falling into his dresser.
"You're very fidgety." Kate replied still amused.
"Yeah, and your evil." Patrick spat back turning away form her.
"So what's sex like?" She questioned innocently he shifted his weight nervously.
"Honestly, c'mon now!" He whined.
"What? I don't remember, I'm curious."
"Go look it up on the Internet." He groaned.
"The internet doesn't know what sex for me was like." She smiled slightly as she looked at him with his back turned to her.
"Well neither do I, so I can't really help you now can I?" Patrick replied hoping the conversation would now come to an end.
"I don't think it's really fair that I don't remember though." Kate's voice was low as she ran her fingers down his spine.
"Well I'm sorry." He replied as he shivered from her touch, it had been awhile since she touched him like that. She pulled at the front of his pants bringing him closer to her.
"This is wrong on so many levels." He whispered, "You don't even want this because it's with me, you just want to remember what it feels like."
"That's not true." She was also whispering. Before he knew what was happening Kate pulled his face close to hers. The first brush of her lips was soft, almost tender. It was then that a rocket fired in her brain, all the feelings she had for him flooded back into her conscious and she kissed him lustily no longer feeling as if she was kissing a stranger. He wrapped his arms around Kate, his hands soon sliding from her cheeks, down her neck, over her shoulders and finally coming to rest on her waist. For the first time in a long time she knew exactly where her place was, she unapologetically stroked him in between his legs until he finally pinned her against the bed.
"You remember?" He questioned breathlessly, she nodded that she did as she nipped hungrily at his bottom lip. Patrick smiled slightly as he placed his lips on hers coaxing her mouth open, she welcomed him eagerly. He reached up under her tank top to cup her breast. She wiggled beneath him as she placed kisses on his neck. He kissed her lips once more before pulling her tank top over her head, their lips only parting for a split second. He then brought his mouth to her nipples and lightly nipped at them, which caused her to cry out softly. Kate pulled at his shirt and Patrick let her pull it over his head and toss it away. She quickly began pulling at his belt, frantically trying to get his pants open. The whimpering sounds coming from Kate's throat as he kissed up her chest were driving him insane and soon the moans that were heard were coming from him as she gently jerked him off. He pushed her panties to the side and slipped his fingers into her most sensitive area, causing her to bring her head to the nape of his neck as she grinded herself into his hand, gasping softly. She wanted to feel the rest of him and as though he could read her thoughts he shoved his jeans down just enough for them to be out of the way. She arched her back at the feeling of him finally inside of her, letting out a small yell as he began thrusting. Patrick's hand slid beneath her hips to angle her towards his slow thrusts, she dug her nails into his back scratching him ever so slightly. He then moved so that he was kneeling between her legs while still inside of her. He pushed her thighs towards her chest as he increased his pace. Kate's voice filled the loft with cries of intense pleasure that echoed off the concrete walls as she came. Patrick let go a second later, his body tensing before ultimately collapsing on top of hers. A pounding on the door radiated throughout the place snapping the couple back to reality.
"Don't." Kate pleaded while pulling Patrick toward her as he was getting up to answer the door.
"It could be important." He responded back apologetically before leaning down to kiss her passionately before standing up. He pulled up his pants and picked his shirt off the floor as he shuffled towards the door. The person on the other end pounded relentlessly until Patrick pulled open the door. Pete ran inside.
"Well hi." Patrick said sarcastically, and Pete looked at him.
"Where's my sister? Your shirt's inside out." He said all in one breath.
"She's sleeping." Patrick lied as he pulled off his shirt in attempt to fix himself.
"Well, wake her up this is important, scratch that, I'll wake her up, speaking of scratches where did those come from?" Pete once again laced his sentences together as he started up the stairs. Patrick ignored him and glanced at Kate who emerged fully clothed from the curtained off area.
"Brother." She yelled for Pete who stopped his adventure up the stairs. Pete confused turned around and made his way down the way he just previously went up.
"Right, ok, I'm confused, that's not the point, Sean's in custody."
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