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Never coming home

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Someone from Angel's past comes back to see him- even though he killed her hundreds of years ago.

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Angel grabbed his favourite sword from the cabinet and swung it around his head. "Should do it," he muttered to himself. 'Cordy can you do me a favour?' Cordelia looked up from where she was working. 'As long as it doesn't involve getting blood spattered again.'
Angel smiled. That girl hated doing the dirty work. 'No, but can you just call Gunn and get him to meet me at the alley?'
'Sure thing, if i can get hold of him.' Angel nodded. 'Do i have to remind you to be careful?' Cordelia said, raising her eyebrows. Angel ignored her and walked out of the hotel.
It was a warm night, warmer than it had been for about a week, but Angel felt a cold chill run down his back. The feeling of been watched...
He walked down the street glancing behind him every so often. Snap. Angel spun around to find a man in his mid forties looking at him, with laughter in his eyes. 'Can i help you?' Angel said politely. The man smirked. ' I bet you can' Angel hated the way he was looking at him. He frowned as the man leant towards him. 'If you can tell me where Elizabeth is.' Angel's frown deepened. He had no idea who Elizabeth was. 'Tell me, and no one will be hurt,' his hand flew to his jacket pocket, faster than any human could have managed. Before Angel could react he was pinned against the wall, a stake to his heart. His sword was out of reach. 'Tell me, vampire and no one gets hurt.'
'Oh really,' said a voice from behind them. Gunn stood there, knife against the man's throat.'That's a shame.' The man slowly released Angel and turned to face Gunn. 'Ok, but i'll be back and looking for you, vampire.' Gunn smiled. 'Empty threat.' and plunged the knife into the man's heart. They both looked on horrified as the man slowly dissolved into a pool of blood. 'Jordarg demons. Famed for threatening people,' Gunn shook his head. 'Been tracking that for three days straight now. Damn he's quick.'
'Not very bri...' Angel was cut off as a blood curdling scream rang through the air. Angel and Gunn glanced at eachother and began to run. It wasn't hard to find where it was coming from. The ally's wall was drenched in blood. A man lay at the feet of a woman, who stood staring down at him with a slight smile to her face. The man's torso was ripped open and blood pumped out steadily. 'What a waste,' the woman mumbled to herself. Gunn was looking at the man. 'What the...' The woman's head flew up to look at her two companions. Her eyes widened. 'Oh my god... oh my god....' She was looking at Angel with a look of horror on her face. 'Liam....' Angel staggered backwards. How did she know his real name? The woman frowned. 'No, you're dead. That bitch killed you. She turned you into a vampire. My angel. i thought you'd come from heaven to save me. But you damned me.' The frown turned into a glare. 'You bastard' She flung herself at him with suprising speed, knocking him to the ground. Gunn threw her off but she got back up and threw him into the wall. She dived on Angel, her hands around his throat. She was so strong. Her face was a mask of fury and hate. Her eyes would have been brown just like Angel's but they shone black glaring at him with pure resentment. She picked him up and pinned him to the wall. She took a stake out of her back pocket and put it to his chest... and stopped. A tear run down her face. 'You killed me.' she said simply and fell to her knees. 'I hate you,' she spat. Thoughts ran through Angel's head. What had just happened? 'Who are you?' he whispered. She peered through those deeep brown eyes. Her mouth trembled. 'My Angel,' she spoke softly. And fell to the floor, unconscious as Gunn hit her round the head. 'We need to get her to the hotel.'
'After she just tried to kill you? Angel, man that's a bad idea...'
'Just help me,' he said as he picked up her limp body and carried it to his car.

Elizabeth(the girl) POV

When i woke i was being watched. I jumped to my feet and crouched defensively. 'Hey, hey no need to do that honey. We're just trying to help you.' A demon stood in the corner, two red horns pointing out of his head and luminous green skin. I growled and reached for my sword. Not there. 'Sorry Cupcake, we took all your weapons.' He smiled warmly. I was confused. Who was this guy/demon?
'A pretty woman came walking down the stairs with a cup of red liquid in her hands. 'It's blood,' she handed me the cup and waited patiently for my to finish. I licked my lips and gums to make sure there was no more blood left. A flustered looking girl, mid twenties probably, came running into the room flapping papers. 'Robert Linchwood,' she announced. 'Thirty three worked for some cult someplace.' Oh my god, Robert. I killed him. What have i done? I never meant to. He was laughing at me. Threatening me with a stake. What else could i have done? Oh my god. My head started spinning and i fell to the floor. Only i never felt the impact. Two strong hands steadied me. 'It's ok, i've got' cha.' It was Liam. My head started spinning again and he sat me down, and placed himself beside me. 'Are you ok?'
'I'm dead.' It was the first thing that came into my head. I was after all a vampire. What else was i meant to say. Besides, i wasn't ok. Far from it. I had a shocking headache from where that black guy had hit me. And Robert had cut me with the stake. He was aiming for my heart. He always was useless at darts.
Everyone was looking at me. 'I mean, i'm... tired i guess.' Angel nodded and picked me up in his arms like a baby. 'Come on, you can sleep upstairs.' I looked at his face as he carried me upstairs. God, i missed him. We were so close. Until she took him away from me. If i find her i'm gonna kill her, i thought. I should have killed him, but he has a soul now. I sensed it and he sensed it in me. He must have done. He opened the door to my room. 'It's next to mine, so if you need anything, i'll be right next door, ok?' I nodded and he looked at me strangely. 'You're strong.' I smiled wryly. 'It must run in the family then.' I closed my eyes and stayed awake just long enough to hear Liam- my brother- walk out of the door.
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