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Thunder Storms and Kisses

by StripesCO 3 reviews

During a Thunder Strom Tre gets scared and needs a little loving from Billie. SLASH!

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"Billie, I'm scared." Tre Cool said walking into the lead singer's hotel room.
"What?" Billie said groggily as he rubbed his eyes and stared at his band mate.
Tre was about to explain why he was in his room, when a bolt of lighting shot down; illuminating the room.
Few seconds later a huge barrel of thunder boomed; shaking the hotel slightly.
Tre shrieked and dove head first into the bed. He pulled the covers all the way over his head then started shaking.
"Tre?" Billie asked, somewhat amused that his friend was still afraid of thunder storms.

"No, no..." Tre said. His words muffled by the sheets.
"Tre? It's okay buddy. Come on." Billie said coaxing Tre out of his 'hiding' place.
Tre raised his head and slided halfway out of the covers.
"I'm sorry Billie. I had the key to your room and I was..." Tre said as another barrel of thunder boomed around them.
Tre screamed out loud and ducked underneath the covers again.
Billie smiled to himself, thinking to himself, 'Tre still the same he was back then.'

"Come on Tre. I'll make you feel better." Billie said as Tre pushed the covers down and stared at him.
Billie leaned into him and their lips met.
Tre was in shock before melting into Billie's taste.
Billie was about to make it more 'interesting', when another thunder (not quite as loud as the last two ones) boomed.
Tre grimaced, so Billie rolled around until he had Tre on top of him.

Billie's tongue ran beneath Tre's bottom lip, before snaking its way into Tre's mouth.
Tre moaned out loud as his and Billie's tongues battled playfully.
Finally Billie broke apart from Tre; panting into the night.
"Hey Tre, guess what?" Billie asked.
"What?" The drummer asked; puzzled and panting.
"The storm's over." Billie said smugly as they both listening to the drizzle of rain hitting the rooftop.
"But it's still raining..." Tre started.
"I meant the thunder and lighting." Billie interrupted.

Tre waited a couple of minutes before uttering a strangest sound Billie had ever heard.
"What the hell Tre?" Billie said.
Tre surprised Billie by burrowing his head against Billie's chest.

"Thanks Billie." Tre said while giving out a yawn.
"I'm always here for you Tre." Billie said quietly as sleep over took the two.

Before Billie fell asleep, he pressed a kiss to Tre's forehead.

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