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I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

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What else can I say? Alice and Brendon sitting in a tree...c'mon, you know the drill. ;) (and yes, I am alive and well!)

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A/N: I'm really sorry for not updating for the longest time (one month now?...gosh!)...but on the good side, I've finished writing this fanfic, and now I'm ready to start posting all of 'em up!! (All the chapters, that is...) So I do hope you enjoy, and because I had so much time off from posting, I managed to edit a few little things here and there in the next few chapters...yup. =) xoxo nat

Chapter 8: I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Alice's POV

You think you know a guy after you've gone out with him for a couple days a year back. In my case, I would definitely have to rethink that. What kind of guy, after going through rejection and a phase of being miserable, would cradle your head and whisper sweet nothings in your ear for a half hour?

Brendon Urie would.

Don't get me wrong: I still don't trust the guy entirely. Although he was very sweet-unlike the other Brendon Urie that I had met a year ago-I couldn't trust him completely until the waters were tested and the games were played. But right then, I needed a shoulder to cry on.

Ever since Brendon had left, my world had crumbled down. My parents found out about the 'fling' I had with Brendon. They scolded me for being so rash, then scolded me again for changing my phone number and cell phone altogether. Sarah and Lucy (my supposed newfound friend, but really Brendon's /cousin/...) definitely had a trick up their sleeve when they pulled that plan on Brendon and I that night. Trust was something I held above everything-trust was the key to a relationship. Not just a romantic relationship, but to a boss-and-employee relationship, a friend relationship, and...just in general, life as a whole.

So after I had finished crying on Brendon's shoulder, he quietly asked, "Would you like me to drive you home? I'll just call Luce to tell her we won't be joining them for dinner..."

But I didn't want Brendon to drive me home. Me + guy alone in car = prone to my vulnerability. "No...thank you for offering though. Sorry we met again on the wrong foot..." I pushed myself away from him, and pulled out a Kleenex from my purse, wiping my nose delicately. "I'll catch a cab, though."

Brendon watched me pull out my cell phone to call a cab. He even waited for me to get in the cab when it got there. But before I closed the taxi door, he rushed forward. "I...I still have your phone number...I know this sounds ridiculous, but...could...could we--?"

I already knew what he was going to say, and I planned it out in my head before the taxi even arrived. I shyly began to say, "My cell phone number has changed. I still have yours, though...and if...if you don't mind, could I call you instead?...I just don't feel...comfortable with you having my cell phone number at the mo-"

"No, it's fine. I understand. Well, good night, Alice." Brendon smiled down at me, before closing the door for me. I didn't even get a word in edgeways as the taxi drove off. But in a way, I guess it was for the best. And besides, I was glad that Brendon didn't put up a fight when I asked if I called him instead.

Evaluation number one: A+ for trusting me to call him back.

Conclusion number one: I was definitely going to call him back. The guy needed a second chance.

"Good job, Ross." Brendon snickered as he walked through the door to their hotel room. Ryan, who was sitting on the couch eating popcorn with Spencer, turned around to look at Brendon's rather joyful face. "I'm guessing the plan worked, then?" He asked, getting up and walking up to look at Brendon properly. Brendon beamed at Ryan. "If I could ever have a blood brother like you, I'd do something crazy. But for now, this'll settle..." Brendon told the band mate he had suddenly trusted as a brother. As if on a sugar high, Brendon took a giant step forward and swept Ryan off his feet-literally.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Ryan shouted with the utmost amount of anxiety. "Put me down, Urie, PUT ME FUCKING DOWN!" Spencer, who had turned around to watch the spectacle, laughed as hard as he possibly could. Brendon was swinging Ryan around with his arms hooked under his legs, and his other arms supporting his back. (Well, Ryan was 100 lbs, so it wasn't as if Brendon was really breaking a sweat...)

Jon suddenly came out of the bathroom, and saw the whole thing as a circus. He raised an eyebrow, and sat off to the side, asking Spencer, "What the fuck happened? I just took a trip to the bathroom, and suddenly someone let Brendon out of the cage!"

Spencer somehow managed to tell Jon what had happened, until Jon decided for something crazier: "Hey! Nothing's ever crazy without J-Walk on the floor!" So Jon dove into the scene, knocking down Brendon. When Ryan fell on top of Brendon, Jon yelled, "DOGGY PILE!" And squashed the fragile Ryan beneath his body. Ryan exclaimed an, "Oof!" while Brendon yelped, "JON WALKER, GET THE FUCK OFF!"

Spencer snorted with laughter, rolling about the floor. Ryan moaned with pain etched upon his face. He glanced at his best friend, laughing in the corner. "Dude, Spence...Help...Me!" Spencer only shook his head. "No, you deserved this one, Ry." Ryan only shot Spencer a very hateful look, before somehow rolling out of the doggy pile.

"It's actually kinda late you guys...And plus, we have a little tour around San Francisco tomorrow. Then...our tour ends, and we can start our writing process again." Trust Ryan to ruin the fun...

"Okay, let's get to bed." Jon said in a sudden calmer manner, pulling Brendon up to his feet.

Spencer said, "You know, I've never figured out why Jon is the first to get drunk, but the last to get a hangover...and the last to get hyper, but the first to get serious about everything."

"That's because Jon's a character. He never fails to amuse..." Ryan trailed off, collapsing onto his bed.

"PORNOMIME!" Jon yelled suddenly from his bedroom.

"SHUT UP!" Three voices yelled in return.

One Week Later...

"Chica bow chica bow wow..." Brendon sang out loud, leaning back in his flimsy chair. The band decided to rent out a place in San Francisco, because Ryan thought (after the tour of SF, of course) that San Francisco was going to be the 'new place' for his inspiration on writing the next album.

As of right then, the band was trying out some tunes to work with the lyrics that Ryan had written for one of their songs. "Brendon, that's really not helping at the moment..." Spencer said tartly. Ryan was close to pulling his hair out, and Spencer could tell. After all, being best friends since god knows when (okay, since basically middle school, but still...) it really helped when Spencer saw the small tell-tale signs that Ryan was annoyed.

But as if Brendon wasn't annoying enough already, his phone started ringing.

...So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?
Dance to this beat...
Dance to this beat...

"Hello?" Brendon asked just as he flipped open his cell phone.

"You're supposed to silence your phone while we're in practice, Bren!" Spencer whispered to his friend harshly. Brendon rolled his eyes, and turned away.

"Who put Lying Is The Most Fun as his ringtone, anyways?" Spencer asked, turning to look at Ryan and Jon. Ryan was too busy fiddling with his lyrics and notes. Jon, however, turned to the side, blushing furiously. "Jon Walker...I swear to fucking god..." Spencer sighed, rubbing his temples.

"I don't think that'll be too great." Jon added as if his comment were a side-note. Spencer cocked his head.

Then Spencer asked hesitantly, afraid of what Jon meant, "What won't be too great?" Jon stared at Spencer. "Are you stupid or stupid?"

"What?!" Spencer asked with incredulity. The bassist had gone psychotic.

"You said you swear to fucking god. I don't think fucking god would be a good thing, Spence. God might not be very happy with becoming pregnant with your baby..."

"I'VE GOT IT!" Ryan said, punching the air with his fist. Jon fell out of his chair. "Whoa, Ry, never knew you were such a violent person!" Jon murmured from the floor. This time, both Spencer and Ryan turned to look at the psychotic bassist on the floor. "What?!" They both asked.

"Nevermind." Jon groaned.

"It's lunchtime." Brendon announced, joining the conversation once more. Ryan checked his watch. "But I'm not even hungry yet..."

"That's because when you are hungry, you eat in large amounts. Then you're never hungry during regular mealtimes." Brendon told his friend brashly.

"Oh." Ryan said, a bit offended. Brendon looked back at Ryan. "Hey, I'm going out with Alice. We're going to have lunch. Anyone in?"

"No." Everyone chorused.

"Besides, every mealtime is a makeout session for you guys," Jon said sarcastically. Brendon looked at Jon harshly. "Are you kidding me? If I get within a inches' length from Alice, she'd punch me. And it's already been a /week/."

"It's called 'taking it slow', Urie. You should try it sometime." Ryan chuckled, before sitting back down at his desk. Brendon rolled his eyes, and said, "Ha, ha, ha...I get it."

"Yes, well, don't do anything stupid. Pack your condoms. Bring the pills. Do the shit." Jon told his friend as he walked out the door.

"Stupid, it's 'do the math', not 'do the shit'." Spencer argued, before getting up to get a Red Bull from the fridge. Ryan mumbled, "I like that. That's gonna be one of my lines..."

"Peekaboo." Brendon felt his earlobe get tickled as a very feminine voice spoke softly into his ear. Alice. She giggled as Brendon turned around to face the doe-eyed girl. "Hey, I thought I was the one who did the scaring and peekaboos around here..." Brendon murmured, before tucking a stray of curly dark brown hair behind her ear.

"Not anymore. You can't have control over our relationship the whole time, Bren..."

"I know, I know..."



"I was joking." Alice said as-a-matter-of-factly, laughing as she saw the slight blush on her lover's face. Brendon chuckled. "I resent that. Besides, I'm a man-I need to prove my manliness."

"Hah. Does that 'manliness' include putting on clown-faced makeup, prancing around on stage, and kissing your bandmate?" Alice asked straightforwardly.

"Okay, now that's just poking fun at the band in general. Not cool, Ali. Not cool." Brendon said mock-disapprovingly, shaking his head.

"Lunch?" Alice asked, opening the glass door to her local favorite diner.

"Of course, milady. Speaking of which, ladies first." Brendon said with a coy smile. He took Alice's place, opening the door wide for Alice to go through.

"I don't like that smile. It's too sexy for my liking." Alice teased, tapping her finger on Brendon's nose. Brendon watched her walk through, and laughed to himself before walking in after her.

The two talked about nonsensical things (as per usual), slurped on milkshakes, and had burgers-the typical American lunch-diner stuff, with the exception that Brendon had a somewhat German background and Alice had a small Irish background.

"I think I'm full to the brim." Brendon said in the car as they drove to San Francisco Park to walk off their newly-gained poundage.

"I think it's safe to say that I'm full as well..." Alice murmured when they got out and sat on the grass, looking up at the blue sky with puffball clouds to match. The two just sat there, figuring out the different shapes of clouds.

"That one looks like a French Fry," Brendon slurred sleepily. Alice giggled. "Is Mr. Urie getting tired?" She asked, turning to look at him a little clearer. Brendon sat up. "No! I'm never tired..."

"Yeah, right. The energizer bunny in you must run out as some point." Alice pointed out, sure that her answer was correct.

"Well...Fine. So if I'm tired, how would you wake me up?" Brendon asked, crossing his arms. He had surely stumped her.

"Like...Well..." Alice thought aloud, stroking her chin.

"Ha. I've got you." Brendon smirked, leaning into her. He was just two inches away from her-another inch, and he'd be dead meat.

"Not quite, Brendon." She whispered, leaning in to kiss him softly on the lips.

It was the first time their lips had met. Brendon felt the chapstick that had softened Alice's lips-and man, did it feel like heaven on earth. His eyes were wide open when she kissed him, and he looked at the girl he had come to love-a few freckles splatted around her eyelids, that light-peachy skin that she inherited from her Irish background. The apples of her cheeks that glowed red when she smiled...because she smiled into the kiss she gave to Brendon.

My kiss.

Our kiss.

But then she pulled back suddenly. "What?" Brendon asked, all worriedly.

"Nothing. If I gave you more, you'd just take it all for wouldn't be anything special anymore."

"Stop it." Brendon said, a bit hurt.

"Stop what?" Alice grinned, sitting back down. But Brendon pulled her back up and looked into her eyes. "I don't like it when you play games."

"But you played games with all your previous girls before me..." Alice protested, writhing to get out of Brendon's strong hold on her.

"That's because none of them mattered to me as much as you. It's...It's because...I love you." Brendon said slowly, saying each word deliberately, with as much passion as he could muster.

Alice stared at him hard. He's worthy, girl. Take him.

"Brendon...I know this sounds stupid but...I can't help falling in love with you." It was eating her up entirely-Alice couldn't even hold it in anymore. For a week, she held in her lust and her love for him. But now, she just wanted to let it all out. She wanted to tell him how addicted she was to him, how every smile made her day just that much more brighter.

"It's okay babe...I can't help it either." Brendon smiled, before leaning in to hug her.

"No. We can't do this anymore." Alice said, a tear sliding down her cheek.

"What?" Brendon asked, shocked as ever./ Can't do this? But I just told her I loved her!/

"No...I have to show you how I really feel...No games, I promise." Alice smiled slowly, and went in to kiss him properly on his full lips.

This time, both of them smiled while they kissed. Not because it was purely out of lust, it was because they were finally finding out what they meant to each other- everything.

A/N: Aww, tell me that was cute. ;)
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