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Only The Rain Will Find You

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There's so many misconceptions, problems can be caused. Out in the rain how do these problems dissolve? Ry/Bren one-shot

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"Ryan Ross you're a liar!" Brendon Urie yelled.

"I'm not! I... I'm not lying Bren!" Ryan cried.

"So why was she all over you? I saw it with my own eyes!" Brendon kept yelling.

"She's clingy! You of all people should know that. If you were looking close enough you'd realise I wasn't returning any of the intimate behaviour!" Ryan began to shout, he was getting frustrated and angry.

When he'd told Brendon he had ended the relationship between him and his then-girlfriend he'd told every bit of the truth. He'd told Brendon that it was him he wanted to be with and to his pure delight Brendon had said the feeling was mutual.

Then last night he just so happened to have met Tara at a bar, she was drunk and trying to seduce him. That's what Brendon had seen; her pathetic seduction tirade. Surely Brendon had realised that.

"Oh, yeah. Sure. You say that not. Sure as hell didn't look like that last night!" Brendon said.

He hadn't.

Ryan sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"You know what Ross? Just get out."

"What?" Ryan was shocked.

"Just go." Brendon's voice had quietened and he seemed worn out. He was now turned away from Ryan.

Ryan considered protesting but he could tell Brendon had shut down.

"Fine then!" Ryan yelled. "I'll go!"

Tears were beginning to form in his eyes from frustration and hurt.

Ryan ran from the apartment block and stepped out into the street.

It was pouring down rain.

"Great!" He exclaimed. "Just fucking great." he mumbled throwing up his arms and then lowering them so he could brush his fingers through his now soaking wet hair.

Since Ryan was already drenched he didn't even bother to hurry to shelter. Other people were rushing into taxis and covered areas to escape the droplets of rain. Not Ryan, he stuffed his hands in his coat pockets and continued to stroll down the street until he came to a deserted park.

The tinted sunlight was casting a dull grey hue over everything making the park seem dull and gloomy. It was quiet and this seemed like the perfect place for Ryan to take some time out to think. He didn't even give a damn whether he caught a chill from being wet and cold for too long.

Ryan sat himself on a park bench and wiped away his fringe which the rain had plastered to his face.

He sighed inwardly because of the situation.

Brendon was so adamant about what he thought he saw. Ryan hoped that if he left him some time to think he'd come around. He'd see that Ryan was telling the truth.

Ryan placed his head in his hands and closed his eyes. He began to drift into his thoughts when he heard someone calling his name.


He looked up. It was Brendon.

It hadn't taken him long to come around.

"Brendon." Ryan addressed him curtly.

"Ryan, look.." He started, he had the look of utmost regret upon his face. "I'm sorry." He grasped Ryan's hands and pulled him upright.

"I should hope so." Ryan pretended to sulk.

"Ryan Ross, you're not five years old anymore, don't try and pull that on me."

"Still works though?" Ryan grinned cheekily, still holding on to Brendon's hands tightly.

"Yeah, yeah. Still works." he sighed and laughed. "Come back to my place Ry. You'll catch your death out here."

Brendon wrapped an arm around Ryan's shoulders and they began to walk back the way they had come.

"And we'll have to get you out of those wet clothes too." He laughed.

Ryan punched him playfully in the arm.

"Your clothes are wet too, Urie."

[A.N] Okay, so just a little one-shot. A little cliche, a little mushy.

Anyway, please R&R. Always much appreciated.
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