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The Truth About Lying

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What is it about lies that make them so addictive? Ry/Bren one-shot

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The thing you tell when you're being honest.


Something that causes too many problems.


The things that this relationship was based on.

This relationship, the one that didn't exist. Well one side of it didn't exist.

The endless phone calls in the night that were never spoken.

The private, romantic dates that never happened.

The girl that was non-existant.

Yeah, twisted.

He didn't even know how it had started.

Okay, so he did know.

He'd been trying to hide his feelings for Brendon, because everyone was so damned certain that he'd had a thing for him.

They were so ready and willing to point it out too.

So, he'd made up a girlfriend. Made the lie to cover up the truth.

He didn't want to deny the truth but telling it would be all too difficult.

Every time he declined to hang out with Brendon to go out with his 'girlfriend' he felt bad.

He felt worse then bad, he felt awful.

"Hey Ry-Ro? Wanna hang out tonight?" Brendon would ask.

"No, sorry. Can't. I'm going to Amy's place tonight." He would lie.

Brendon's face would fall, and he would turn away.

Ryan knew that he was trying to hide the disappointment that had written itself all over his face.

Ryan would turn away, not just turn away, walk away. He would go home.

Pretend he was where he said he would be. They wouldd be none the wiser.

Brendon wouldn't know.

Everything would be just peachy.

Yeah, just peachy.

Ryan frowned, disgusted with himself.

Disgusted with his lies.

He went into the bathroom and stood himself in front of the mirror.

"Ryan Ross, you're pathetic." He would say to himself.

"Look what you're doing?"


"Why can't you stop lying?"

"You're hurting people."

"When will you stop lying?"

"You're hurting Brendon."

"I wish I could stop lying."


"You're destroying any chance you have with him."

Give me a second chance.

Give me the strength to be honest.

"Fucking pathetic."

Ryan shook his head in disgust.

He noticed movment in the mirror behind him.

Oh, shit.

Had someone heard?

Ryan spun around, his back against the bathroom counter.


Ryan mentally cursed. Every expletetive in his vocabulary was used, several times.

There stood Brendon Urie - The boy he'd lied to and now reavealed the truth to unwillingly.

The look on Brendon's face said everything.

Every single feeling was written there on Brendon's beautiful face.

Confusion. Hurt. Anger. Betrayal. Sadness. Love?

"Brendon, I..." Ryan didn't have a clue what to say.

Lies would hardly be any effect.

"Why?" Brendon asked, tears filling his eyes.

He' hurt him.

He'd hurt him bad.

"I don't know, Brendon." Ryan said.

He looked away from.

He couldn't bear to see the damage he had caused reflected in Brendon's eyes.

"You could've just told me."

"No, I couldn't have."

Brendon moved into the bathroom, out of the doorway.

He moved to stand in front of Ryan.

He lifted Ryan's chin so he would look at him.

Face the chaos.

Face the damage.

Ryan's eyes were filled with tears, and they were spilling down his cheeks.

"I am so sorry." Ryan whispered.

He was.

He was pathetic.

"I know you are."

"You hate me don't you?"

Ryan waited for the answer.

Waiting to get what he deserved.

"I love you too much for this to even make me hate you."


Chance one or two?

Truth; true or false?

No, Ryan was the one that lied.

Brendon wouldn't.


Brendon let out a laugh.

His hand was still cupping Ryan's chin. He moved it so he could pull Ryan closer to him.

There faces were merely centimetres apart.

Brendon leant in and pressed his lips to Ryan's.

Giving him his answer.
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