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An FF7 oneshot. Yaoi. Yep. They're a little OOC(chalk it up to artistic license). Though, I think Vinnie's more IC than Cloudie. :x But it's a cute fic. Enjoy.

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Title: Silence
Authoress: Acireia
Pairing: Vincent/Cloud
Warnings: Yaoi/Shounen-ai. Yeah, I MIGHT write a lemon, so. -shrug-
Rating: PG-13? -shrug- If the rating needs to be higher, tell me.
Disclaimer: I hold no claim over Vincent or Cloud, I am just going to use them merely for entertainment purposes, and I DO NOT get any money from this. Don't sue, 'cause yer not gettin' anything outta' me!

Now that all of that is out of the way, enjoy the fic!



It was understood between both men, neither of them willing to break it as they stared at the each other underneath the blanket of night.

Cloud Strife.

Vincent Valentine.

Both heroes in their own right.

The blonde let out a sigh, looking up towards the skies, trying to remember why they were out there in the first place. Oh yeah, looking for herbs, as Yuffie said they needed them for healing, Cloud just figured she was going to use them in her cooking. He tore his eyes from the sky and looked at the raven-haired man that stood not too far from him, looking at the red cloak that covered his companion, vaguely wondering if he ever took that thing off, not to mention the headband that held his hair up. Cloud seemed not to notice he was staring until he saw Vincent staring right back at him.


One blink, then two blinks as the sapphire eyed man quickly spoke up once he realized he was staring. "Er, yeah?"

"Have you gathered any herbs?" Vincent asked, turning back to what he was doing, gathering herbs.

Cloud stayed silent and went back to searching for herbs, forgetting about staring at Vincent.
Vincent stood up after plucking a few herbs from the ground and watched Cloud as he tried to find some on his own. Cloud Strife... The raven-haired man mouthed the name silently, getting used to saying it. He shook his head and closed his ruby eyes, visions of a naked, seductive looking Cloud appearing in his head.

Vincent's eyes snapped back open and he stared off somewhere with wide eyes. Where the Hell did that come from! He shook his head once again and looked back over at the blonde man, who was bent over, giving him a good view of his round ass. Vincent gulped slightly and noticed that it was getting very hot underneath his cloak as he continued staring, having not noticed when Cloud stood back up and was standing right in front of him, waving his hand in his face.


No answer from Vincent.


Again, no answer from Vincent.


That got his attention.

Vincent stared down at Cloud with blinking eyes, then noticed the smirk across his lips.

"Vincent, were you checking me out?" Cloud asked innocently, almost too innocently, in Vincent's mind.

Vincent gulped silently, unsure how to answer the blonde, so, he just stated the truth. "Yes, I was checking out your gorgeous ass."

Cloud blinked twice, stared at Vincent, then blinked twice once again. "Seriously?"

A confirming nod from Vincent made Cloud sit down on the ground.

"...Cloud...? ...Cloud!"

Vincent soon found himself laying on the ground, Cloud's lips pressed to his. He stared blinkingly, then slowly let his ruby eyes close, kissing the blonde back hard on the mouth, making Cloud moan. He smirked and switched their positions so the raven-haired man was on top and he slipped his tongue into the other male's mouth, rubbing their tongues roughly together, getting another moan from Cloud. The two carried on with their kiss for a few minutes longer until the reluctantly parted for air.

Cloud grinned up at Vincent slightly, then hugged the other, burying his face in his cloak.
Vincent blinked twice and slowly hugged Cloud back, hearing a murmur of, 'I love you', made the raven-haired man smile, then frowned as he looked at the baskets of herbs. "We better get back... Yuffie is waiting for us with the herbs..." he reminded the blonde quietly, emitting a small chuckle when he saw Cloud looking up at him with a slight pout on his lips, standing up, then picking his new lover up.

"...Fine..." Cloud said reluctantly, heading over to the baskets, then letting out a small squeak of surprise when he felt a hand grope his ass. He picked up the two items and glared playfully at Vincent. "I'll get you later." he said, as they headed back to the house.

Vincent merely smirked, following Cloud silently.

Yes, silence was understood between the both of them, but sometimes, it wasn't always like that.
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