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First Ice

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It was from an English assessment- Write a story based around a poem called First Ice and it had to be about being let down or disappointed

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She stood in the dark watching him. She'd done this before- go to a dark corner and watch. She was mesmerised, his perfectly toned torso, his brilliantly white teeth, his piercing blue eyes that could hypnotise. He was amazing. His long hair had fallen into his beautiful eyes and as he flicked it out his eyes their eyes met. Even though she was enveloped in darkness he could still see her. She couldn't stop smiling.
When she awoke the next day she convinced herself it had been a dream. Why would he notice her?
So the ritual started again, stay in the shadows and watch. It hurt. Everyday watching him. Everyday knowing it could never be. As she stood in the shadows he went to her. He took her hand and led her out of darkness. Led her out of the misery she'd had by just watching.

Everything seemed perfect. He knew she adored him, he could tell, he thought she would do anything for him. So he was lovely too her, he took her out for meals at lovely restaurants, and showered her with gifts. He was as perfect as she had hoped. She was living her fairytale.

One night after going to a special restaurant they went back to his flat. She stood at the window and watched as lightning danced across the sky, as though being chased by the roll of thunder. It looked amazing. He came up behind her and kissed her neck gently. She was shocked at how cold his lips were, they were like ice. She turned around to smile at him but as she turned she saw his eyes. They didn't look like they normally did, they looked wild, like an animal's. She stepped backwards but he extended his arm and wrapped her up. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't break his grip. Then he started caressing her, rubbing his hand up and down her back. Then he slid the zip of her dress down.
Suddenly he flung her to the floor, smashing her head up on the floor. She could feel something sticky begin to pool around her head. She hoisted herself up and scanned the room, but he had gone. She reached out for her bag and just as her fingertips brushed the handle he came back in the room.
He grabbed one of her arms and pulled her up and threw her unmercifully onto the bed. She frantically kicked out at him causing her dress to rip. Then her foot made contact with him. He doubled over in pain. With that she snatched at her bag and ran to the door.
She ran blindly out onto the street. When she got out the entire street was deserted. The rain began to fall heavily, making the blood run down her cheeks, mixed in with tears. She looked up and saw him standing at the window staring at her. His eyes were cold, ice cold.
Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she ran to a telephone box. She called the police. She stood in the draughty telephone box, blood and tears running down her face, the wind whipped up what was left of her ripped dress and her make-up ran, but she didn't care. SHe just stood in the shadows, crying. Why? He'd been her first true love, he had been so...kind, so loving. Why? This made her cry harder.

At least now she knew. Her heart was cold and broken. He'd filled it with ice. He'd been her first love, and her first taste of ice.
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