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burn burn

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the morning after the night before

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Chapter One

Home sweet home. Falling on to the couch I tucked my legs up underneath me and grabbed the blanket that lay strewn on the arm and threw it haphazardly over myself and snuggled into the old and musty couch. The room was dark. The only noise coming from the filter in the fish tank. Which reminded me I hadn't fed those fish in five days. Squinting out of one eye I checked to see if they were still alive. Five of the seven fish were swimming happily around the castle. Two lay on the top. Bobbing slightly. I'd deal with them later I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and felt the snatches of sleep slowly pull me into their grasp. A buzzing from the intercom grabbed me from slumber and alerted me to the land of being awake. And grumpy. And kind of hungry. Groaning I pulled the blanket over my head and closed my eyes. The noise kept coming. Standing up I undid my hair from its bun and walked barefoot across the tiled floor towards the intercom.

"Do you have any idea what time it is" I spoke into the intercom, the line crackled and buzzed and went silent. "I'll buzz you in." I pressed the button I listened to it beep downstairs. Looking out the window I sighed as I watched him walk up. Switching on the lights I tidied up the lounge room and folded the blanket. Walking towards the kitchen I grabbed a clean glass and pulled a bottle of vodka from the freezer, sloshing it into the glass I half filled it and set it on the table. Two ice cubes were bobbing precariously at the top.

"How much was made tonight?" he asked me taking a seat on the breakfast bar stool, I withdrew a wad of fifties from my pocket and set them down on the marble counter top. He licked his forefinger and thumb and set them out into even piles of six. Smiling with satisfaction he handed me my cut and downed the drink.

"I added extra surcharges because it was a Friday" I said suddenly, he stopped and handed me five extra fifties and placed his lips to my cheek. "They were willing to pay." I finished, nodding he walked towards the door and pushed open the door.

"Just keep playing the way you do Tink. You could make yourself seriously rich" he added, I wrinkled my lightly freckled nose and shrugged.

"I don't really need the money. It just helps you know" I replied, he shrugged this time and walked out of the door. Taking the money from my pocket I stuck it into my bag and walked back towards the couch. Landing with a thud I felt my eyes close and sleep invaded my body.


Leaning against the wall he looked out the window and shook his head. The room was in disarray. A cigarette lay burning forgotten in the ashtray. A bottle of expensive champagne sat unopened in a bucket of ice. Three glasses remained on the stand. Sheets were strewn across the floor and on his arm were teeth marks. He traced his fingers around the marks and felt a smile cross his face. Standing up he pulled his skinny jeans up a little higher and redid his belt buckle. As far as he was concerned the night was still young. Grabbing a turquoise polo shirt from his suitcase he pulled it over his tanned torso and stiffened the collar up.

"Pete, you ready?" a voice called in through the adjoining room, taking a glance around the room Patrick walked in and whistled low. "What have you been doing?" he asked as he surveyed the room. Picking up the bottle of unopened champagne his eyes widened. "this stuff is expensive" he added as he set it back into the ice bucket.

"Lets go" Pete announced abruptly brushing his hand through his hair and walking out of the door. "I'll explain on the way" he added as Patrick walked over the sheets and followed Pete into the lobby.


The club pulsated with a deep thick bass line. Crowds surged before falling back again. Drinks were being drunk faster than they were being poured. The demand was high. The stakes were high. Underagers poured in one door while the heavy numbers walked back out again. This was the place to be seen. This was the place not to be seen. Underground the air was thick and close. Wiping off his mouth Pete set his shot glass down and ordered another round.

"You didn't. You have to be kidding. You're kidding right?" Frank asked as he took a sip of his Corona and looked at Pete. Shaking his head Pete took the drink from the tray and downed it one.

"I am not kidding. This chick. This girl. I mean. I can't even explain" Pete said as the table fell silent all listening enthralled. "I don't even know how it began, or how it ended. But it happened, and I have never been more proud of myself" he concluded, looking around the table he felt his heart race a little bit faster and could almost feel the blush creep into his cheeks.

"So, you're saying. She was at the show. She waited for you outside and gave you her number, you called her. She came to see you while we all went out for dinner and when we came back I found you in your hotel room alone. Sure the room was a mess but. I still can't quite comprehend it!" Patrick shook his head, Pete shrugged and stood up.

"Well boys, I must be off" Frank stood up at the same time and smiled at the group. "I am not entirely sure if I believe your story Mr Wentz, but if you see this girl again, give her my number" he added before walking off and being lost in the crowd.

Pulling on his jacket Pete slapped a couple of fifties down on the table and grinned at the rest of the guys sitting at the table. "Time waits for no man" he said before pulling a trucker hat on and shoving his hands in his pockets and walking away from the table.


Bright sunshine spilled into the room. Landing on the plush blue carpet and causing the glass on the window sill to cast rainbows around the room. Rolling over I looked at my cell phone and noticed 8 missed calls and a tonne of text messages. Selecting my inbox I pressed delete all and threw my phone back on to the ground. Rolling on to my back I looked up at the ceiling and smiled to myself as I recalled last nights events. Looking at the clock on the wall I closed my eyes before they sprung open. It was eleven am. Classes started at nine. Rolling on to the floor I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and ran to the bathroom. Jumping in the shower I quickly washed myself and hair and grabbed a towel wrapped it around my body and ran towards my room. Flipping on the TV I listened to the top ten songs of the week as I applied make up and got dressed. Grabbing a pile of psychology books from beside my bed I slipped on a pair of Vans and ran out the door. Not stopping to listen to the entertainment news.

"Fall Out Boy parties with an entourage of girls. One in particular spends more time than anyone bargained for...."
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