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** Hey folks, it's me..Amarie..Your probably wondering about THE KIRBY tell you the truth, I don't know what it is myself....(hehehe) Yeh, I just thought it would be cute, and take your mind off the seriousness of nothing...Besides, who in the hell can resist KIRBY??!?!?!? LOOK!!!-----> He hugs you...OK, On with the story, sorry for the distraction....or am I??? O.o o.o o.O O.O Yeah, I on.

When Gerard woke up the next morning. He was pretty happy. Mikey noticed the change in his older brother. "Gee...What's gotten into you. You seem..." Ray finished. "Excited." Gerard smiled. "I am. I mean, I'm ready for this concert." Frank laughed. "No, its the work of the very beautiful Amarie." Gerard rolled his eyes. "Whatever Frank. I'm telling you guys, I'm just excited about this concert." He walked to the front of the bus and told the driver to stop by the nearest diner. Once stopped, Gerard was the first one off and ordering breakfast.Bob looked at him. "Dude, I think Amarie has gotten to your head. What happened to not needing a girl?" Gerard looked at Bob like he was crazy. "Are you nuts? I just met Amarie just yesterday. How and Why would I have feelings for her? Besides, I'm older than her. She's 22. I'm 25. She might not like guys that old." Mikey laughed. "Listen to yourself. Wow, 3 years is a huge age difference. Your a grandfather compared to her." Gerard blushed as the other guys laughed at him. "Hey, can you blame me? I'm not looking for a girl anyway. I'm just friends with her. Got it?" They all nodded and began eating breakfast. When they were done, they got back on the bus. Gerard went to the bunk room and laid down in his bed. He pulled out his phone and dialed Amarie's number. "Hello?" He smiled. "Hi Amarie...your not busy are you?" Amarie gave this giggle that sent the blood to his cheeks. "Nope, turns out, I was supposed to go to my mom's today, but she cancelled on me. SO, I'm my house, bored. What's going on with you?" He laughed. "I'm laying in my bunk, bored....looking up at the bed above mine." Amaire sighed. "Sounds so much more fun than what I'm doing...I have to clean my house in a few hrs.." He laughed again. "Cleaning isn't that hard. Just putting stuff where it goes, oh wow." She gave this soft giggle. "I know, but...i just...don't get along with it uless I have to." He sighed and looked over out the window across the bus. "What do you have planned for the rest of the month or two?" Gerard could hear her footsteps then the flipping of papers. "Uh, basically nothing. I have no life. I'd go to work but...I quit yesterday so that I could make it to your concert." Gerard looked amazed. "You didn't tell me that last night." She giggled. "I didn't think that is was that important. Besides, it was just a lame job anyway. I can find a better one." He took a deep breath. "If I could get someone to get you a plane ticket to fly you out here, would you take it?" He heard nothign but silence. "Amarie? You still there?" She cleared her throaat. "Yeah, I'm still here." He smiled. "Would you take it?" She sighed. "I don't know. I've already been to your concert once remember?" She let out a small laugh. He chuckled. "I know, but, I'm asking if you want to go on tour with us. I mean, we have room for you, and I'm sure the guys won't mind if you were here." She thougth for a moment. "Are you sure you want to do this for a person that you just met?" He smiled. "Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, your a great gal, and last night, I enjoyed talking to you." She smiled too. "I guess I can. I mean, there's not harm in it right?" He smiled in happiness. "Right. So your gonna meet me at the concert here tonight?" She giggled. "Yeah, I guess I am.." He laughed. "Great. I'll call you back in a few mins, I have to get everything arranged." She smiled and let out a good sigh. "Ok, bye Gerard." He smiled. "Bye Amarie." They hung up and he made some quick phone calls.

Gerard's P.O.V

She said yes!! This is so awesome. Ok, maybe I lied to her when I said that the guys should be ok with it, cuz I didn't know for sure if they would be. I dialed my manger and the record company just to make sure that is was ok with them. Thank God that they were. I called her back, but got her machine. I guessed she was packing her clothes. I waited a while and dialed again. "Sup?" I smiled at the way she said that. "Are you all packed yet?" I could hear as she zipped up something. "I am now. So, when does my flight and everything leave?" I looked at my watch and sighed. "In an hr. The concert starts in three, so that leaves 2 hrs for your flight, or maybe less, I wouldn't know. But your still gonna get here." I heard that laugh, that wonder laugh that she does. "Ok, I guess I'll see you there. Bye Gerard." I said my farewells and hung up the phone. I smiled to myself and walked into the living area. I plopped my ass on the sofa an hummed a tune to myself. Ray looked at me like I was nuts. "What's gotten into you this time?" I smiled at him and shook my head. "Nothing much. I'm just expecting this to be a great day." I looked out the window and sighed. I can't wait to see her. For some odd reason, she gave me this feeling of reliefe. Like everyone isn't expecting much of you. When I talked to her that night, I was calm and nervous at the same time. She payed attention to every thing I said, she was basically hanging on my everyword. I acted like myself. I liked that feeling.....

Third Person P.O.V

They were getting ready to go out on stage. Gerard was super nervous. She was supposed to be there any minute. MIke looked at him. "G, man are you ok?" Gerard looked at him. "What is up with everyone asking me that? I'm fine. I'm just wired." Gerard scanned backstage and out in the crowd, but he still couldn't see her. He sighed in defeat and shook off all his nerves. Mikey and the guys were just about to walk out when Gerard felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and smiled. "Amarie, you made it." She giggled and he gave her a hug. He was so afraid he was going to hurt her small frame. "I'm really glad to be here actually. I thought about it on the plane and it was either this or sit around and make cakes for the rest of my boring life." Gerard laughed and the other guys looked at her. Bob spoke. "Wow, Amarie, what are you doin here?" She smiled at him. "I take it Gerard didn't tell you guys?" They shook their heads. Gerard scratched the back of his. "Uh, yeah, she's going to be on tour with us...." Their eyes were about to explode. Mikey looked at him "Dude, she could be some crazy fan!! What the fuck are you thinking??!?!?" Gerard looked over at Amarie and saw as she looked down and shrank a little. "Mikey, not now." Mikey shut his mouth and walked off. The other guys looked at them. Bob smiled and walked over to her, ruffling her hair. "Don't pay him any attention. I don't care if you stay Dollface." Amarie blushed and Frank took her hand, kissing it softly. "Yeah. He's just mad cuz Gerards got a better looking girl that he does." Amarie looked away and Gerard spoke. "She's not my girl. She's my friend." Ray laughed. "Even as friends, she lookes better than Mikey's girl." They all laughed and Amarie looked at them "So, its ok for me to stay on the bus with you guys?" They nodded and she smiled. "Thanks." They all nodded again and walked off. Gerard looked at her. "I'm sorry about Mikey. He can be an ass sometimes. He does blurt things without thinking." She shook her head. "Don't worry about it." He handed her a backstage pass and smiled. "Just make yourself comfy and enjoy the show again. I'll see you when were done and we can talk ok?" She nodded and he hugged her again before walking off. Amarie settled herself where Gerard could see her clearly. And occationally during the concert, Gerard would take a small glance her way and smile, giving her a wink, making her blush...Gerard simled to himself as he sang.../How could this be happening? She's perfect/

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