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Chapter 04

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Mikey moves school and meets a boy named Frank Iero. They become best friends, but something happens. Does being best friends mean nothing can come between us?

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I'm so so so so carries on until out of breath sorry for the wait
I didn't really know how to word it.

I'm not really sure if I like this chapter very much though.
But read anyway.
Tell me what you think (=

After school me and Frank went round to my house. Gerard, as usual, was the only onther in. Mum and Dad were working.

Me and Frank were sitting at the top of the stairs, while Gerard was down in the basement probably drawing as usual.
"Hey, Frank!"
"Why don't we play Truth or Dare?" I asked. I was getting quite bored and wanted something to do.
"HELL YES! LET'S PLAY" I knew Frank loved Truth or Dar. It was like his game. He always played when he was bored. I guess it's kind of rubbed off on me now.
"So, Truth or Dare?" Frank asked me.
"Umm, dare" I grinned.
Frank grinned back. Uh oh. I knew that smile. He was probably 'plotting' something evil.
He took a while to figure out what to make my dare.
Once he finally thought of one he said "Okay, you have to get 3 soda cans and shake them. Then one by one open them up under your nose."
What the hell is that?
"Err, okay."
So I went down into the kitchen to get the cans of soda and went back up to Frank.
Let me tell you, it stung like hell. But was pretty funny.

After loads of pointless dares we finally ran out of ideas.
We moved onto Truths.
"Frank, truth or dare?"
"Okay, who do you like?" The subject was bound to come up and I'm pretty ashamed that it's me who did. But whatever.
"Ehrm" Frank stuttered. Turning a bright shade of red. "Erhm, it's kinda embarrassing.."
I grinned, "who is it?"
"Okay, don't freak out. Promise?" He looked serious so I promised I wouldn't freak.
"Yeah, okay. I promise."
"Okay.. erm.. I like.. Ilikeyourbrother"
WHAT?! How am I not supposed to freak at that? But he's straight! Frank's straight! He can't like Gerard!
"What?" I asked.
He looked down in shame. "I like your brother.."
"But you can't like my brother!" I yelled.
"Why not?" He asked.
"Because. Ew, he's my brother Frank!"
"So, 'cause he's your brother I can't like him?!"
"Duh!" I yelled again.
So much for promising not to freak.
"That's hardly fair." Frank spat.
"I can't fucking talk to you right now Frank!" And I pushed him.
I pushed him and watched him in shock as he fell down the stairs. Hitting his head on each step on his way down. Finally, when he hit the floor with a loud thumb I came back to my senses.
I bounded down the stairs. Talking at least three or four steps at a time. When I reached him he was unconcious.
I started crying, at first it was just silent tears but when I realised he wasn't waking up I became hysterical.
Gerard came up from his basement.
"Mikey, what are you crying ab-" He saw Frank and shrieked. "Oh God Mikey! What happened?!"
"I-he fell." How was I supposed to say I pushed him?
Gerard (who had already ran over to Frank) checked for his pulse. Why didn't I think of that? Mentally slapping myself.
"He's still alive. Unconcious. But alive"
I dialed 911, why I hadn't earlier was a mystery. I guess the shock of pushing my best friend down the stairs made my brain slow.
I was still in tears.

By the time the paramedics arrived, Frank still had not woken up.
They carried him on a stretcher into the Ambulance while asking what happened, Frank's details etc. Of course I didn't say I pushed him! I couldn't.
How would that sound 'oh yeah, I pushed my best friend down the stairs 'cause he likes my brother'. I think not.

When we got to the hospital Frank was wheeled into a room while me and Gerard were left to fill out forms and other shit.

After a long wait, the doctor finally came out of Frank's room.
"He still hasn't woken yet. We're not sure when he's going to. He's suffered a nasty band to the head."
"Can we see him?" Gerard asked for me. I didn't really feel like talking. Hell, I had just put my best friend in hospital.
"I guess so." and he led us into Frank's room.
I've got to admit, he looked like shit. He had a big lump on his head from where he hit it. He looked almost dead. The beep beep of he monitor was the only noise in the room.
I went over and took a seat next to Frank's bed and burst into tears.
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