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Love Is Brutal

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I hate you, for what you did and who I am. **One Shot**

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Disclaimer: Don't own nor own, just my characters and stuff XP

Well, I dunno why, but I'm feeling in a dark and sinster mood, hmm, why I have no idea, lol, I've always wanted to write a one shot, so here is my first attempt, erm, it might be a little disturbing and it might not, who knows?!?!

Oh it's about a girl breaking his heart...I think 0.o

I hate you.
I hate the way you look at me.
I hate the way you talk to me.
I hate you.

That's right, I hate you, you've made my life utter shit since you thought it would be funny to go behind my back and kiss some other guy, well I'll tell you something, I hate you and that motherfucker, I hope you and him rot in hell.

So here I am in my room, bottles and a loaded gun at my side, oh yes some trusty drink and a trusty gun, the drink might just dull the pain, but it won't, not this time. I've heard the others saying and telling me your not worth it, but I believe you are, I know, sounds silly doesn't it? But it's not like I ever had feelings to you was it, you thought you had been wrapped around your little finger, well guess what, it turns out I was.

Yeah sure, I heard a lot of things about you, but I wished for just one second that you did love me and not just act like you did and not for the fame and money, shows you can't trust anyone these days. Even know as my life is coming to an end, I'm starting to question is it worth it? Taking my life just because of you and then I remember, I was so in love with you, you became my life, that sounds right, but then again I was nothing more than a mere object in your eyes.

Ha, I can hear them outside, yelling and banging on the door, I feel like yelling at them and saying it's too late, but it appears not only have you ripped my heart out, but also my voice, I decide that its better late than never, so after listening to the frantic yells of 'He's going to kill himself' and things like 'Opening the fucking door' I simply smirk and look at the loaded gun at my side.

I pick it up and study it in my hands, thinking, but whats the point, it's too late now, my life is over and its gone to land of no return. It seems like a dream, hmm, must be the drugs kicking in, as everything seem ten times more amusing than normal, even the blood forming from my scarred and red raw wrists seems funny.


The gun is at my head, I can feel something trickling down my face, oh yeah thats what they are, tears, tears of sorrow of losing you or tears of joy at the thought of an escape route to this pain and a sudden thud and from my blurred vision I can see someone in the room.


As my life is slowing disappearing, I hear one final word.


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