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Destroying Galbatorix:

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Hurray! Avatars come to Alagaesia! and a war is fought and stuff happens and yea... i suck at summaries...

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A long time ago, in a realm so distant from Alagaesia, lived the race of the avatars. The peaceful community was set in the flourishing land called Janat, which meant paradise in the Avatar's powerful language. This was a place of peace and promise, where the avatars prospered.
The land was ruled by monarchy. The family of Yongi the great was at rule and had been at for many millennia for the avatars lived long lives. But even they, who had surpassed the elves strengths, had weaknesses. And that was what the evil queen Jadish, an evil avatar, had discovered. Each avatar had the ability to control the earth and the four elements. They could communicate with the plants and animals as though they were born with the ability. But the most powerful and dangerous power that the avatars possessed was their minds. Protected by a shield of an unknown substance, their minds were the focus and source of all their energy flow, and if needed an avatar could destroy the world if the power was put into the right place. But unfortunately as time grew on fewer and fewer avatars possessed the ability to control the mind power... and in the end their ignorance of not trying to learn was their downfall.
The Yongi family, though powerful, had been slowly thinning out through the ages. More and more of the family dispersed throughout the realm and not enough of the family willing to rule, for it was a great burden. A burden that many would not be willing to accept. Soon the monarch would be extinct and that itself was a great worry to the avatars because the family of Yongi was the most powerful and promising that the avatars had ever had. The king of the avatars was powerful but his daughter was the hope of his people. At such a young age she had shown the ability to cope with the mind power, which was remarkable because it could kill you if not used properly.
Maya was a gentle soul and already had demonstrated her leadership skills to her people and her father. But little did she know that her very own aunt who was in fact the evil Jadish, would soon subdue her and use her in a game. One that would surely end in death if lost.
Such was the way of the avatar; they were such a trusting folk. So loving gentle and kind that they could not see the betrayal that was right in front of their noses. And soon the community would be thrown into panic and chaos that would not settle for almost a 100 years! Now you must realize that this event was taking place around the time of the fall of the riders, as such things are always connected.
With the fall of the riders came the fall of the avatars, ironic isn't it? Jadish had been gathering her forces for quite a time, and the avatars innocence had just made it easier for her to plot against them. She had gathered all of her evil minions and had brought them against Yongi, one of the greatest avatars of the time.
The war that was fought soon after was bloody and lasted for seven days and seven nights. At the end of the seventh night was the downfall of Yongi the great, and the capture of Maya, the hope of the avatar world.
It was a sad day for the avatars, a sad day indeed. All had been lost. An evil queen, with their pride and joy as her captive, would rule them. But what they did not know was that over the course of a hundred years their energy and power would be drained away from them.
Yongi would have been killed on the spot had he not been so powerful. Jadish planned to drain his energy but things had not gone as she had intended. When she had gone to perform her magic on Yongi, he performed a magic of his own, although he was still week. He knew there was no hope for the avatar people unless they received the help of the other races. So he did the only thing that he could for them. He created a prophecy, one so powerful that it alone altered the fate of the lands. But to the Avatars regret with the prophecy went away Yongi's power.
The prophecy told of the races combining and went along the lines of this, though it is hard to decipher the avatar's language for it was much more elegant than the tongue of us mortals today.
A time will come,
When the dark queen shall fall.
Brought down
To dust by the hands
Of the races.

The two riders
Of scarlet
And sapphire,
Will come together by fate,
Joined by another downfall.

An Avatar fair and tall,
Unaware of her true powers.
She will hold the key to the queen's destruction.

An elf of nobility,
Drawn to her true love,
Will aid along with another,

A valiant dwarf,
Proud and strong.
Will lead his race,
Into battle.
With his help,
They must surely prevail.

A wandering child,
Of the humans,
Will find its way into the prophecy.
By their innocence,
The downfall will begin.

The Urgals,
Double siding,
With a king,
Will lead the way
To battle.
With their knowledge and strength,
Will come the final step.

All the races must come together,
For with the absence of even a single,
Will cause destruction.

Together they will prevail.
The elves, riders and dragons,
Urgals and dwarves,
Avatars and humans.

They must all meet.
And with that meeting,
Will come the downfall.
Of an evil queen.

Yongi had committed himself to making the prophecy happen. And in the end? He was left so weakened he could not even protect the family he loved so dearly. The queen tortured him brutally for the key to unlock the prophecy. So gruesomely that it is sickening to put into words, evil minded that the queen was. She was so crazed in her obsession to rule that she would go to any lengths to get the throne. When it was clear that neither Yongi nor his wife were going to speak, she interrogated Maya fully. But Maya knew not the answer to unlock the prophecy. And that was what she had told Jadish.
But Jadish was so out of her mind that she tortured the innocent girl anyways, thinking that she was hiding the information. Maya was able to withhold the physical pain for she was young and strong... but Jadish was so heartless she went to the extreme. And when Maya could not give her the answer she needed she forced her to watch her parents being tortured mercilessly. She was forced to watch the death of her beloved mother, screaming in pain, dying a ruthless death. Her father was put through even worse measures. Tortured in sickening ways for Maya to see... the tears blinding his eyes. It was not his pain that he was mourning for, but his daughters. She would be scarred forever by his sight. By the way he looked right now. Which parent can endure that?

In the end, Maya had seen her father die. Lying cold in the torture chamber that had been created just for him, in his own castle. And the last words she had heard him say were "Don't let your people die Maya sweetie. They love you and will take care of you... do not worry about me Maya. I am going to be with your mother soon. Please Maya don't cry beloved child. Embrace the prophecy I have created for you and have hope dear. Do not forget the love I have given you Maya." And with those words the great man of Janat passed away, into the void of darkness. Leaving Maya behind to grieve at his body for the few hours she had then to be dragged mercilessly away and chained to some wall in a distant corner of the castle.
This event must have been the most ironic event in the history of avatars! Jadish could have asked for the throne and she would have received it with smiles and laughs. For the avatar were not a people who we're bent up on domination! And with this folly came events that would forever change the world we know today as Alagaesia. When the two worlds combined a new generation would be created, and a tale that would live on for the millennia to pass.
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