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How could this happen to me?

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Car accident scene......and such.

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"Oh my God," exclaimed Ally.
Ally was shocked to see Jeremy lying on the ground. She knew that he was upset, but oblivious to the fact that he'd go out and get drunk; not to mention go driving. Ally ran over to Patrick and Pete to tell them the news. They were both shocked as well and decided to give him a piece of their minds; via fist.
"Ally? What's going on?" asked Megan meekly.
Megan was more coherant now, she was hooked-up to an I.V. and it was helping her visualize her surroundings.
"Meg, you'll never believe who hit us. It was JEREMY!!" exclaimed Ally.
"Jeremy? What a dick," said Megan.
"Hey gorgeous," said Patrick.
"Baby?" said Megan.
Patrick climbing into the EMS truck and held Megan's hand. Megan had to be taken to the hospital, because of her injuries. The EMS squad wanted to make sure that she had no internal bleeding or worse.
An officer gave Jeremy a breath-alyzer test and he blew way over the legal limit. Jeremy was taken into custody and had a court date that following Monday. (Keep in mind this was a Friday night).
Later at the hospital, Megan's parents had shown up and were talking to Ally and Patrick about what had occured. Both Patrick and Pete assured them that they weren't drinking, smoking, or anything of that nature; they just went to a harmless concert.
"It was Jeremy that was drinking. He's the one that hit us," said Ally sternly.
"I can't believe he'd do such a thing," said Mrs. Bennet; Megan's mom.
"Momma?" asked Megan.
"Sweetie! You're not dead! You're in a wheel chair?" said Mrs. Bennet.
Megan nodded and said, "Only to rest my body, from the accident. I'll be ok though. I only have a few bruises and cuts."
"Well I'm estatic that you're alright," said Mrs. Bennet as she kissed Megan's head.
Patrick helped to wheel her out of the hospital. The doctor handed Mrs. Bennet, Megan's medications and told her when to have Megan take it. Mrs. Bennet agreed and followed Patrick, Megan, Ally, and everyone else out into the parking-lot. Pete and Patrick helped Megan into Mrs. Bennet's car. Patrick gave Megan some flowers and a teddy bear, to help her feel better. Everyone went home and Patrick promised to see Megan the next morning.
Patrick visited Megan everyday and when she was better he would take her out to lunch and coffee; he is such a great boyfriend! Megan, Ally, Patrick, and Pete had to go to court to testify against Jeremy.
"Jeremy Palmer, you're sentenced to 25-years in federal prison," said the judge.
Jeremy's head dropped and he couldn't believe what had just happened. Megan and Ally could barely stand to be in the same room as Jeremy, after what he had done, but at least now, he wouldn't be around them.
"Starbucks anyone?" asked Pete.
Megan and Ally both nodded and Megan took Patrick's hand as they walked-out of the court room.
They all ventured off to Starbucks and then they decided to go to Patrick's to play guitar and what not. Megan and Ally went to Megan's house to grab their English books and figured that they should get their homework done, while the guys rehearsed.
"Play Dead on Arrival!!" requested Megan.
"Alright, for the wife," said Patrick as he winked at Megan.
Megan and Ally were listening to the guys jam and they were doing their English worksheets, together. Megan decided to be funny and jump around like a 'groupie' to the guys. Patrick was getting distracted by Megan's constant kisses. He would try to sing, but Megan kept on kissing him. Patrick finally gave in and kissed her passionately.
"Ow ow!!" laughed Ally.
Patrick and Megan starting laughing and then Megan sat down on the couch, next to Ally. Pete handed Megan an acoustic guitar and asked her to play. Megan put her homework down and started to play. Patrick had taught her how to play a few months back and she caught on beautifully. Megan only played Fall Out Boy songs and one Green Day song.
Suddenly, Megan's phone rang and she answered it. It was her mom and she was told to go home, immediately.
"Uhh, sorry guys, but I have to go. My mom's got to tell me something and it sounds pretty important," explained Megan.
"I'm gonna go, too. I have to baby sit my little brother tonight," said Ally.
Patrick and Pete agreed and walked the girls to the door. Patrick kissed Megan good-bye and she told him that she'd call him later. She put on her coat and walked out the door with Ally.
Once Megan came home, she saw her mom and dad waiting for her in the living room. Her mom looked like she had something important to tell Megan.
"Megan dear, I know this may come as a shock and you'll probably get upset, but please just, listen," said Mrs. Bennet.
"Yea, what is it mom?" asked Megan curiously.
"Well, my work informed me that our branch in Naperville, has an opening," said Mr. Bennet.
"That's great, daddy!! Congrats!!" exclaimed Megan.
"No, that's not it. We have to move," added Mrs. Bennet.
Megan's jaw dropped and her eyes widened; she couldn't believe what her parents were saying. Moving meant, leaving all what she had, but more importantly, leaving....Patrick.
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