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Dont you cry

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Izzy needs Axls help

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"If we could see tomorrow
What of your plans
No one could live in sorrow
Ask all your friends
Times that you took in stride
They're back in demand
I was the one who's washing
Blood off your hands"

" Fuck you..." mumbled Izzy, he stared at the floor. As Axl approached his dark siluhet. Izzy was sat on the corner, an almost empty bottle of vodka rested on his lap. His tear stained face, matched perfectly with his messy dirty hair all over his face.

"Shiiiit... Izz?" Said Axl in the softest voice he could manage, as he crossed the cheap motel room. Among the dirty walls and dusty carpet, it wasn't an habitable place. But living as they were, they could barely pay for it. 5 guys living in a 9m per 9m, room. Those blue walls had enveloped alot of their times. From the first song, to the last beat. Those walls hold on the nights when they couldnt afford for their junk and they would shake under sheets, beging for a fix. All those nights when they had sob histerically, trying to put the next ciggar on their dry lips. Nights of abstinance. Nights of junk.
He almost steps over an empty needle. Other needle of who knows what sick pleasure. Some sick pleasure that would keep them prisioner of that life. He did his very best avoiding the pile of clothes and the several music instruments sprawled across the floor. The room was a real mess, but the thing that actually worried Axl, was the skinny brunette on the corner. The one that had been crying for hours as he got several shots of any substance that could cloud his vision and his memorie. His friend who was trying to nullify his life.
Axl crossed the room, and finally reached Izzy. " Shit, he is really wasted this time, shit"
He knelt infront, of him and he grabbed Izzy's arm looking for pulse. Luckly it was there among the several scars from the needle.

Izzy looked up to Axl, his tear pale face shines with all the tears he have cried, and it works as a mirror reflecting the few light coming from the other side of the curtain.
He sob desperatedly as he let himself slide of the wall and into Axl's shoulder.
" I.. I couldnt..." Manages Izzy among sobs .He whispered, he sounded exuasted and weak. He looked up, and saw nothing but a blurry shadow. He leans his head on Axl's shoulder, shaking insanely he tries to return the embrace, as he moves his trembling fingers to Axl's back, just before his arm falls with a hard bump to the floor. No control. " Shit he cant even move" Axl thought as he bit his lower lip in concern. Holding him tighter.

Izzy's POV
My vision blurry. Im numb, I cant move to my will, I cant see but shadows, I cant stand on my feet. Then he comes in, I cant really see him. but I know he is here. He sounds worried, he shouldnt worry. I'll be as fine as I can.
I rest my head on his shoulder and I guess Im crying . I cant stop trembling, even the image trembles to my eyes. Its a giddy earthquake, I hear his voice. Or am I imaging it?
I cant understand it. And I feel heavy and numb, a lit bit to numb. He says something again or atleast I thing so. Still its nice when he talks to me like that. He is probably comforting, but I cant listen to it...
His face is all blurry and fading, melting and he sounds far away. NowI really cant move, I even feel my eyes petrified, Im tired. To tired, I wanna sleep.
So tired I think I cant even cry imagine that,
Aint it funny? I giggle quietly, but then I laugh, maybe too loud, ha so fucking loud, mph, I giggle and then laugh, over and over.
" Izzy??" now I hear them his voice sounds all whinny, almost imperceptible, I laugh again he sounds like a little, little girl. "IZZ??"
I cant stop it now I laugh and laugh no control, it feels so good. So good but it hurts, it hurts more than usual.Guess Im tired. It hurts so much that Im also crying, and screaming, god it hurts so fine.

Izzy tumbles bonessly to the side, his eyes are half shut, and he throws his head back as he keeps a mufled laugh, his whole body softly twist while tears run down his face.
"Izzy??? IZZY!!!!!!....Fuck" He reaches again for his wrist, the pulse is barely there. Axl shook Izzy crazyly "Izz wake up, wake up!!!!!" no response, Izzy laid there half dead.
Groaning in pain, as he loked up and saw nothing but a shadow, geeting blurier and blurier,each time, as Axl shook him. He was to dizzy, everything felt light. A shadow getting confusing melting. His own mind felt like melting
He could see the ceiling, axl's red hair, a shadow again, everything dissapearing slowly.
" No , no Izz, wake up!!" Axl screamed as he took his pulse again, lower and dropping. Izzy was still half consious, he would open his eyes and try to stay that way, failing miserably.
"Fuck god, fuck god," muttered Axl, putting one arm under Izzy's knee and the other around his shoulders. Forcing to pull Izzy's arm around his neck, Izzys head dropped onto his shoulder, against his neck. He could feel the hot tears sliding across their bodies. Axl holds on tightly as he stumbles a few shaky steps. "Fuck!" he swore
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