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Danger Zone

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Mark and Aki start to wonder if a real romance with each other is even possible.

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Danger Zone

Mark and Aki sat at their usual stations with business aw usual. Aki was typing yet another paper and Mark was playing his video games. Sure, everything seemed normal. But inside, was anything but normal...


Hmm... I've lived with this guy for a whole month. Nothing has happened. Not that I'd want it. But still... Would be nice for the attention. Sure, I'm not that attractive but I have some redeeming features. I'm good company, funny, nice, ambitious, strong-willed, and good with my sister. But he has yet to make a pass at me. I'm starting to wonder if he's... Nah! He can't be gay! Mark doesn't act like it. But... then there's my older brother... Mark's kinda cute though. In a strange Scottish way. On the plus side, he's a tech junkie, just like me. But what would Haru think? She believes in cultural purity. Why does she have come into the picture? I'm a grown woman now! I can perfectly think for myself! Natsu perfectly likes him. Ichiro would like him both as friend.... and more... But what about Fuyu and Seimei think about that? Seimei is open-minded. Fuyu probably won't care. But what about Ishikawa? I pity the poor man. He married Haru. I praise his sanity. Damnit! How did I derail away from Mark? I can never stay focused on him. Damnit!


Aki has grown hotter. Sure, she's not cute. But she's pretty interesting. We're both tech-junkies. Aki does get a little too wrapped into her work at times. But that's also a good thing. For a writing tech freak. Aki is kind of cute. In a crazy obsessive ambitious way. My friends seem to think she's cool. Spud completely likes her. Sick Boy looks at her like she's a piece of juicy meat. Begbie just kind of smiles at her. In a dirty-type way. Her sister seems to like me. But what about the rest of her family? From what I hear about Haru is that she is Satan. But what about the others? Whoa! What was that?

As you can see, both are clearly not ready to cross into the danger zone yet!

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