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The wake of chaos

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With Yuan Shao's forces surrounding Bei Ping, what can Zhao Yun possibly do to reverse the outcome of the seige? The dawn of Zhao Yun's destiny has just begin.(ZYxZJ)

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Disclaimer: I don't own the 3 kingdoms or Dynasty Warriors Disclaimer: I don't own the 3 kingdoms or Dynasty Warriors. You know who does.

Dynasty Warriors: Kingdom under Fire

Why did he join Gongsun Zan? After helping out the defenses in Bei Ping, Yuan Shao's army isn't leaving yet. Two generals of Shao, Yan Liang and Wen Chou came out of their tents to call out any officer to challenge them in a duel.

"You wimpy boys of Gongsun Zan, we're just getting started! Fight me!" Yan Liang cried.

"Don't worry, a white flag is the only thing why we are here! Oh and if you can bring us a couple of wines; we love hear from your hospitality support!" Wen Chou taunted.

"Archers!" Gongsun Xu cried.

The arrows dart pass several meters of Yuan Shao's camp and missed most of its target at solders. Shao's army knew Gongsun Zan's army had the worst accuracy when it comes to volley tactics. The attacking army is well cooperate and massive. Most of them laugh at the weaking defending army as they return to their posts.

"That's enough, Xu. Lets go inside and report to our father" Gongsun Fan said.

Inside the court, Zhao Yun is standing next to his lord who is having a lot of stress to operate a counterattack against Yuan Shao's forces. The advisors counsel with Gongsun Zan about abandon Bei Ping and head for the province east from here. Many subornates argue that will slow their entire forces down with a massive army still pursing them.

The babbling goes on and on. Zhao Yun could not possibly silence the crowd. He is a low ranked officer only serve in duty as the imperial bodyguard. Damn this crisis. To think he'll never give the order go out there and accept duels with Yuan Shao's distinguish generals. Yan Liang and Wen Chou are cake walk to him. Zhang He is just laughable and that's the same with Guo Tu. Yuan Shao hardly find the decision to make with his advisors, so he just plot strategies for the hell of it.

Again, why did he join Gongsun Zan? Speaking of the lord...

"Enough! I don't want to hear a single thing about how large and powerful their army is! Just think about how we are going to surivive in order to repel their siege! Please...this couldn't be the beginning of the chaos in our land." Gongsun Zan said.

Continuation of the court control has spread the entire house of Bei and through out the alley in town. Yun can just cross his arms with his spear and quietly think of a solution. A maiden comes to ask him something.

"How has this counseling been going?" the maiden asked.

"Nearly five hours and we haven't made a move yet. My lady, can you lead me to where the wine barrels are?" Zhao Yun said. The maiden wonders what the officer has in mind. She leads him to the storage where all the wine were stocked.

"Thanks..." Zhao Yun put a charming wink at the young woman.

"Don't go wasting yourself with alcohol. I like a soldier who stays in mental shape." The maiden left with her finger moving left to right like a 'no no' sign. When she's completely gone, Zhao Yun begins his plot.

In Yuan Shao's camp...

"Lord Yuan Shao...." Tian Feng

"Lord Yuan..." Xu You

"You all are full of it. My strategy is better than yours!" Ju Shou shouted.

Advisors, strategiest, and tacticians they all give Yuan Shao a major headache in decision. He got Gongsun Zan right where he wants it. Now all that's left is a single strike at Bei Ping's entire defense. That's the problem right here in his camp.

"God....." Yuan Shao mumbled.

"Father, we send you a map of the entire city's internal view. With the buildings of training court yard, the council meeting hall, bars, and you know the rest." Yuan Xi said.

"No way in hell you seek inside the city, brother!" Yuan Shang protested.

"I don't think our middle bother could possibly get inside, but he did send someone to go instead of him," Yuan Tan said.

"How do you know big brother?" Yuan Shang asked.

"Geez, you two always seem to fight over father's favorite. While I have my own attention. Zhen Ji, you can come in now," Yuan Xi ordered.

"At your request my lord," Zhen Ji said.

"See, you never changed Xi. Always being protect by a woman!" Yuan Tan said.

"What was that?" Zhen ji gives a dark look at Tan. It's not even human either.

"No nothing...your beauty is most intriguing my lady..." Tan shrug.
"My sons, you will each be given 30,000 troops in three corners of Bei Ping walls" Yuan Shao commanded.

"Lord Yuan Shao, perhaps 50,000 troops is better as I advice," Tien Feng argued.

"In your opinion you mean?" Xu You taunted.

"Excuse me? Did I say anything about what you buffoons think?" Yuan Shao glares at his tacticians.

"No my lord. Forgive our interrupt," both apologized.

"Buffoons...hahah" Ju shou smirked.

Yuan Shao stares at Ju Shou until he keeps his mouth shut.

"Ahem and each of you will be given three of my strategists. Yuan Shang with Tien Feng, Yuan Tan with Xu You, and Yuan Xi with Ju Shou," Yuan Shao finally finished his commands.

All six of them begin to head for their posts, then Yuan Shao about to start his favorite part. Ordering his generals. Yuan Shao loves his generals more than his sons and strategists.

"Yan Liang!"

"My lord!"

"Wen Chou"

"At your service"

"Zhang He!"

"With extasy!"

".......Guo Tu"

"Yes, my lord"

"And the Lu brothers"

Kiang and Xieng show up too along with the other generals. Guo Tu is a strategist, but he decided to go in the battlefield instead of being around with rest of the tacticians on meaningless rivalry.

Ok, I know it's a waste of time camping for days and nights at the siege when we are waiting for the white flag to reveal. Yet, our enemy is showing fatigue waste. What do you expect from one of the weakest prefects in the land?

His generals laugh with him on the humor. This is fabulous. The most powerful force in the North is making history in civilization. When Yuan Shao finishes talking about glory, he begin to talk about battle plans.

"Now we have a mole in our battlefield. You remember the brat I once taught him everything and I mean everything about the battlefield. I taught him the code of a warrior. Yan Liang and Wen chou both taught him how to fight valiantly. Raise your hand to give me a answer to who this mole is.

Zhang He is the quickest and gives his answer.

"Is he beautiful?" Zhang He replied.

Gou Tu whacks him in the back of the head. "Now is not the time to talk about an officer's looks! It's who the hell his name is!"

"His name is Zhao Yun," Yan Liang answered.

"Correct. Zhao Yun, once born from Chang Sha. I gave my deepest regards to his father and offered Zhao Yun to live with me as one of my youngest campanions. To be honest, he's better than my sons. Don't mention that to them, ok?" Yuan Shao smiles as he continues. "I wouldn't call him a traitor, because deep inside the boy, he has such a traumatic view on honor and loyalty. The boy is confused and I sympathize that. It's the reason why he deserted my ranks and joins that disgraceful Gongsun Zan. It's been like...three years after the interception at Kong Rong's lands. The combination of Zhao Yun, Taishi Ci, Guan Yu, Liu Bei, Gongsun Zan, and Zhang Fei is abit...too much. You know, that was lucky."

Generals cough up about that damned defeat as bull.

"Zhang Fei's uglier of the six," Zhang He said.

"Now, with the mole in our way. We shall try to provoke him to go out the battlefield and capture him. Once we do, Gongsun Zan has no idea who the hell he's messing with. Using my former secretary in order to survive, that is the wimpiest trick in the book. You, my generals, can't be so easy to desert me and join some coward who don't know anything about war.


Suddenly an explosion was heard after the meeting. Yuan Shao and his generals quickly approach the incident.
"Report, Gongsun Zan's army are using catapults with flowing barrels that are targeting our provisions and armory!" The lieutenant shouted.


"Fire! Our camps on fire!" a solder reported.

"Is he using wine barrels with cloth covered in fire?" Yuan Shao asked.

Then another barrel begins to target near feet closes to Yuan Shao's post.

"Holy..." Yuan Shao and Co quickly gets away from the target before it's too late.


"What beautiful way to counterattack!" Zhang He amazed.

"They're desperate, my lord..." Wen Chou said sarcastically.


It hit Yuan Shao's main camping tent where he leads a war council.

"Great, now I don't even know where we can make plans, decisions, ugh whatever jackshit I'm going to order. I taught him that!" Yuan Shao screamed.

"But, it's strange. Gongsun Zan didn't even give an order to strike catapults with wine barrels," Guo Tu said.

"Like I said, he doesn't know anything about war. Zhao Yun does! And tonight, we're going to capture him...." Yuan Shao put a wicked grin, this siege with be Zhao Yun's doom.

On the opposing side of the battlefield

"Lord Zhao Yun, we bring the rest of the wine barrels and we also have gun powder just in case. You wanted to make an experiment" said the soldier.

"At ease." Troops are standing quietly in preparing for a major repel in order to let this city and townspeople survive. "I know our lord has not yet given us an order, but from now on, I'm your last hope in the line of defense. You will remain on the gates till I raid my way through Yuan Shao's camp and get some reinforcements."

"But, sir. It's a massive army out there. Could one such as yourself can raid through such a powerful force," one soldier questioned.

"You'll see. Right now, concentrate on yourselves. Don't rely on me too much. You must face this troublesome task. Show some true might and courage. That is what makes us soldiers. Now I've already asked Lord Liu Bei in aiding us to drive Yuan Shao's force back to Ye. It will take a few days and I'll be coming back here every two hours while I scout for the reinforcement troops" Zhao Yun commanded.

The catapult troops resume their drop ball game at Yuan Shao's camp. This begins Zhao Yun's first raid. He steed his white horse and ready to go out to the gates.

"Onward for the glory of our lord!"

"Report, enemy cavalry heading our way. The enemy is Zhao Yun!" Scout said.

Yuan Shao is complicate of this and said, "It's time..."

"Soldiers of Yuan Shao, is there anyone out there who wants to capture me!?" Zhao Yun cried.

"Reward for those who capture the dragon rider himself! And I want him alive!" Yuan Shao ordered.

Several foot troops and a few horse riders begin the pursuit for a chance of lifetime. They're going to need it. Yuan Shao will soon be victorious. That is if his sons are doing as occurring to the plan.

On the other side of the siege...

"Haha, a tunnel into the city grounds is most likely the kind of plan I like. Good stuff advisor Tien Feng." Yuan Shang approved.

"Young lord, it is very honorable to be of your service. Soon you will be the rightful heir and I will be elected as your prime minister," Tien Feng said.

"Are my brothers getting far behind?" Yuan Shang thought.

North side of the siege...

"It's too obvious for an army with poor home security. The ladder plan is the way to go. Our troops will flank Bei Ping's defenses," said Yuan Tan.

"If I hadn't work under my long time friend Cao Cao, then this battle would of ended an hour an a half," Xu You said.

"Why the hell didn't my father try this before? Why wait for the white flag when we can slaughter them?" Yuan Tan amused.

On the west side of the siege...

"Our only problem is the people in that city," Ju Shou said.

"My brothers only care about their egos while I pay so much attention to the people of our land. Father wants the white flag so we'll go with the diplomatic solution. Zhen Ji?" Yuan Xi ordered.

"My presence is at your command, my lord," said Zhen Ji.

"You will disguise yourself as a messenger. Don't think of me as your husband, but rather your commanding officer," Yuan Xi said.

"Can I bring my flute? It's boring out here with Yi Zhou's lasting winter breeze," said Zhen Ji.

"Ok, but please tone down the damn volume. That's no ordinary flute. I want my soldiers immune to sleep," Yuan Xi commanded.

Zhen Ji left the tent and Ju shou feels puzzled by the plan. He thought about the last time they used a woman as a messenger. The result didn't please them and she lost her head that time. Now will it happen the same with Zhen Ji?

With Yuan Shao's entire force preparing for the next day of the siege, it's already two hours since Zhao Yun left in scouting for reinforcements under Liu Bei. Here he comes now with no sign of troops. Just himself.

"Report, the dragon rider a 9 o' clock!" the scout shouted.

Zhao Yun once again raid his way through the massive army. Gongsun Zan's gate watchers prepare to open the gate and the defending troops use catapults with wine barrels mixed with gunpowder to block the pursuit forces.

"Well, another time I say perhaps." Yuan Shao's forces failed the first event of capturing Zhao Yun.

Inside Bei Ping....

"Any luck on the reinforcements?" Gongsun Xu asked?

"No, tell your father that we're doing the best we can to keep our defenses lasting till Liu Bei gets here," Zhao Yun replied.

And Xu walks his way back to the royal court. Zhao Yun checks out the troops morale. They're no longer nervous or showing doubt of the outcome. That's good on his book. Now it's time for counseling.
On top of the city gates...

"And that is all I check in this full report on the enemy," the soldier finished.

"So the enemy is camping in four sides each are clearly the ability to force us to surrender." Zhao Yun said.

"We are surrounded, but most of our provisions are still full."

"That's not a problem. But, if Yuan Shao set 3 corners of 30,000 troops, then we must find out which one will first strike front of our walls and which one is the opposing force and which one is the weakest," Zhao Yun said.

"Here are the three commanders of the three sided forces; Yuan Shang of the East, Yuan Tan of the north, and Yuan Xi of the west." The other soldier reported.

"Our east side has a major flaw. But, the north and west sides are considered fatigue points. As for our main gate, the south side is heavy guarded. Yuan Shao will be looking forward to our surrender, but each of his sons will be attack us from three sides in order to gain access as the next Yuan Shao," said Zhao Yun.

Two of Gongsun Zan's generals approached as Zhao Yun stood up to statue them.

"Young officer, we will like to help you the best we can in order to comfort our lord from stressing so much. You would of make a better general than us." Tian Kian bowed.

"Allow us to command the south gate defense," Shan Jing requested.

"Finally, its good to get more support needed to defend our city. Then I will try to intercept the three forcers from the west, east, and north walls. Now let us prepare for the siege." Zhao Yun said.

Each force spread out in four sides of the city gates. Zhao Yun starts out the east where Yuan Shang about to use a tunnel for night raid invasion. Zhao Yun heads back inside the building to get something that will destroy the tunnel. The young maiden follows him in volunteering to help. Not just her, but a couple of peasants decide to help Zhao Yun too. He brought fireworks, which will be enough to forfeit the tunnel invaders. Then he heads for the underground tunnel that leads outside the east field.

"Will this plan work? We have more fireworks at the storage to please your strategy," the maiden said.

"I'm certain this is the only way to back Yuan Shang's forces from getting into the city. You done enough help, so why don't you go give my men some hospitality," Zhao Yun said with a smile.

The lady leaves Zhao Yun alone to proceed the plan. It's not hard once you stick a few fire works here and there. He also covers the gunpowder on the dirt so the flames will track through the entire tunnel. Soon he heard footsteps reaching the other side of the tunnel leading to Yuan Shang's forces. Finally the moment to surprise his subornates is here.

"Hm, who goes there!?" task force officer alerted.

"You wouldn't have told Lord Yuan Shang of my return from scouting for reinforcements. Now see the best of Zhao Yun!" Zhao Yun ignites the fireworks.

"uh oh...move, MOVE!!!" one soldier screamed.

The entire task force struggle their way out of the tunnel before it's too late. The fire now reaches close to the last track of the gunpowder where the fireworks. A late Chinese new year festival is require for battle.


"What the hell is going on now?" Yuan Shao leaves his tent and sees the east side of his forces.

"Report! The tunnel leading to Bei Ping has been destroy!"

"Whose idea is this?!" Yuan Shao asked.

"Lord Yuan Shang, my liege."

"Yuan Shang! Oh no...I forgot to send a message to him about Zhao Yun's return..." Yuan Shao said in depression.

The fireworks continue until the last one finishes. The people are awe of the magnificent defense of Zhao Yun. Gongsun Zan hurried his way outside. He sure missed the best part.

At the north side of the siege...

"Wonderful, my brother! That shall stop him from getting the momentum." Yuan Tan laughed.

"You sure think its wise to kill one of our messengers from reaching your brother's camp?" Xu You questioned.

"Don't worry, Father won't even know I killed a man of his army. He always seems to like executing messengers for fun. Oh this is glorious. Just wait until my plan is successful," said Yuan Tan.

With the siege going back and forth on each side of the force, Zhao Yun prepares a plan to intercept Yuan Tan forces. The only problem right now is that his troops haven't trained since the siege began.

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