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Vampire's Will Never Hurt You I Promise.

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The answer is yes. Yes i can.......

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I walked down the dark, gloomy cave. As I reached the main chamber I saw the coffin. The chamber was a big spacious place and the coffin was right in the middle. There were candles around the walls with pictures of different things on. I saw one of me and you there. We were laughing at the way people kept staring at you. It was summer and yet you were wearing all long sleeved and black clothes!
I thought of the night before, what you had told me and asked me to do. I was here to do it. I walked towards the coffin. I saw it was very finely decorated. The carvings were perfect in every way. I knew that you had spent a lot of time doing this. It felt a shame that it would be buried. I ran my fingers over the velvet cloth on the lid. It reminded me of the way your jacket used to feel. That was before it happened. I new that is why it was there. To remind you of what you used to be like.
I looked around the chamber breathing deeply. I wasn't sure if I could do this but I did promise you. You wanted it done and you looked so scared when you asked me to. I could not betray your trust! I remembered the last thing you said "Please save my soul!"
I pulled myself together, gripped the edge of the coffin and opened it. You were lying there looking so peaceful. I hesitated before I raised the spike above my head. As I drooped the spike your hand flew up and stopped it.
Your eyes snapped open and you stared at me. A hopeless look crossed your face as you let go of me and put the spike in your heart. Your eyes were wide open on terror. "I'll never let them, I can't forget them, I'll never let them hurt you. I promise!" You stretched out your hand as though trying to reach for something that wasn't there. Then you were gone. All that remained was some black dust in the bottom of your coffin. I broke down crying.
You once said to me "Can you stake my heart?" well the answer is yes. Yes I can.
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