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Chapter 1-Operation Black Sun

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All Hell has broken loose and the Order and another mysterious organization must clean up the mess and defend mankind

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The war has lasted for almost thirty years... The Muggles have still not found out... The Inferi are mutating to fight longer and act smarter... Inferi have adapted to magic... We have to use Muggle weapons now... Neville Longbottom, the so called Boy Who Lived is useless, he use fame to gain power... Albus Dumbledore, Commanding Officer of the Phoenix Battalions, is getting more desperate every day, as are all of his soldiers... A Third Power shall enter the fray...

*Phoenix Battalion Operations Center*

"Phoenix Omega Team, your Portkey will launch in five minutes get all of your gear ready and remember, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" First Class Warmage Alastor Moody said. The war had taken a total on the five men who made up Phoenix Omega.

Sergeant Sirius Black had loss his wife, Rose, and their three-year old daughter Katie during on the Vampire Rebellions. Corporal Remus Lupin had loss all of his potential comrades during the Werewolf Riots of 1989. Corporal Kingsley Shacklebolt had lost his brother and wife, his older sister Anna was taking care of his little girl now since he was in the field so often. Corporal Sturgis Podmore had loss his entire family when a Giant stormed his house. Lance Corporal soon to be Corporal Charlie Weasely had loss his fiancé during Zero Day as they all called it, the day that the war had changed forever, the day that all Hell broke loose.

There standard gear was an MP5A4, which was an H&K MP5, but with a fixed stock and a three round burst fire. They also added a laser sight, a scope, and a flashlight. They also carried a Browning Hi-Power for their personal sidearm, and the all carried three "Blue Burst" grenades. They wore black long-sleeved fatigues since Operation Black Sun was taking place in a "Dead-Zone" in a remote part of Russia. They wore a hybrid of a Dragon hide vest, and Kevlar. They all went to the Warp Point and got ready for that sick feeling that was associated with Portkeying to a Dead-Zone.

A Dead-Zone was a place over ran by Inferni and all of the magic that was suppose to watch over the place was dead, thus the name Dead-Zone was branded on these places. The reason Phoenix Omega was going there was because of a rumored Sun Bomb, made by a couple of rogue Russian alchemists, who were on the Death Eaters' payroll. The Sun Bomb was basically a Muggle precision nuclear weapon with a yield of 50 megatons, which was equal to that of the Tzar Bomb. The alchemists then added a limiter spell to affect how much of the area was affected by this weapon. Also, they cut out all residual nuclear radiation. In other words, the Sun Bomb was the perfect weapon.

"Portkey launch in 0003. Phoenix Omega, report to launch room immediately, I repeat Phoenix Omega immediately." The launch controller said.

"Alright men, we have seven hours to retrieve the device and return back. Remus and Kingsley, I want you to up at point. Charlie, you take up the rear. Sturgis and I will cover the flanks." Sirius said to his men as their Portkey activated.

*Operation Black Sun-0010-Russian Wilderness* (Using military time-A/N)

"Warp Perimeter clear." Lance Corporal Weasely said as they landed in the Dead-Zone.

"Last known location of the alchemists' labs is here." Sirius said as he pointed to the approximate location on a map. "The best route to would be threw the mountains, here. The only problem is that they will probably have some for of security on this pass right here. So the best choice would probably mean climbing these mountains so we can bypass any protective measures... CONTACT!!" Sirius shouted as fifteen Inferni came out from the trees. They had evolved to the point where most of their intelligence and motor functions had returned to them. The ten of the Inferni held AK-47's while the other five held TOZ-194 (Russian shotgun just Google it-A/N) shotguns. The five men got behind some trees and started to fire three round bursts at the Inferni's heads and black blood came pouring out of the wound head wounds. The trees that they were using as cover did not last long when the TOZ-194 started to open fire. The shotgun punched large holes into the nearly dead trees. "Grenade!" Sirius shouted as he chucked one of his Blue Burst grenades at the pack of Inferni. All of the Inferni but one were instantly incinerated in a loud scream of their flesh being burned away. Sirius pulled out his Browning and shot the last Inferni in the head. A stream of black blood and dead brain matter came flying up towards Sirius as the Inferni lost the back of its skull. A large pool of blood and brain matter formed where the exit wound was.

The climb was a very difficult one. The wooded mountains were full of Inferni and Giant patrols. They barely avoided them until a group of undead dragons started to patrol the skies as well. They hid out in a cave that was hidden by a small patch of trees.

"Well, look what we have here, a group of commandos from Britain." A figure with emerald green eyes said. The men all raised their weapons, only to be staring down the barrels of two Colt M1911's, one black and one white with 10x25 (10mm Automatic rounds) with alchemical .45 ACP bullets. They both had custom sights, compensators, molded grips, custom slides, custom frames, and engravings that read, May the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face, and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft, to dance with the stars (This is from the movie Blow, don't own it-A/N)

"Jesus, you love customs don't ya?" Charlie said. The dragons were starting to light the woods on fire and Inferni surrounded the fire waiting to kill Phoenix Omega. A large brute came to the entrance of the cave. It was obvious that this, thing, was not even remotely human. The creature had three heads, one dragon, one human, and one lupine. Its right arm was cat like and on its shoulder was the cat's head, while the left was shaped like a snake and it had a snake's head where the fist should be, but both were incredibly muscular. It legs were that of a rams and on its waist was the ram's head, and it had dragon like wings.

The creature then said in a multitude of voices, "We are Legion, and we are many." The creature started to run towards the Stranger...

"Really that's good for you motherfucker!" the Stranger said as he came out in full view opening fire on Legion. Stranger had silver hair with black tips tips. He wore a black leather duster with black leather pants and a black 5.11 tactical long sleeved shirt. The muzzle flashes were as blue as ice water, because it seemed that Stranger upgraded his weapons for spirit and demon slaying.

Legion was slowly starting to weaken, as Stranger pulled out a large broadsword. The inch and a half thick blade pierced Legion like a hot knife thru butter. A jet of blood covered Sirius and Remus as the Stranger then twisted the blade so its six-inch width was flat, and then he sliced Legion in half, let lose another jet of blood that covered almost all of the Stranger's face. The upper half of Legion smiled as lower half started to join together with the upper. Stranger smirked back as he dropped three little glass globes filled with water on Legion. The water burned the very essence of Legion; everyone could see that as plain as day. Legion started to scream as the smell of burning flesh hit everyone's noses, Charlie threw up at this foul odor. Stranger put his pistols and sword back into their respective holsters as jumped on a black Harley Davidson and flew out into the woods. After ten minutes to let the flames fully die out and let all of the Inferni return to their posts, they head out to start advancing on the labs once more.

After seeing Legion, the men's thoughts traveled back to Zero Day, the day when Voldemort almost won the war.

*ZERO DAY-1994*

Rumors were floating around that Lord Voldemort was trying to come back during the Tri-Wizard tournament, Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge and Minister of War Mordred Hammonds, how ever were not worried. It was impossible for anyone dead to return to the Land of the Living, and it was even more impossible for a thirteen year old corpse to return. To keep Dumbledore happy however, they sent a small group of MLE, or Magical Law Enforcement, officers to the graveyard in Little Hagleton.

The three officers were dozing in and out while watching an abandoned graveyard. They were not prepared for the sudden movement coming out form the graveyard. A demonic figure clad in leather and iron armor came charging at them on an unholy steed with his sword raised high. The rider came at them like a gust of wind and disappeared into the near by fog as one of the officer's head slid off, the head then rolled off as a jet of blood came bursting out of the severed neck. The two remaining officer's where trying to hide from the unholy knight as he came back and sliced another officer in half with his sword, the remaining officer saw every organ of his comrade fall out as he set off his emergency locater spell, and was decapitated horizontally soon after.

The alarms went off in every ready room in the Ministry of Magical Law Enforcement. Every section of the Department Portkeyed to the Graveyard from the Black Ops teams to the lowly Magical Law Enforcement officers.

The teams arrived to see a great shadowy figure surrounded by Death Eaters and at his right and left sides were the Hessian (The Headless Horseman-A/N) and a man with a silver hand respectively. A rip in the fabric of the borders between Earth and Hell was starting to open. A large figure in the shape of an angel of stone came out and bowed before the figure. The figure motion to the man on his left, the one with the silver hand and very soon the man grew in muscle mass and raw magical power.

Minor Imps and other assorted demons came rushing out of the rip and started attacking the teams. The Imps came flying at the wizards like a tidal wave. Over one hundred and fifty wizards were grabbed and thrown up into the air. The sky rained blood as the man with the silver hand came charging towards the remaining three hundred men. The man grabbed two men's heads, one in each hand and proceeded to crush the skulls, squish the eyes, and squeeze the brain its self. A another rush of demons flew at the men with their claws out, and as the flew past the men, the ripped of chunks of flesh and skin. There were only the recognizably humans left. The first was a large male with every piece of his skin ripped off, he was screaming in agony for five minutes straight before he died of blood loss. The last survivor was a wizard from the Black Ops division

"Tell your idiot of a Minister, that the new High Lord of All Nine Hells, Voldemort is back in the world of the living. Tell him to prepare for war." The High Lord Voldemort then cast the Living Bomb curse on the survivor. He set the curse to detonate as soon as he delivered his message. The man apparated back and ran up to the Minister of Magic. After delivering the message, his body turn bright red as his blood boiled and his body bloated. His body blew up with an explosive force and his blood and organs flew out with the damage. Fudge barley survived the explosion.

*Operation Black Sun-0130-Russian Wilderness*

The labs had just come into view. The squad started to check and clear on their way to make sure that there were not any more surprises like Legion on the path. When they got to the labs, they tried to sneak into the complex to find out where the bomb was exactly.

The complex was nearly a half-mile long and heavily fortified. Five man patrols of Inferni were patrolling the parameter every fifty meters. Ten Undead dragons were flying around the sky knocking out any chance of air support. They could all sense the wards on this place. The squad then slowly advanced when they heard a motorcycle engine approaching. All of the Inferni patrols went over to where the noise was coming form, so the Omega squad sneaked into the building. They heard multiple gunshots and an explosion or two.

The team was clearing every room they could find in hopes of finding the Sun Bomb. The process was very long, and thankfully most of the guards were outside fighting, but they were a few alchemists left. They died as soon as they came into sight. Three bullets right in between the eyes would do that to someone of course. They finally found the bomb and they were about to Portkey out of there when a large black armor clad figure came walking in. The seven foot tall demon clad in a membrane like armor walked in with a great six-foot spear. Corporal Podmore was the first to open fire on the demon. The demon lifted its huge spear and impaled Corporal Podmore with a shower of blood and then threw him around like a rag doll. The remaining member opened fire with everything they had to avenge their lost comrade. As soon as they opened fire however, multiple explosions rocked the building. Stranger walked into the warehouse with a lit cigarette and his black metal pistol out aimed right at the demon's head. After taking a long drag of his cigarette, Stranger said two words, "Jackpot, motherfucker." A large red beam of magical energy came out of the gun and hit the demon right where its right eye would be if it were human in a spray of green blood. Stranger then sent beam after beam at the demon, until it retreated away.

Stranger then walked up to the Sun Bomb and said a strange incantation over the device. "What the fuck are you doing? Back away from the fucking bomb right now!" Sergeant Black shouted at Stranger. Stranger looked very pissed off as a barrage of stunning spells hit his back, which was sore form his previous fight.

*Phoenix Battalions Operation Center-Interrogation Room 7*

"What did you do to the Sun Bomb? Answer me you piece of shit!" Interrogator Snape asked Stranger.

"My, aren't you just a little ray sunshine?" Stranger said sarcastically at his Interrogator. The interrogation had lasted for about an hour so far and their lead interrogator had snapped and started going berserk on the teen. The teen just smiled as he lit what appeared to be a wizarding world cigarette. The wizarding world made the cigarettes with fireweed, instead of tobacco. "You know, if you asked nicely you would have a problem getting whatever the fuck you want from me. Oh, by the way, you all might want to brace yourselves."

"Why the fuck should we listen to you..." Snape could not finish what he was said as one of the room's walls was blown to pieces. A group of six men wielding SIG 552's started to clear the room with stunning spells. Head Interrogator Snape screamed like a girl as he was shot by eighteen stunning spells. Corporal Shacklebolt was coming into the room with an invisibility cloak on. The stranger ran up to Shacklebolt and lifted his right leg up to his chest and spin kicked the Corporal in the face, dislocating his jaw and knocking out a tooth.

"What took you so long? Jesus, I thought you took a wrong turn at Albania, Nicholas!" Stranger said as kicked Snape in the ribs for good measure.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch, is that all you can do Harry?" the man named Nicholas said. Nicholas was wearing a black leather duster, similar to Harry's, but he wore a red dress shirt underneath it. He also wore a black of black slacks and a shiny pair of Oxfords.

"Yo, Marcus, you owe me twenty galleons, you know that?" Harry shouted to one of the masked soldiers. The soldiers wore black faceless mask with an invisible magical optical system right were the eyes were, and the system was not corruptible. They wore similar vest that Phoenix Omega wore, and they had a fifty caliber AE Desert Eagle as their sidearm. Even though this gun was not really meant for this type of work, they used it any way for shear stopping power. "I think that your old friend runs this place Nicholas. Albus has really nice men working for his doesn't he?" Harry mumbled as he walked out of the room. Harry grabbed his greatsword and his pistols when he noticed two things were missing. The first was a pendant and the second was a book that he had in his possession.

"Damn it! Nicholas, they got the book and the pendant." Harry shouted over his shoulder to Nicholas. Nicholas mumbled a few words and started walking in a certain direction. After walking through the building that a maze builder would only dream of, they finally found where the book and pendant were. The plate on the office read, Chief Warmage Albus Dumbledore. Harry smiled as he spin kicked the door off of its hinges.

"Albus how are you on this fine day? Sorry about the door, my student has a few of his things in this office apparently." Nicholas said as he looked around the room for the pendant and the book.

"So, this young man is one of the Venator of Malum? I thought that they died out centuries ago." Albus asked his old friend.

"Nex est tantum exordium." Nicholas supplied to Albus. Harry's eyes started to glow red as he lit another wizard-like cigarette. The glow dimmed a miniscule amount as he took a drag from the cigarette. The cigarette burst into flame while Albus and Nicholas were speaking to each other in Latin. Harry dropped down to his knees in pained as two rivers of blood pour from Harry's back. Harry then puked a stream of blood as Nicholas grabbed the pendant from the table and threw it around Harry's neck as he helped the boy up and evanesco the blood away. "Yes Albus, you are thinking the right thing, this child is of the Bloodline of the Knight..."

Author's Notes

Alright, about Harry's guns. They are Dante's from the DMC franchise. I went to a gun shop with a couple of pictures of these weapons and that is the response I got. Yes, this will be a crossover with DMC.


Nicholas-Jeremy Irons
Harry-Josh Hartnett
Sirius-Oded Fehr-RE:A look
Remus-Zack Ward
Kingsley-Colin Salmon
Strugis-uncasted for now
Charlie-Scott Speedman with red hair
Snape-Alan Rickman
Dumbledore-Ian McKellen

Latin Translations
Venator of Malum-Hunters of Evil
Nex est tantum exordium-Death is only the beginning

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