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The loveing to-to

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"Oh" he nodded his head "Well; thanks" he added as he walked away to the door "Your welcome" I said as he walked out the door and closed it *Sigh* 'I wonder whose the lucky girl' I thought

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"So 'sup?" I asked; staring in his beautiful hazel eyes
"Well... lets say there's this girl that I really like and she doesn't seem to notice me; she just picks on me" he stumbled out
"And...?" I asked waiting for him to finish
"How do I get to notice me? I really want to kiss her too" boy did he sound desperate
"Well... hmm" I put my hand on my chin
"What a girl likes is if you just come out with what you feel about her. Sometimes you just can't hold it back; you just have to kiss her" I informed
"Oh" he nodded his head
"Well; thanks" he added as he walked away to the door
"Your welcome" I said as he walked out the door and closed it
Sigh 'I wonder whose the lucky girl' I thought
"Hey Keya?" franks head popped back into the door
"I love you" and he closed the door again
I waited until I heard his door close and then I screamed, plopped down on my bed and screamed; how could it get any better than this?

Next morning

"Frankie?" Gerard glared at him
"What?" he looked up from his cereal
"I know up stole my cookies"
"Gerard; you are so off center" I said as I walked through the door
"God dang; you just got up and you are already insulting my authority"
"...Yea that's what I live for" I sat in the chair across from the already blushing frank.
"Well... before I get insulted anymore, I am going to leave" Gerard sat up and walked off to leave Frankie and me alone
There was an uncomfortable silence until I broke it
"Sooo, did you mean it?" I asked looking up from my lap to him
"Yea..." he said just above a whisper
"Oh..." I looked around the room like I was never there before
"Oh forget it" I said and got up from the table and walked over to Frankie and gave him a long passionate kiss
"I'm sorry to brake this heart- warming moment but Gerard has this important announcement" Ray came in
I sat in franks lap with his arms around my slim body
"Okay, shoot" I said curling up in the crook of Frankie's neck
"Okay; GERARD!" Ray yelled "COME ON!"
We all busted out laughing when he came out
He was in a pink to-to and a pink tiara
"Look at me with my pretty tiara and to-to; I'm a fuckin princes!"
That only made us laugh harder
"Gees Gerard; I thought you were weird; but now it's just pathetic!" I laughed
He twirled around and then said
"I lost the bet though; Mikey thought you guys would get together and I didn't; so this is what we bet on... and yes... I lost"
"Never bet Mikey! I thought you learned that with the thong incident!" that only made me laugh harder
"Yea well, that was different"
"Yea, a thong was up your ass!"
That made me laugh so hard I was crying
"Yea, yea, stuff it" he said walking back to his room
"BITE ME!!" Gerard yelled
Frank looked over at me and I looked at him
"Shall we?" he asked with a devilish grin"
"We shall" I said back
"Oh Gerard" we both said.

I thought this one was funny; to me at least. Well i need you to reveiw PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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