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After the Concert

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um, after the concert

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okay, here it is, the next chapter. Im gettin swamped tryin to write two stories at once, but ill keep it up as long as i can. I might decide to mesh them together some how, but i dunno how ill manage that, so, i dunno.
"Oh my god Ryan! That was amazing, you guys played so well, and those seats, those seats were..." Katrina said thinking, then she slugged Ryan in the shoulder. "Those seats were too expensive."

"But you dont have to pay for them." Brendon said.

"I know, but they were too good, we just met you guys and you go giving us those seats, those had to be at least $100 apiece." Katrina said.

"So what, we're friends, cant friends give stuff to one another?" Ryan asked.

"Yea, its just, I dunno, you're too nice Ry." Katrina said hugging him, Brendon came up from behind and joined in the hug.

"Group hug!" he yelled in a girlie voice, Katrina squiggled (I love that word, lol) out from in between the two boys. Katrina looked at Brendon with an eyebrow raised. "Group hug?" Brendon asked in a sad voice.

"More like a Brendon Urie Ryan Ross sandwich." Katrina laughed.

"Any normal girls dream." laughed Breanne.

"Okay okay, can we please stop talking about how hot I am?" Brendon asked in a serious voice.

"You really are full of yourself today Bren." Spencer said.

"So." Brendon said, blushing and looking at his feet.

"OOOO, I know what it is, he's trying to impress a girl, who is it Brendon?" Jon asked.

"I am not." said Brendon, red as a tomato.

"Are to." Jon said.

"Am not."

"Are to."

"Am not!" Brendon yelled.

"ARE TO!" Jon yelled back.

"SHUT UP ALREADY!" Katrina yelled, everyone was silent, Brendon just kept looking at his feet. "I just meant the fight." she laughed. Right then, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley walked in laughing.

"What the hell is Fall Out Boy doing here?" Breanne asked.

"Hello, im Pete Wentz, very nice to meet you too." Pete said sarcasticly, he sounded angry.

"You just surprised me is all." Breanne said quietly.

"He's just being a stubborn ass, im Patrick, you are?" Patrick asked shaking Breanne's hand.

"Breanne." Breanne said (no duh, lol)

"Well nice to meet you Breanne." Patrick said.

"Nice to meet you to." Breanne said.

"We're here because the stubborn ass owns Panics record label, and we're friends with them, so whenever we're in town for one of their concerts we go." Patrick said.

"Oh, okay. I love your band, thats why it surprised me." Breanne said.

"Oh, I was afraid you didnt like us." Patrick said.

"I was afraid you forgot how to flirt." Pete said.

"Stop being such an ass Pete, just 'cause you got dumped doesnt mean you have to be mean to us." Joe said, Pete stuck his tongue out at him.

"Very mature, Pete. So, the bitch dumped ya, so sorry to hear that. I hate to say it, but I told you so." Brendon said.

"Hey, just because she dumped you doesnt mean she's a bitch, it just means she didnt like you." Pete said.

"Pete, remember why she dumped me? Hmmm? Remember? Because she was cheating on me for Brent, and when we kicked him out, me and Brent were too far away from eachother, so she couldnt date us both without being obvious." Brendon said, getting sad.

"Brendon, just forget about her man, you were too good for her anyway, she was a stupid bitch to date Brent anyway, even if she wasnt cheating on you." Ryan said, patting his back, Brendon wiped tears out of his eyes.

"Im gonna go get some air." Brendon said, then left.

"Pete, go say sorry to him." Spencer said.

"Nope, he's being a pussy, its his fault." Pete said.

"Peter Lewis Kingston Fucking Wentz! Get your sorry ass out there and apoligize." Jon said.

"You forgot the third, and you shouldnt talk to your boss that way. Im goin back to the hotel, I have a meeting for their sorry asses tommorow, night." Pete said as he stormed out of the backstage area.

"Wow, he was always much hotter when he was just a picture." Breanne said.

"Yep thats Pete for you." Patrick said. "But now he's extra bitchy because he got dumped, that doesnt happen much, usually he's the heartbreaker." he laughed.

"Im gonna go get Brendon." Ryan said.

"Ill go get him, I need some air too anyway." Katrina said.

"Okay, but if he's crying or something, he's gonna be pissed its you." Spencer warned.

"Ill keep that in mind." Katrina said as she walked out.

She walked out the back door and saw Brendon sitting on the curb, head in his hands.

"Hey." Katrina said as she sat next to him.

"Why are you out here? Its cold and dangerous, its like nine o' clock, not a time you want to be outside in in Chicago." Brendon said, trying to hide that he had been crying.

"Its my hometown remember?" laughed Katrina. "She's not worth your tears Brendon."

"Huh?" Brendon asked confused.

"I can tell you were crying. Whoever this girl was, if she was cheating on you, she obviously isnt good enough for you or worth your tears." Katrina said.

"Oh." Brendon said, embarassed that she caught him.

"Bren, dont be embarassed, everyone crys and gets their hearts broken, just dont cry over her." Katrina said.

"What the hell are you, some kind of mind reader?" Brendon laughed.

'he looks so cute when he laughes.' Katrina thought.

"What?" Brendon asked 'Oh shit, I said it outloud' Katrina thought to her self.

"Um, nothing?" Katrina said.

"Well, I heard you, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt dreaming." Brendon said. (cornielicious! HECK YES!)

"Are you hitting on me?" Katrina asked.

"Maybe." Brendon said, smirking. Katrina swooped in and kissed him, hard, and full on the lips, brendon kissed back. 'Oh my god, he kissed back!' Katrina yelled inside her head.

"Wow." Katrina said, out of breath.

"What?" Brendon asked, scared.

"That was amazing." Katrina said.

"Um, I think I should tell you, wanna know somethin funny? remember when Jon said I was trying to impress a girl?" Brendon asked.

"Yea." Katrina said, unsure of where this was going.

"Well, I was trying to impress you." Brendon said.

"Oh, you wanna know something funny? It worked." Katrina said,
Brendon kissed her. They kept kissing until Ryan walked out.

"What the heck, I tell you to bring him in and you guys end up making out, geez." Ryan said, sitting down next to them.

"What are you doing out here?" Brendon asked.

"While, I wanted to make sure you two were still alive, but also because Jon, Spencer, Andy, Joe, and Breanne are having a burping contest." Ryan said.

"Oh, while can you leave us alone for a bit?" Brendon asked.

"Nope, so what are you guys? Are you dating or what?" Ryan asked.

"I dunno, Kat? What do you think?" Brendon asked her.

"I dont care, we can be boyfriend and girlfriend if you want." Kaitlin said, kicking a pebble across the street.

"What? You mean that you dont have a boyfriend already?" Brendon asked.

"Now I do." Katrina laughed.

"That you do." Brendon laughed.
Okay about the Xcel center, I dont know if its in Chicago, so just bear with me.
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