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I Love You With Ever Inch Of My Heart

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Sam finds something out about Frank's past

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*********Still Frank's POV********

Were finally back at our apartment Gee caries me in and sits me on the couch. I curl up into a ball and cry. I don't really move I think Sam is mad I hurt her dad I hope she wouldn't leave me. Sam sits next to me and I hug her I fell really bad.

*********Normal POV********

"Gerard can you leave us alone like go in our room or something" I ask him and he gets up and goes to our room.

"Frank Baby what did you do that for?" I asked him as I made him look at me. He was still crying which made me slowly start to cry.

"I don't really know I guess my anger got the best of me" Frank said with hurt in his voice. "Are you mad at me?" He asked

"No I just wanted you to know the truth and I kind of knew you would do something so just calm down and me you and Gerard can watch a movie or something. Alright" I asked him.

"Yeah okay I Love you and I'm sorry for what I did" He said he was calming down.

"It's okay I forgive you, and I love you so much" I said kissing him

I texted Gerard to come back out and he dose with a not in his hand and hands it to Frank and tells us he has to get back to Mikey he is sick and leaves. Frank opens the note and we both read it. It reads:

Dear Frank,
I know that you are hurting but I need you Sam needs you our band needs you please I'm beg you don't let it be like last time be strong I know you have it in you. Please Frank, I need you Mikey needs you, Bob needs you, Ray needs you and Sam needs you the most of all and our Fans need you please don't do anything talk to someone like me or Sam if you feel like you going to kill yourself again please Frank We need you in this world. I love you Frank.
Love Gerard

"Frank you tried to kill yourself? Why? What happened" I asked him he was starting to cry again.

"This girl I loved a lot. Was killed in a car crash I did not think I could live with out her so I tried to kill myself but Gerard found me and saved me" he told me and I could see he was hurting.

"Oh my god you must have loved her a lot"

"I did I thought I would never find love again but I was wrong I found you"

"aww frank that's sweet but please don't do it again I know how hard it can be but I'm here for you and I'm not leaving you ever because I love you with every inch of my heart" I said kissing him

"I know I love you with ever inch of my heart to" he said kissing me back.

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