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Dragon, Dragon.

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Just a funny little parody of something I read in school. It's really funny. Trust me. It's a MCR/P!ATD/FOB crossover, but it was more MCR so I put it here. READ!

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Summary: 'You Dragon, what shall you do? NOTHING, 'cause I've come to murder you."

There once was a king named Gerard Way. His giant stage was being destroyed by a dragon named Adam Lazzara. Gerard didn't know what to do. The almighty Dragon would flick boogers at the towns people, he ran around screaming and would walk around with no pants.
But one day, he ran around giving people the finger to everybody. The towns people cried because that was just so darn rude!!
"That" Said King Gerard, "Is it!" He called a meeting to discuss the problem.
He even called the cobbler, Pete Wentz and his four songs and his 'wife'. He though it was odd because he sucked.
"DUDES & DUDETTES!" Said King Gerard when everyone was present. "I've put up with this dragon long enough, and now it's getting me pissed! He's got to be stopped!"
All of the goths, punks and emos whispered among themselves and King Gerard smiled, pleased with the impression that he's made.
But Pete said gloomily "It's all good that we're talking about this and all but, how are you going to do it?"
All of the people smiled. "He's got you there" A close friend, Frank Iero said.
King Gerard frowned.
"It's not like he hasn't tried!" Queen Amy Lee said.
"Yeah!" Said Gerard. "I gave him a taste of his own medicine by giving HIM the finger, but he just flicked another booger at me."
"Why won't Wizard Ray Toro say a magical spell?" Mikey Way asked.
"Yeah, why not RAY?!'
Ray glared at him and took off his hat. "I would but my magical afro is getting cleaned, and my spell book's in there." He scratched his head. "Dribble, nibble, cha, cha BANG!!!"
Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, queen Amy Lee turned into a rose bush.
"Oh, shet."
King Gerard clapped. "Great job Ray! Now you've done it!"
"RAY I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" Yelled Princess Hayley Williams.
"I'm sorry. When I get my afro back I'll change her!!"
"Ray, go home. If she were turned into a guitar, she might've been killed."
Meanwhile Pete Wentz stood there with his hands in his pockets humming an odd tune. "THE DRAGON!" He finally yelled.
"Oh! Yeah!" Kind Gerard said. "If you kill the can sing with Hayley."
"HEY!" She yelled.
"I'm friggin married!"(to all of the fan girls, it ain't true)
"Oh, then have the kingdom!"
"Shut up Hayley I was not."
"As I was saying....Fine, only my 4 sons need a good collaboration, make them do it."


"So, Jon Walker. You go first, being the oldest."
"Dude, I'm in the middle of guitar hero here!"
"WHO CARES! GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE! Just say to the dragon...
Yo Dragon, what shall you do?
NOTHING, 'cause I've come to murder you."
Jon laughed. "You have GOT to be kidding!"


"Go away, nobody's home!"
"Real smart, I'm not here to hurt you, I'! You want one?"
"What kind?"

Almost immediately Adam Lazzara jumped out and ate Jon.



"PETE YOU SUCK! GET RYAN & BRENDON ON THE JON NOW!!" King Gerard yelled over the phone.

"Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie! Get your butts to that dragon now!"
Ryan rolled his eyes. "We are playing guitar hero!" He yelled.

"Yeah! Leave us the heck alone!"

Pete stomped out to the living room. "I can cut your record deal you know..."

"Let's go!" Brendon yelled.

"I'm with you." Ryan replied.


"Some cave." Brendon said.
"Yeah, it looks like New York."

Adam Lazzara took Ryan and ate him and put Brendon in the freezer to eat for later.

"Hey Jon, what's up?"


"IF SPENCER GET'S KILLED I'M GONNA CHOP OFF YOUR HEAD!!!!" King Gerard yelled from outside their home.

Pete closed the window hard. "Carah, I'm pissed."

"Dude, the retarted author made me marry you. I'm 21!" Carah Faye Charnow said. "Just leave me out of this."

Pete rolled his eyes. "SPENCER! Get your butt to the dragons lair right now!"

"But I'm playing final fantasy!"

"Who cares? I can't have my head chopped off! I'm too sexy for it!"

Carah laughed. "You are ANYTHING but sexy!"

Pete looked at Spencer and pointed towards the door. "OUT!"

Spencer got up.


"Dude, you're 27! You're NOT my dad! You can't tell ME what to do."

"In this story I cam! GET OUT!"

"Psh, fine. Like, should I say anything to the Dragon?"

"Uh yeah.
Yo dragon, what shall you do?
NOTHING, 'cause I've come to murder you!"

Spencer gave Pete a thumbs up and walked out.


Spencer looked around the dragons lair.

"Looks like New York." He said.


Spencer saw the dragon standing before him. "Oh, hey! Yeah, 'Yo dragon. What shall yo do? Nothing 'cause I've come to murder you."

Adam Lazzara stared at 19 year old Spencer.

"You? Murder me?" Adam started laughing so hard he fell to the floor.

"Yeah! I'm going to kill you!"

Adam laughed so hard his head exploded and he died.

Ryan and Jon walked out of the huge dragon.

"Where's B-"

"In the freezer."

They got Brendon and walked back to kind Gerard.

"Gerard....Gerard..." Ryan started.

"OH MY GOD GERARD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!????" Brendon yelled.

Gerard(who was making out with the rose bush named Amy Lee) looked startled at the boys.

"Uh, hey guys....Is the dragon..dead?"

"Yup." Spencer said proudly.

Gerard laughed. "Spencer, beat...him?"


"No! It's fine, uhh, congrats Spencer. helped all-"

Gerard was interrupted by Wizard Ray who walked back with a clean afro and a book. "Watch out." He got close to cough Amy(the bush) and said the magical spell.


Right before there eyes Amy Lee was a human again, but soaking wet because Gerard watered her to much. "Oh, jeeze."

That is the end but Panic! At the Disco and Paramore lived happily ever after on tour all over the world.
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