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deathly valentine

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one-shot of Tyson and Kai of valentines

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~Tyson's p.o.v~

People always say that there is true love, but I didn't believe them until I met him.
I met him by the river, and I fell head over heals right then. He was mysterious, powerful, but most of all hot!
Over the years I learned about his past he was keeping silent about. But the only thing is, is that I know he doesn't love me, Tyson, who has fallen in love with Kai. But even if he doesn't love me I still want him to know that I do, and I have the best day to tell him. Valentines.

~end of Tyson's p.o.v~

"So Kai, what are you doing for Valentines?" asked Rei.
"I'm going to tell him," said Kai.
"No way, finally!" shocked Rei. Kai nodded.
"What's up?" asked Tyson as he walked out of the kitchen.
"Oh nothing, right Kai?" smirked Rei.
"Okay, how about a movie?" suggested Tyson.
"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea!" sheered Max and Kenny.
"I'm going out. I'll be back," said Kai.
Kai walked out the door of Tyson dojo
"Tyson, you should follow him," suggested Rei.
"What! What for?" asked Tyson.
"It is so obvious you like him," said Max.
"What! You can't prove that," said Tyson.
Max pulled out a red book and read, "I love him so much, but I know he doesn't love me. Kai, I wish you'd love me. Page 46, paragraph 3, sentence 3 and 4," answered Max.
Tyson ran out the door blushing like mad.

~Tyson's p.o.v~

I can't believe him read my journal. It belongs to me. He also read it in front of Rei and Kenny, what are they going to think of me?
~End of Tyson's p.o.v~

Tyson walked by a candy store, but didn't even look at the store.

With Kai

"I hope Tyson like's this," thought Kai.
Kai walked out of the candy store just as Tyson walked by.
"What's he doing?" Kai asked himself.
Tyson walked down the side walk. When he came to an opening Tyson shoulders started to shake.
"Tyson," whispered Kai.
But he said it a little louder than he thought, because Tyson turned around with tears running down his face.
"I'm sorry Kai, I need to go!" said Tyson as he ran away.
"No, Tyson!" Kai yelled.

1 week later

"Where did he go?" asked Rei.
"For the last time, I don't know. He just ran away," said Kai, "And I'm going to use everything I got to find him!"
"Guys, I got an email!" cheered Kenny.
"What is an email going to do?!" yelled Kai.
"Well, it's from Tyson," explained Kenny, "It reads. This is a letter for Kai, and he would only understand.
Where I am at is a place where things are horrible. Come for me, I need your help. Tyson."
"No, I know where he's at. I promise I'll bring him back," said Kai ad he walked out the door.

Kai got the next plane to Russia in attempt to get Tyson back.

Although Kai knew Russia really well it was the winter time and thing were extremely cold and frozen. When walked to the front gate of his past he saw someone come out of one of the near by buildings. Tala walked up to him and told him to follow him so he could see Tyson.

Although Kai knew Tyson was a strong person, he knew that even he had his limits. Tala and Kai walked up to a one way mirror and saw Tyson sitting on a bed with a knife in his hands

"Kai loves me! He loves me! No he doesn't love me, I know he doesn't love me, I just know that he doesn't!" Tyson put the knife against his neck blood trickled down as the one way mirror smashed into pieces

"Tyson don't! Put that knife down now!" yelled Kai jumping down from his place up high. He ran to Tyson, "I love you! I really do love you! Now give me the knife before you do something really stupid!" Tyson's eyes shined with tears and love for the man as he slowly handed him the knife.

"Do you really love me?" Tyson asked quietly, Kai nodded and Tyson passed out from the lack of sleep.

"Take him home." Said Tala as he walked away, knowing that Kai knew how to leave. Kai put one of his jackets on Tyson and left with out a word to the others


"Kai's on his way home and he has Tyson with him!" exclaimed Kenny from a text message that he got from Kai.

~few hours later~

Every one was watching the windows for any sign of a limo. "There it's here!" yelled Rei, running towards the door.

Tyson had waked up by that time and was leaning on Kai and in some of Kai's clothes which made him look ultra smexy1.

"Tyson were here," said Kai. Tyson leaned up and saw his house, "thank you Kai, for everything!"
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