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Reminding Logan

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Anyone wondering what happened to Logan?

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A/N - How much do I love Logan?! No Pete/Ollie for this chapter. Logan's my baby and I wanted him to share the limelight! Ah yes and this is a mystery POV incase you're wondering....there are clues but I did think I was being subtle! Please R & R. Reviews make my day. XX

Reminding Logan


He was probably the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

I had been staring at him for the past 15 minutes whilst I filled out some stupid medical form. A security guard had brought him in slung haphazardly over his shoulder, his long pale limbs hanging limply down the guards back. The short, bustling nurse had rushed over and they had laid him down carefully in the bed next to me. The nurse shooed the burly guard away and examined the man expertly whilst tutting under her breath.

Apparently he'd had a run in with a barrier. His forehead was swollen, a deep bruise marring his perfect skin. His face was creased in pain, every time the nurse touched the small gash on his head he'd let out a small groan as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

"Is he going to be okay?" I asked as the nurse moved on to me.

"He's just got a mild concussion. When he wakes up he's going to have one hell of a headache but he'll be just fine." She said with a smile. "Now what can I do for you?"

"Just a quick check," I said absentmindedly as the man next to me shifted slightly making his emerald green shirt ride up and expose a strip of pale skin. I turned away shamefaced. It's a little bit wrong to be perving over an unconscious guy isn't it?

I handed the nurse the form I'd had to fill in a few minutes ago and she took it off me briskly.

"So who is he?" I asked whilst she read through my details.

"O well we don't really know," She said looking up briefly, "He's actually abit of a mystery. He's wearing a band pass which is why he was brought here, to the backstage Med Tent; we don't know who he's with though."

She continued to read my file and I looked back over at him. His eyes were dancing behind his pale eyelids, his face once again scrunched up in discomfort. His white blonde hair was sticking up at all angles making him seem boyish and very young, infact if it wasn't for the sharp contours of his face, and the lines that only come with age and experience I might have been chastising myself not only for perving, but for perving on someone far too young for me.

"Ah so we're just checking on some minor arthritis are we?" The nurse said, I turned back to face her breaking my gaze.

"Yeah that's it; I just want to make sure I'm fit for the set tomorrow." I said still watching the guy lying next to me out of the corner of my eye.

After a few minutes poking and prodding I was pronounced fit to perform and the nurse walked off to check on another patient who had just stepped into the tent limping in discomfort.

Slipping off the bed I began to gather up my things all the while my gaze fixed on the bed next to me. Who was he? I hadn't seen him on stage or in rehearsals so he must be part of a bands crew. It seemed odd though that he would be here alone, surely someone must be missing him? I know I would be.

He groaned again and I watched as he shifted and his eyelids flickered open. I found myself staring directly into the most stunning eyes I had ever seen. They were a very pale, crystalline blue that on anyone else would have looked freakish or abnormal, but on him were simply breathtaking.

He shakily pulled himself up into a sitting position and looked around in confusion, his eyes wide and alarmed.

"Are you okay?" I asked slowly, he met my gaze and I cringed as recognition danced behind his eyes. Disappointed I waited patiently for the gushing fan moment to come; except it never did. He merely shook his head to himself and then winced.

"I can get the nurse if you want?" I asked concerned. God what's wrong with me? I don't even know this guy.

"No it's fine. I'm fine. Thank you though." He replied politely as he dragged himself out of the put up bed.

"Are you sure you should be...."I trailed off and quickly reached out a hand to steady him as he wobbled dangerously on the spot. Leaning into me he used me as a support, his breathing laboured.

"Sorry," He panted, his breath warm on my neck, "I'm just abit dizzy."

"S'Ok." I said, my voice strangely high pitched. His body was pressed firmly against mine and my thoughts were beginning to run away with me into decidedly sexual territory.

Luckily he moved away before anything embarrassing could occur and stood up straight his pale features tinged with a reddy blush.

"Sorry bout that," he said sheepishly, "Guess I'm not as okay as I thought I was."

"No need to apologise," I said as I led him back to the bed and sat him down, "You've got concussion so I think you're allowed to be dizzy"

"I've got concussion?" He asked his eyes wide, "How did I get concussion?"

" ran into a barrier." I said as I took a seat next to him on the bed and tried not to focus on how close we now were. It was difficult though, he was hunched over with his eyes closed. His head was resting on his hand, his long tapered fingers gently massaging his temple. He looked so confused, it made me want to reach over and comfort him.

"I don't remember...." He trailed off dejectedly as he turned to look at me, "I don't remember running into anything."

"I wouldn't worry about it," I said with force wanting to reassure him, "It must just be a temporary thing due to the shock of it all."

"Well let's hope so," He said with another groan as he accidentally brushed over the swollen lump on his forehead, "It feels like I've been out drinking; it's like the worse hangover I've ever had."

He grinned, his smile lighting up his face. It was infectious and I smiled back glad to see him happy.

Our conversation had inadvertently caught the attention of the now harassed looking nurse. She hurried over tutting loudly, grabbing bits and pieces of equipment on her way.

"You have concussion Mr......?" she questioned snippily as she bent over him with a fancy looking piece of equipment and checked his pupils.

"Quinn," He supplied giving me a slightly panicked look, "Logan Quinn."

Logan. It suited him.

"Well Mister Quinn as I was saying; you have concussion and should be resting in bed not taking part in a lively discussion." She said sternly as she moved to check his pulse and heart rate.

"I'm perfectly alright thank you very much," He said quickly narrowing his eyes at the short snappy woman, "I've had concussion before, I know what it entails."

I held back a grin as his pale face turned an indignant shade of pink. The nurse muttered at him under her breath but continued on with her examination, then after taping a large piece of bandage over the gash on his head she waddled off huffing loudly.

"I don't think you made the greatest of impressions there," I said watching him with a smile. He was fiddling with the bandage on his head trying to unstick a piece of his hair that had gotten caught in the tape. Reaching over I gently tugged the fluffy strand of hair out for him; it was soft, just as I thought it would be. The image of running my hands through that shock of white blonde hair popped into my head without warning and I resisted the urge to play with the piece of hair already in my hand. Suddenly noticing that he was watching me from beneath his pale fringe I quickly pulled my hand away afraid that I had lingered too long.

"Thanks," He said giving me a grateful smile.

Looking down at my feet I mentally berated myself, why was I behaving like such an idiot? He was a mass of angles, all sharp contours and harsh points; yet for some reason I couldn't stop looking at him. He wasn't my type in any way shape or form; all my past partners had been dark, rugged and built where as Logan.....well he wasn't really any of those things. He was unique, like no one I had ever seen or met. He had a type of beauty that floored me and the attraction I felt for him bubbled under the surface threatening to overflow. I felt like a teenager again, fumbling and nervous, unable to control my hormones.

The crazy thing is that I don't even know the guy; he could be a psychopath murderer for all I know.

Beside me I felt him move and glanced over only to become bewitched once more; he was stretching. His emerald green shirt rode up as he raised his arms and more pale skin became exposed. I couldn't tell if he was doing it on purpose or not. He didn't seem the type to openly flirt; perhaps it was just me looking into a simple gesture too much. I mean it's a free country isn't it? If he wants to stretch and show off his surprisingly toned lower stomach in front of me then why should I care?

It's just he's so close to me and the way his hip bones are jutting out of his low slung jeans is just so....incredibly hot. Feeling a warm blush rise to the surface I looked down quickly at my feet.

I really don't know why I'm still here to be honest. I'm pretty sure that I'm late for sound check, the guys are gunna be pissed as hell. I only came in for a check up and have somehow managed to spend the best part of the evening sitting, watching and lusting after an odd looking British guy with amnesia.

"I'm camping here I think...." He said slowly his pale eyebrows knitted together in concentration. I looked at him confused for a moment until I realized he was trying to remember how he got here.

"But you have a band pass," I said suddenly as I remembered, "That means you're with one of the bands performing."

Looking down at the pass around his neck he shook his head and stood up agitated. Watching him carefully I readied myself to grab him if he wobbled again.

"No....that's not right....I'm not in a band, I can't play an instrument to save my life." He snapped, I think more to himself than at me.

Looking down once more at the pass he growled in frustration.

"Why can't I remember god damn it? It's like the past few days have just...have just gone. I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday. How can I remember my name but not what I did yesterday?"

He teetered suddenly on the spot and I jumped up grabbing hold of his arms. A strong protective instinct had overtaken me and although my body was screaming at me to acknowledge the closeness we now shared as he leaned on me again, I ignored it, now more concerned with making sure he was okay.

"I'm bloody fine," He muttered as I sat him back down, "Stupid dizzy spells."

"Look just go steady will you?" I said sternly, "That nurse will be over here again if you keep pushing it."

A pained look crossed his face at the mention of the nurse and I grinned as he nodded submissively.

"It's just so weird you know?" He looked me straight in the eyes and I felt slightly unnerved by the way his icy gaze was so unflinching.

"I can remember my job, my friend's names, and the type of car I drive. I can remember all the things I'm scared of, all the things I wish I'd accomplished and all the things I love, but today and yesterday elude me."

The passion in his voice when he spoke was intense, the raw emotion that he conveyed through his eyes far too powerful for me to hold his gaze. I wanted to know the answers to all the things he'd stated, but instead settled on the one that most intrigued me, the one I felt I would gain the most from.

"What do you wish you'd accomplished?" I asked him quietly.

He snorted loudly and I met his gaze surprised by the sudden outburst. Shaking his head slightly he gave me a wry smile.

"Seriously I could give you so many answers to that question it's unreal." He said his face suddenly troubled. I hadn't caught it at first, but looking at him now, as we sat literally inches apart I began to notice hidden emotions in Logan's face. His beautiful slanted smile had drawn my attention away from deep set lines of worry that creased his brow and made his white blonde eyebrows knit together. His eyes, though hazy with frustration about his amnesia were also tainted by worry and strain.

"I haven't got anywhere to be." I said lying through my teeth but not caring in the slightest.

"Alright then," He smiled at me jokily, "Here's my tale of woe and strife. As I remember it to be anyway....but you know I do have amnesia so forgive me if I get a few details wrong."

I grinned at his self deprecating humor and turned my body round to face him noticing him do the same.

"I work at this place called The Den; it's like a local hub of entertainment, bands play there, we have a cinema and bar out the back."

"Sounds like one hell of a place." I added as he paused seemingly unsure of how to go on. He nodded.

"It is. My best friend runs it, built it up from this empty shell and turned it into this thriving business that everyone loves." His pride in his friend was clear and yet I wondered somewhat where this was going.

"I work for her." He said his eyes suddenly boring into my own, "Behind the bar, in the ticket booth, backstage. I'm always there in the background ready when something goes wrong or if she has a major crisis. I just feel so...." He trailed off looking a little lost.

"Used?" I questioned gently. I had a feeling that we weren't just talking about his job anymore.

Still looking at him I saw him visibly tense at the word, I could see the inner battle raging behind his eyes.

"Yeah," He admitted after a moment, "and yet at the same time no. She's my best friend I'd do anything for her but when I'm there, in The Den, I'm not where I want to be."

He was picking at the bandage on his head again, his long fingers fiddling with the end of the tape, twirling it around.

"I want to be here." He said as he dropped his hand to his side once more.

His face had lit up with obviously excitement and I looked at him confused.

"Here?" I asked, "You wanna be here? In a dingy old Med Tent with no short term memory?"

He laughed loudly and prodded me playfully.

"No! I want to be in these surroundings, with all the music and the bands. I want to work in this environment. I always have."

He looked so happy all of a sudden and it took my breath away. I opened my mouth to say something in reply but was interrupted by a loud babble of noise entering the tent.


Both Logan and I looked up sharply our eyes fixed on the door as a staggering figure was escorted into the tent by the same security guard as before. He was clearly completely pissed, ranting loudly to himself.

"WHATS THAT COMING OVER THE HILL.....IS IT A MONSTER....IS IT A MONSTER....what? No get off of me. I am not was only a bottle....there is nufing wrong wiv me....."

I watched in disbelief as the new arrival suddenly slumped to the floor motionless.

The guard sighed loudly and dragged the now limp form over to a bed and plonked him down.

"Fuckin' merch guys." I heard him mutter under his breath, shooting me a dark look as he walked back out of the tent.

I turned to Logan expecting his grin to match my own but found him staring wide eyed at the guy lying flat out on the bed. There was a look of pain on his face and worry shot through me instantly.

"Do you want me to get the nurse? Are you feeling dizzy again?" I asked placing my hand on his arm. He was shaking, his whole body trembling under my palm.

He jumped at my touch but didn't look at me. His gaze was still fixated on the drunken man in the bed across from us.

"Pirate flag...." Logan whispered, his voice so quiet I almost didn't catch what he said.

I looked back over to the still figure in the bed and saw that he had a scruffy black flag, embellished with the standard pirate markings wrapped loosely across his shoulders. I'd seen quite a few of those flags today actually. Looking back at Logan I watched as his eyes flicked backwards and forwards from the pirate flag to the floor, his face marred by conflicting emotions.

Jerking his head up sharply wincing once more, he looked at me wide eyed.

"Fuck." He breathed.

I realized now what had happened. His eyes had lost that shadow, his face no longer set with frustration. That flag had triggered something.

"O god," He said as he stood up and began to pull on his shoes, "I can't believe I could fucking forget about everything that's happened; Ollie's going to kill me."

I felt a sharp stab of jealously at the mention of another persons name but pushed it to the back of my mind; I had no right to be jealous really. I stood up and picked up my own things trying to ignore the prominent feeling of disappointment. Of course he was going to leave, he obviously has something going on, what did I really expect?


I looked up to find Logan standing in front of me, his tall lanky frame screaming awkwardness.

"I just wanted to say thanks....for you know being so nice and looking after me and everything..." He said quietly, his eyes were sincere though and I smiled at him.

"You're welcome." I replied.

He shot me one last smile and walked quickly out of the tent in a blur of pale skin and white blonde hair. My smile disappeared and I too walked out of the tent, wanting to escape it's now cloistering atmosphere.

The cool dusk of the evening hit me as I wandered over towards the entrance to the bus park. I began rehearsing my excuse as to why I was late, the guys probably wouldn't believe me but it was worth a try.


I stopped on reflex as you do when you hear someone randomly yelling. I turned and looked around for the source of the noise. Brushing my shaggy blonde fringe out of my eyes I squinted through the near darkness at the rapidly approaching figure.

"Thank God. I thought you'd never stop!"

I felt my face light up as I grinned and didn't bother to hold it back.

"Logan." I said as I began walking towards him.

We met in front of a large pile of old light fixtures and I waited for him to speak expectantly. If I opened my mouth I was liable to blurt something stupid out, either that or jump him; neither of which I was sure he would appreciate.

"I...err...I mean...thanks for you know....." He stuttered uncomfortably, his face tinged slightly red.

"You're welcome. Again." I said amused by his sudden ineloquence.

"Yeah right. I guess I did say that before didn't I?" He laughed nervously at himself before sharply clearing his throat and continuing.

"I thought maybe you might like know talk sometimes maybe? I mean it's cool if you don't or if you're busy or anything....I guess you'll be touring and stuff so it's probably inconvenient and all...."

I cut off his stumbling tirade by grabbing hold of his hand. He stopped talking immediately and stared at me clearly unnerved.

With my free hand I routed around my back pocket and pulled out the pen I had been using earlier to fill out the medical form. Uncapping it I turned his hand over and began writing on it.

"This is my cell phone number and the email address for my Sidekick." I explained as I wrote a series of numbers and my aim address down. His face lit up with comprehension and he nodded.

"Call me anytime." I said once I'd finished.

I reluctantly let go of his hand and took a step back. Giving him one last smile I turned away and walked off in the direction of the bus once more. I wanted so badly to turn around but didn't want to ruin the image of him I had in my head.

Standing before me, his eyes wide as I gently rubbed his palm whilst writing down my number. Feeling his warm skin in mine, his fine blonde hair flicking up gently as the evening breeze floated by, the faint rosy color of his cheeks and the soft sound of his breathing as I moved closer to him.


Turning round right now would defiantly ruin it.
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