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Now or Never

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The return of the feared Tigerstar. Only, he's not as feared as his assiant: Kage. Kage is a massive, sleek black tom who won't hesiate to eat cats for breakefeast, luunch, and dinner. Together t...

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Before I was born, I knew Tigerstar was killed by Scourge. The ruthless leader of Bloodclan who was later killed by Firestar becuase Scourge didn't have nine lives like the leaders did. Even though Tigerstar had nine lives, it didn't matter. Bloodclan claws were extended with the fangs of dogs that they had killed, killing all nine lives in one powerful blow. But that didn't matter, even if Tigerstar hadn't been killed we were in the mountians now. There was no way he could find us. Ever. Well, maybe, but the sent trails were covered up and going stale. No way, I told my self.
Walking to the bank of the river, I saw an apprentice crouched over the River. He was completely still, his eyes never leaving the water. When his paw darted out and brought up a glittering fish, I smiled. Walking to the edge of the River, I repeated his ways and caught a fish. It's how we Riverclaners do it. Stay still, get your paws wet, and eat. Bringing the fish back to camp, I settled down in my nest of reeds and began to eat in a frenzy, as if this might be my last meal. And it very well could.
This journey had been very scary for me, my mentor died before we left, leaving me the medcine cat of Riverclan. It was scary becuase I always felt my brother's, Hawkfrost, crystal blue eyes burning into me. Leafpool was there for me, and so was Cinderpelt if I needed help. What if someone wanted to be my apprentice? Would I be cut out for it? Leoprdstar, thankfully, interupted my thoughts. Mothwing? Cinderpelt, Leafpool, and Littlecloud are going to hunt for herbs. I think you should go with them... By the looks of it we're going to need all the herbs we can get. She said, cassting a glance at the elders and kits. I nodded my head and got up from the place where I was eating, trying to gather my thoughts and strengith.
Lepordstar was truly a beautiful cat. She had an oddly colored pelt for a cat since it looked like a Lepord's, hince her name. But I had also been told I was beautiful, too. But how did anyone see it in my plain old brown tabby pelt? Green eyes, brown tabby, and a raccoon tail. I looked like Tigerstar more than anything... So did Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost was my full brother, a brown tabby with crystal blue eys, and Brambleclaw was my half brother: brown tabby with green eyes. They all had massive shoulders and were skilled fighters, just like Tigerstar. After all, we shared the same father, but only me and Hawkfrost had the same mother. The only difference between Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost is... Well, there's no easy way to put this... Hawfrost's evil. His goal is to avenge our father, do the same things, just not get killed. It was hard not to tell someone that he was planning on taking over the forest, well... Now mountians.
Mothwing? Are you okay? You haven't said a word this whole time! Leafpool asked me as Cinderpelt and Littlecloud chatted away about herbs and other things. Huh? Oh yeah... I'm fine. I mumbled, guessing that she didn't buy it one bit. Don't blame her, I wouldn't either.
As of now, we had rached the lake. It looked like one of those big shiny things that Twolegs put where there is openings in their nests. Windows, I believe. Not sure, though. Leafpool was still eyeing me carefully as we got closer to a marshy area. I noticed that the two Thunderclan cats were lifting their paws and shaking the mud off them, but Littlecloud and I walked along, not really caring. Him being a Shadowclan cat was used to this, and me being a Riverclan cat was used to swiming and he soft banks of the rivers where the sand and mud sunk between your claws. Ugh, how do you live with this? Cinderpelt asked, trying her best to shake her crippled leg. You have to get used to it, first. I said, not taking my eyes of the horizion. I think I smell horsetail! Come on, Mothwing! Leafpool exlaimed in excitement, bounding ahead of the others. I laughed at her klutzyness. She looked odd racing across the marsh and every so often picking up one foot and shaking it as she ran. Running after her, my gait was smooth and undisturbed. No need to carry on like she was doing.
Suddenly, a peice of mud flung its self right onto my face and I raced forward. Leafpool! I shouted, leaping into the air and tackling her playfully. Please, let's try to run side by side so I don't have anything flung in my face by your flaying paws. She grinned and squirmed under me, like it was some great feat to rid herself from underneat my weight. It wasn't, was it? I mean... I wasn't that heavy, was I? Maybe it's just being related to Tigerstar... I gulped at the thought. I'm not like him, Hawkfrost is.
Sheesh, Mothwing! I could have died of suffication! Leafpool said, walking playfully beside me. Don't think like that. I mutttered grimly, eyes still locked to the ground. Sorry, she mumbled back at me. Are... Are you okay? You don't seem like yourself. Is something bothering you? She asked all at once, not pausing to take a breath. I'm fine, Leafpool. Let's just go get that horsetail. I said, putting on a fake cheerful attuide. Thank Starclan she bought it, becuase she bounded after me with more pep in her step.
Hawkfrost? I said in complete shock. Was this same brother I knew when I was a kit, playing with him in the Riverclan nursery. He looked at me, that same gleam in his eye. I shifted my weight, uncomfortable under his eye. Weird to be like that around your brother. Mothwing, don't you get it? We were born to one of the most sucessful cats in the forest! Or... Whatever you want to call it, now! He almost took over the whole forest! Don't be mousebrained! This is the opptertuinty! He said, raising to his paws and coming closer towards me. The oppertuinity of what? I asked curiousley. The oppterutinity to have cats die at your command, the opptertuintiy to have them work for you, to have them have kits with you to produce the winning ones! This is it! I've been thinking it over, it's going to be dangerous, but with three Tigerstar kits in the forest, it's going to be possible.
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