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Baptism (Greed/Kimblee)

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Who else?

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Greed, Kimberly - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-02-05 - Updated: 2007-02-06 - 343 words

The night was cold, and Kimblee rubbed his arms through the coat. Greed was on another of his rants, and it was just easier to go along with it then to get into a fight. So the alchemist stood there in the cold beside a cave, at two in the morning, while Greed flipped through a book on religion like a madman reading porn.

"Okay, I think I have a basic grasp." He finally said, tossing the book over his shoulder and into a body of yellowish water behind them. The alchemist sighed.

"And why exactly is this so important to you?" The alchemist asked.

"My crew should wait for me, should I ever die, in hell." He said, and the other had to nod. It sounded pretty logical. He walked over, as Greed waded into the water. His shield was extended to everything below his collarbone, so the hand he offered was as cold as the air around them.

"I don't want it be wet... its cold." The alchemist said stubbornly. Greed laughed at him.

"Its very nice... it's a hot spring, now come on, the sooner you do this, the sooner we go back to the Devil's nest and get warm." Greed coaxed, and finally he sighed and allowed himself to be charmed into the water. To his surprise (and delight) Greed had been right, it was comfortingly warm. Greed tenderly cradled his head and let it sink under the water, holding him down.

He let his eyes open, and stared up at Greed. The water was tinged yellow, and he knew it stuck. The moonlight shone down, and silluetted Greed into something resembling an angel... or a shadow of something that once had lived.

Greed brought him back up, and the shockingly cold air took away his breath and liquefied his knees, until Greed had to catch him. Suddenly the whole situation seemed hilarious... after all...

Baptized on Halloween, fully clothed, in a sulfur spring, by an embodiment of one of the Seven Deadly Sins...

Who else but Zolf Kimblee?
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