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Chapter nineteen

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is Harley


Exams and Attacks

The next morning at breakfast, Professor Dumbledore asked Harry and Hermione for a meeting. When they were all seated in his office, Professor Dumbledore looked at them seriously over his half-moon spectacles. "Harry, I sense that your raw magical powers have increased several times.I also sense that Hermione's magical power has increased, to about the same level as yours.All of this is in the expected scope of the magical twin curse. However, you also have other abilities, which were not the result of the curse, and that is your ability to research.

Professor Dumbledore drank from his tea.

"Your status in Hogwarts is based on the fact that you two are teaching DA. You are also doing some research and some additional work in the security of the castle, and your performance is exceptional. However,I would like to discuss some changes in your status at Hogwarts, if you don't mind. "

Hermione looked very excited.

"What is on your mind, Professor? "

"I would like to start a magical laboratory at Hogwarts with the two of you in charge. "

"We already have the laboratory in the classroom Professor. "

"Yes, we have, but it is only a classroom. I am thinking about building a real laboratory at on rather than at the 6th floor. There is a lot of space, and this has not been used for many years. When you are in charge of the laboratory, you will receive a salary, and won't be students anymore.

"But Professor, we don't have our N.E.W.T.s yet, we need to wait until the end of the semester! "

"I spoke with Cornelius Fudge and we have agreed that you can take the N.E.W.T. any moment you like. You can even prepare yourselves for the N.E.W.T this coming week, and take the exams on Friday and Saturday. What do you think about my plan? "

Hermione was jumping on her chair. "We will do it, Professor. This is the most amazing idea I've ever heard. It would make me so happy, and we never need to leave Hogwarts. I truly feel that Hogwarts is my second home.

Hermione was smiling widely and looked so happy.

"Harry, what do you think about my idea? " Professor Dumbledore asked him

"Professor, Hogwarts is my first and only home. It is the place where I found myself and where I am happy. You heard Hermione, and I am so happy to work at the research lab. I have so many ideas I want to research and develop. I think we need to talk to Professor Snape, because I know he would love to assist us and get his own research rolling as well. I also think the lab needs training rooms, for those who need training in the use of what we develop. Oh, and before I forget, this is good financially for Hogwarts, because everything we develop will be owned by the school.I think it is a perfect match, Professor. "

Professor Dumbledore looked happy as well. "That is a deal, then. I will warn the ministry to prepare for your N.E.W.T. exams. When do you want to have them? "

Hermione jumped from her chair and laughed aloud. "At the end of the next week, Professor. We need to go back to our dorm to start the preparations immediately. "

"I will give you permission to take leave from teaching, because you need to have all the time for your preparations. "

"No Professor!" Harry jumped excitingly from his chair as well. "Don't do that. We will teach and prepare. I don't want the students to suffer because of us.

No, I want to continue teaching them; we will finish the current section on shields soon, then after the holidays we have curse breaking and attacking spells. I don't think it is a good idea to have even one week of break, because we will be behind with the lesson schedule."

"And there are other projects as well. One of the most important projects is fighting Voldemort. I don't think that anything can be protected against him, so we will end up fighting him somewhere in the future. I still think that I am the person who is going to fight him, and I found out that I have something what he does not have. That is love, friendship and positive emotions. When he feels those from me, he will be totally destroyed. It will blow all the fuses in his mind. "

Professor Dumbledore and Hermione were laughing. "Oh Harry, you are really something," Hermione said.
Harry winced. "Before we go, what study package do we study? "

"We will do our N.E.W.T.'s in charms, transfiguration, defense, runes, history, astronomy, potions, magical creatures, Arithmancy, muggle studies, Herbology, divination and Practical Magic Theory. That is all thirteen of them. "

"We do? All of them? And the advanced?"

"All of them, and we want to do all the advanced ones too"

"Then I guess we have some preparations to do, don't we? "

"Yes we do, my love. You make the quiz-lists and quiz schedulesand I will prepare the material."

"Who is making summaries of what? "

"Stop children." Laughed Professor Dumbledore. "You two sound incredible. I would never guess that Harry would study like this. He doesn't seem to be afraid of a little hard work, does he, Hermione?")

Hermione was grinning at him. "Indeed he doesn't, Professor. Tom Riddle was the one who had a record amount of N.E.W.Ts, was he not?"

"Yes Hermione. He got 16 N.E.W.T.'s, if I am not mistaken. "

"Well, we will beat him and get more." Hermione smiled and turned to Harry. "Harry, today it is Sunday and we have the whole day for preparing ourselves for studies. We do not have time to play in the lab; you need to make the lists. I will make summaries of all the subjects we need to study, working according the index. I also have some books which will help us with the N.E.W.T.'s; I will study them as well and see what can help us. Let's go, we have work to do! "

Later that day, Harry and Hermione were studying for their N.E.W.Ts. Their dorm was full of books, parchment and writing materials, and they were both so deeply involved in their work that they did not notice Professor Snape entering the room.


No reaction.

He tried again.

"Professor Snape, what a surprise!" Harry exclaimed. He stood up, and looked pleased to see the Professor. "We wanted to ask you earlier if it was possible to have a talk with you. But since you are here, can we have this talk now?"

Harry stood up and looked pleased to the Professor. We wanted to ask you already earlier if it is possible that we can have a talk with you. But you are anyhow here, so maybe we can have this talk now? "

Snape looked suspiciously at Harry.

Hermione saw this. "Professor, we wanted to talk about what Professor Dumbledore has proposed to us. He proposed that ... "

I am aware of the plans Professor Dumbledore has for you. What is it you want from me? "

"Well ... "

Harry looked straight into Snape's eyes. "Professor, at this moment we are preparing for our N.E.W.T.'s. After we have finished them, we will not be students anymore, we'll be doing the research here at Hogwarts.The lab is on the 6th floor, and according to Professor Dumbledore, there is a lot of space. We will build classrooms and other facilities to assist the school and us. I would appreciate it very much if you can join us in the labs for research projects and other work. We would like to build labs for Potions, Professor and we would like it if you were in charge of those labs. We would also appreciate it very much if we can do one or more research projects, other than Potions, together. "

Hermione sat straight in her chair. "Yes Professor. I was thinking about the possibility of sending 7th years to the labs to do some projects, and advanced potions."

Snape did not say anything. Harry could see that Snape was pleased and surprised; it was obvious that he never expected this offer.

"Well ... what can I say? I think I like the idea about potion research labs. I think I would appreciate it very much if we could do some shared research in several areas like the message spells ... and Ms. Granger's idea to send 7th years up to do research I like very much as well.

Snape paused.

"This reminds me why I am here. I'd like to discuss the research of the message spells with you Potter, but I see that you have other things on your mind ... Maybe I can assist you with your N.E.W.T.'s. When you are ready with your potions, let me quiz you both and see if you are ready. After your N.E.W.T. exams, we can discuss the labs and the message spells, if that is okaywith you. "

"That is excellent, Professor Snape. But I think that we will need your input about your the requirements for the potion labs, because the construction will start tomorrow, and we need to have a detailed idea of what we need. Maybe we can meet in our dorm later and discuss exactly what we need? I still have a bottle of excellent port somewhere.

Snape was actually smiling!

"That is excellent Potter. In sake of the honor of the Port, we have a meeting this evening after dinner to discuss the labs and facilities. Have a good day. "

Snape stood up and left the dorm.

"Life continues to amaze me, Hermione. I wonder what is next. "

Harry finished the outlines of their study plans; he also indexed the quiz-lists and was already filling in questions and issues about history. Hermione filled in the Potions summaries, then worked on Charms until it was time for dinner.

Harry and Hermione stood up to leave the dorm. Harry looked stopped and looked to their dorm. "It is so cozy here, Hermione. All that golden light of the candles, the fire in the fireplace, all the books piled up everywhere, it looks so much like a home. "

They walked in silence through the corridors of the castle to the great hall for their dinner. "Do you miss Quidditch, Harry? "

They continued to walk in silence for some moments. "No Hermione. I haven't thought about Quidditch for a while now, ever since we have been together. I haven't even felt the need for flying. "

They continued to walk in silence, holding hands "You know, I haven't felt the pain over the loss of my parents for a while, and I don't have bad dreams anymore. I think it is the first time in my life that I have had happy dreams, as you very well know."

"Yes Harry. I know of those dreams. I can feel the emotions coming when you are asleep; you regularly have erotic dreams, haven't you? "

"Oh yes, very erotic and some of them I remember in detail. "

At that moment they reached the great hall. Hermione whispered, "We will continue our conversation at a later point in the evening, Mr. Potter."

"Yes Mrs. Potter, we will definitely. "

Hermione turned and kissed him, looking very happy. "That sounds so right"

After dinner they asked Snape to accompany them to their dorm After theyarrived at the dorm, they started to work on a layout plan and discussed the Potions labs. Harry and Snape also discussed the classroom that would be next to the Potions lab.After 4 hours of talking and two bottles of Harry's port, Snape left the dorm. Harry and Hermione went to bed.

"Now you can finish telling me about those erotic dreams, Harry ..."

Then the next day was Monday and they had classes to teach. They spent the rest of the day studying. The rest of the week passed by very quickly and before they knew it was Thursday evening, the evening when Snape would quiz them. Harry and Hermione entered Snape's dungeon and were surprised to find Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall present as well. There were five glasses and a bottle of fire whiskey on the table. Snape came out of his private chambers. "Let's start, because we have a lot to do this night. "

Snape quizzed them solidly for two hours; all of them were focused on the material. "I think that you two are amazingly ready for your N.E.W.T., even for the advanced one ones. " With that, he filled their glasses with whisky and proposed a toast. "To our new research masters."

The evening passed very pleasantly until it was time to go to sleep. Their N.E.W.T exams would start the next day. Thank god, they did not need to go to the ministry for the exams, because they were held at Hogwarts. There would be three other students joining them for the exams, but none of them was from Hogwarts.

The Friday morning exams were in Practical Magic Theory and divination, and Harry and Hermione took the Practical Magic Theory advanced as well. On Friday afternoon they had Herbology, Muggle Studies and Arithmancy. They took the advanced Arithmancy and Muggle Studies as well.

On Saturday morning, they had Magical creatures with Hagrid and a strange examiner with the name of Mr. Twiggs. Without questioning them, Mr. Twiggs took the Advanced Magical Creatures as well. This was followed by Potions, Advanced Potions and Astronomy. After lunch they had History, Runes, Advanced runes, Defense and Advanced Defense. After dinner, they had Transfiguration and Charms, and took the advanced exams in both of subjects as well.

They went to sleep at 11 pm Friday evening, tired to their bones and slept immediately.

On Saturday, Harry and Hermione went to Potter's castle, together with Hermione's parents, Hagrid and Snape. Sirius and Lupin joined them in the afternoons. They all spent the weekend at the castle. Harry, Hermione spent a lot of time planning the laboratories, and the security they would need. Snape could tell them a lot about the security spells they would need to cast when all the rooms were ready.

On Sunday evening, they had a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Goodhart, the marriage advisers. Mr. and Mrs. Goodhart were pleasantly surprised that the couple had prepared themselves for a change. Even Harry was trying to do his best. The next weekend he needed to buy the rings.

On Monday morning, Harry and Hermione were in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. At eight thirty, two owls flew toward them. "The results of the N.E.W.T.'s are in!"

Hermione unbound the official envelopes from the ministry of magic and tore it (hers) open.

Charms 100 Charms Advanced 100
Transfiguration 100 Transfiguration Advanced 98
Defense 100 Defense Advanced 100
Runes and languages 100 Runes and languages Advanced 100
History 99 Astronomy 100
Potions 100 Potions Advanced 100
Magical creatures 100 Magical creatures Advanced 100
Arithmancy 100 Arithmancy Advanced 100
Muggle studies 100 Muggle studies Advanced 100
Herbology 95
Divination 90
Practical Magic Theory 100 Practical Magic Theory Advanced 100

Average: 99.19

Hermione screamed, and it filled the Great Hall. "I have 22 N.E.W.T.'s with an average of 99.19! "
A shocked silence followed.
Harry tore open his envelope.

Charms 100 Charms Advanced 100
Transfiguration 100 Transfiguration Advanced 90
Defense 100 Defense Advanced 100
Runes and languages 100 Runes and languages Advanced 100
History 90
Astronomy 100
Portions 100 Portions Advanced 100
Magical creatures 100 Magical creatures Advanced 100
Arithmancy 100 Arithmancy Advanced 100
Muggle studies 100 Muggle studies Advanced 100
Herbology 100
Divination 95
Practical Magic Theory 100 Practical Magic Theory Advanced 100

Average: 98.86

Harry was whispering to the Professors and Hermione. "I have 22 N.E.W.T.'s with an average of 98.86! "


A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is Harley
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