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Chapter 3

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[Battle of the Planets] Jason has a bad habit of falling for the wrong person. This time he manages it in a rather spectacular manner Set before, during and after the episode "The Alien Bigfoot"

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It was amazing, really, how they managed to have dovetailing schedules. Not once did Jason have to pull out of a date with Tal, not once did Tal's "business" keep him away from his lover.

Jason found himself spending more and more time with Tal and less and less with his teammates.

They, on the other hand, found Jason more open and happier than he had ever been before.

For once in his life, Jason found himself truly happy. He said as much to Tal early one morning after they made love.

Tal smiled. "I find myself in the same situation, Dearling. I would not have believed that I could have such pleasure and such love."

Jason found that being in love with your friend made that love even more satisfying, and finally understood why Princess persevered with her pursuit of Mark. He resolved to help her - even if he had to present her with Mark, tied up with a large bow. The thought made him grin, and Tal moved closer, kissing the edge of the grin.

"That grin bodes no good for somebody, Jason," he said.

"A friend - almost a sister. For the first time, I understand why she loves him, why she keeps on loving him even though neither one of them will do anything about it. I was contemplating presenting Prin with Mark as a gift. Naked and tied with a bow."

Tal laughed at that, knowing his lover was quite capable of doing such a thing. Something was nagging him however. The names Jason used, nagged in the back of his mind. They were something he should know. Something important. He pushed it away. This time belonged to Tal and Jason. He would allow nothing to intrude.

Almost absentmindedly, he traced a long silver scar that went across Jason's hip. One of a fine tracery of scars. This one, however, looked considerably more serious than the others. This one, he could not justify from injuries from a car accident whilst racing, or just clumsiness.

This one was a slice wound. Made by something very sharp and large. He wondered again what Jason did other than race, why he had always seemed so naggingly familiar.

Whatever it was, it was important, he was sure.

But not more important than his Dearling.

Jason shivered at the touch. Tal seemed fascinated with that scar, and Jason knew why.

It was the one that he couldn't justify. He didn't mind some of Tal's fascination with it. The light touch and kisses were some of the most erotic feelings he had ever had.

He caught Tal looking at him, and a chime went off in the other room. He felt Tal stiffen, and heard him swear at the interruption. It rarely happened, these interruptions in what had become their home, Tal's "sanctuary", but it always meant that Tal was called away on urgent business.

He stretched as he watched Tal pull on a robe and leave the room. His languid lover replaced by the powerful man he knew Tal was in his other life. Jason didn't really care what Tal's business was. As long as he didn't probe too deeply into Jason's.

He dozed and was wakened by Tal re-entering the bedroom. Jason watched through half-closed eyes as he entered and pulled off his robe before jumping on the bed.

Jason responded happily, but the flash he had caught as Tal discarded the robe worried him. There was something achingly familiar about it. Jason knew that it was something important, but it escaped him completely. He kept getting these flashes with Tal, finding something naggingly familiar about him.

But he passed it off as just becoming more and more familiar with Tal.

They passed their time doing all the things they did as friends, but found greatest joy in the nights that they managed to steal. Nights where they did nothing but sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

Jason and Tal learned each other by rote. They taught each other how to love, how to show love. Tal learned the difference between sex and making love, and he resolved that Jason would never have to know that.

No matter what his Master said, he couldn't give up his human lover. He would die first.

And when he was alone, Tal would tremble at the thought of how much he did love Jason. He blessed that love, as, when the part of him that was Tal was pushed to the back, was almost lost to his Master's will, that love managed to keep Tal intact.
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