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He wonders how true it is. Ed drabble, towards the beginning of the series.

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Power corrupts.

Or so they say, and he wonders how true it really is. Logical, sure, but true? He didn't know. And so he wonders.

He wonders if someday he will feel it, that need for more. More of that strength he feels as metal breaks through air and flesh. More of that rush he gets when light flashes and forms change under his control. He wonders if it will no longer be enough, if soon metal will stretch thin until it covers his body. Until he is more machine than man, liquid heat and raw power. Would he still be human, in the end? Would he even care?

He wondered if all this was worth it.

Then he thought of his brother, that soul with no body and more kindness than this world deserved. He wondered what that boy would look like now, years later.

He continued on.
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