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Color My Eyes Red

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Love is fickle, and a potential loss of life can change the veiw of another, Inuyasha messes up; feelings are fessed... but... What is she hiding?

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Color My Eyes Red.

I suggest strongly that you read while listening to this song. It can be found as a video on my myspace page... Hush by Juliet Simms ... oh yeah, and uh the words aren't in the exact order, I have taken out the chorus in some places so that it makes more sense later.
~disclaimer... © 2005 Original Sound Recording and Lyrics Created By Juliet and Tommy Simms and David Thompson All Rights Reserved .... Ps... I do not own Inuyasha nor any of the characters or ORIGINAL story lines of the magna.
/ /
This is as quiet as it gets
hush down now go to sleep
we were once perfect
me and you will never leave this room

There was a bend ahead; he could just make it out as he ran. He was running from her... from everything that he couldn't have, he wasn't supposed to love her. There was far too much that went into it, and he just didn't have that kind of courage... did he? He fought countless demons, he suffered immensely just to survive; Love however, was a different matter.

Unknown to him, she mused over the same ponderings day in and day out.

There was a rustling in the bushes behind the hanyou as the wind calmed. Turning his head, his eyes narrowed at his surroundings. As he smelled the air, he found it; her scent lingering strongly near.

"I know you're there Kagome... why don't you just sit me and get it over with already." His voice was filled with sarcasm. Another rustle in the small bush in front of him produced the petite priestess. Her eyes were downcast, sad and her voice monotone and quiet.

"Why would I sit you when you were right?" He was dumbfounded. He was right? What the hell? Slowly, her head rose and her eyes met with his own confused glare. "Inuyasha, you were right about everything. I use the spell against you... I use it when I don't have to just to avoid you; to avoid my own feelings. I guess, as happy as I seem... I'm really not. Inuyasha, see... in my time, I'm not exactly thought of as very pretty. Sure, Hojo likes me but he pretty much just feels pity for me because he thinks I'm always sick. I am just a plain Jane I suppose, and I guess when I realized that I looked like Kikyo and saw how highly you thought of her... I hoped... I hoped that... that you might think that I was good enough for your love too." Her tears crept down her face; Inuyasha just stood there... again in a state of shock at her words.

"Stupid girl." He muttered quietly under his breath, causing her tears to fall harder; her head snapped up and she glared coldly at the pathetic looking hanyou before her.

"Ex... ex... excuse me, Inuyasha? What did you just say? I'm stupid now am I?" She turned quickly and started to run from him, but not before her wrist was caught in his hand. He spun her to face him and held her close. She stood there frozen and stiff as he let his own tears start to fall.

"That is not what I meant and you know it. You have it all wrong. I do... /care/. More than you could ever know, Kagome. And you aren't plain." His voice became a whisper as he pulled away and brought his hand under her chin; causing her to look up into his tear filled eyes. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." She was in shock, /what about Kikyo? /She wanted to mutter, but her voice found no sound. Taking an opportunity he kissed her.
/ /
This is the calming before the storm
We've been here like before
this absolution is always incomplete
its always bittersweet

Melting into his embrace, Kagome became lost. All of her senses seemed to shut down, her body running on its own desires for the man whom held her to him. The kiss deepened, becoming so much more than she could have ever imagined it. This was nothing like their first kiss in the castle beyond the looking glass, no; this was much more. She couldn't help but break away when she started to taste tears that did not belong to her. Looking into Inuyasha's eyes, there was a whole onset of emotions swirling within them, it was hard to pull them apart. There was however one thing that could not be denied; the need that she could feel radiating from his body... his touch.

"Kagome, I ... I couldn't be near you earlier, I didn't mean any of what I said but... I didn't want to do something that I would have regretted." She took on a scowl and just stared at him, hands dangling lifelessly at her sides as he continued to talk. "You see, nothing ever works for me, and I didn't want to do something that you would eventually hate me for, I thought if I made you mad enough, you would leave and never come back; that way, I wouldn't have to watch you die, or do something that would make you want to." She was confused, that much he could tell. Finally, she seemed to snap out of her trance and find her voice.

"I... I understand but, you don't make any sense at the same time, what do you mean by doing something that you would regret and could make me want to die?" He looked away from her almost ashamed. He seemed so feeble and out of it, she didn't quite know what to say, or what was going through his mind. Slowly, she walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Ih... Inuyasha?" Her voice seemed so small.

"Huh." He replied sheepishly.

"I... I love you." She whispered, he thought his heart would break at her words.

"No... no you don't, Kagome. You only think you do." He turned to face her once again pushing her hand from his shoulder. She looked as if someone had just hit her in the stomach with a dagger; reluctantly, he walked away. Alone, Kagome gripped her heart and clenched her eyes shut as she fell to her knees. Her cry was pained and echoed through the woods; reaching Inuyasha's ears. He tried, he knew he had lied, but he tried... and somehow he managed to keep his distance from going back to her for about five minutes, he couldn't let her think he hated her; he made his way back to the forest in which he had left her. However, when he got there... she was already gone... he followed her scent, surprised that it lead deeper into the wood; not to the well.
/ /
Hush you color my eyes red
your loves not live its dead
this letters written itself inside out again
when rivers turn to roads and lovers become trends...
H H H Hush this is where it ends

/ /
Kagome, walked slowly to the edge of the water and pulled out a mirror; staring intently and numb into the reflection that gazed back at her, she cursed at her red and puffy eyes; her face cold. The water was a good 20 feet below her. Stealing the note she had hidden away in her bra, she kissed it and laid it on the rock at her feet.

"I love you, Inuyasha" she whispered to the bitter, empty air. Kagome could almost feel his eyes on her, but she knew that it was only a part of her imagination. She wiped her tears and closed her eyes. Slowly, she felt herself falling.... But she opened them when she realized suddenly; she hadn't hit the water. No. Instead it felt as if she were flying; soaring through the air. Looking up, she saw his face; it was concentrated and full of worry and fear. His grip was tight, as if he were terrified of letting her go. She wanted to smile inside, but she knew that he didn't love her. She knew that he just didn't want to fail at protecting yet another person. Her emotions were on overload; she fell into blackness.
/ /
I wont make a sound so you don't wake
don't wake
don't wake
you don't wake
you don't wake

/ /
He watched her sleep, almost peacefully and angelic. As quiet as he could, he placed his Haori over her shivering body. Placing a kiss on her cheek, he whispered in her ear;

"I'm sorry Kagome, but... I lied to you. It isn't true, not a word of the terrible things I said... I need you... I love you...I know you love me... I ..." she opened her eyes and brought her hand to his face.

"You what, Inuyasha?" Her voice was thick with unshed tears. He gripped her shoulders and looked deeply into her eyes.
"I want to ... I want to love you, even if you regret it... I want to. When I saw you jump, I flipped out, I thought I would die... I realized that if I didn't do something about all this shit I feel inside for you, then I would be making a bigger mistake." He released his grip only to find her clinging to his waist.
"You sure you are ready for that, Inuyasha?" Her eyes looked up, scanning his amber orbs in curiosity.

"Are you...?" He spoke quietly, shaky, and looking unsure. She simply nodded, bringing her hands to his face once more to pull his lips to hers. Her hands traveled slowly down his back as Inuyasha placed his tighter around her waist. Her mind was racing as he lifted her into his arms and ran. Into the forest, into his woods; to a special place. Softly, he placed her on the ground before him.

"Where are we?" She asked almost timidly. He looked away again, turning his back to her. She sighed. "Have you, changed your mind... In... Inuyasha?" A soft growl came from his throat and his head bowed.

"No." Was his simple reply.

"Oh..." she looked down in a whisper. "Well... then uh..." When she looked up, she didn't get the chance to finish her words. He was right there, his arms around her waist. Breathing heavily, she looked into his eyes. They held such lust, love, passion... his leer was enticing.

Hush you color my eyes red
your loves not live its dead
this letters written itself inside out again
when rivers turn to roads and lovers become trends...
H H H Hush this is where it ends
you color my eyes red
your loves not live its dead
this letters written itself inside out again
when rivers turn to roads and lovers become trends
H H H Hush this is where it ends

Inuyasha hadn't wasted anytime at all conveying what it was that he had wanted, by pinning her up against the tree and roughly kissing her, grinding his hips against the motion of her own.. His hands rubbed up her thighs pushing her skirt to her sides he fumbled for the side zipper that held it to her waist. Finally, he had been able to unzip the green plaid garment and send it to a puddle of nothing on the forest ground. He had pressed her against the tree harder, never breaking his kisses for more than a second. His lips moved from her mouth down her chin, her neck. Biting the buttons of her shirt until it was no longer being held against her skin. While he did this, She had blindly reached for his Haori, his under-kimono, Hakama; struggling with them until he stood in front of her complementing her naked body with his own. As their passions rose, rain began to fall heavily. Laughing, Kagome grabbed Inuyasha's face and rested their foreheads together.

"Let's not do this here... I've... I've never..." He silenced her with his finger on her lips and grabbed her hand and their clothing wrapping her in his Haori and leading her to a cave beside the tree. Inside, there was a futon... and a fire lit in the middle. It was warm and inviting, dry and comfortable. She looked around the room and sighed. "You planned this didn't you?" She was quite amused, he could tell and a smirk graced his features.

"It was a just in case, I hoped... but, at the same time... I didn't quite know if... if you would ..." Kagome burst into a fit of laughter. Inuyasha's gape was of confusion.

"I'm sorry Inuyasha, I only wonder, what if ... what if I had gone home." Her face became serious.

"I would have gone after you, or... or I would have slept here... alone." His whole body went slack for a moment before he cleared his throat and lifted Kagome's head with his hand. "But, I'm not going to have to sleep here alone am I."

"No. I'm here... tonight is ours... I'm yours." Her voice was deep.

"No, I am /yours/... you've had me in your grasp since day one and you know it wench, but um... I should warn you, this would be forever for us... do you want me forever?" His demeanor was confusing.

"Inuyasha, I need you forever. Do... do you mean it? You want me to be your mate?" As she finished his body seemed to jump with delight.

Coming behind her, his hands gripped her waist again and he kissed the back of her neck. She shivered slightly at his touch and the feel of his Haori falling to the ground. Gently, he laid her upon the futon kissing her body and leaving a trail of fire every spot his lips touched.

"I do... I ... I love you."

"I'm glad... Inuyasha, because I love you, and I want to love you ...forever" Her legs wrapped around him; pulling him closer. He hesitated at first, slowly bringing himself within her. When he reached her resistance, he closed his eyes tightly and pushed. Her cry of pain almost killed him; his eyes flew open and his hands to her face. She looked as if she were deep in concentration, her breathing was labored.

"Ka...Kagome, are... are you alright?" his voice was stressed as she opened her eyes and looked at him tenderly.

"I'm... I'll be fine, I just... I just need a minute... okay?" She drew in a breath, relaxing a bit when he started to kiss away her stray tears.

"Just... just tell me when you're ready..." Inuyasha tried his hardest not to move, she just felt so good clenching him, pulling him closer. After a few moments, he finally felt her squirming beneath him.

"It's okay now..." she whispered, lightly kissing his cheek. Carefully, he started to thrust himself within her, causing the cutest noises... most enticing sounds, to escape the beauty below him. Suddenly, something dawned on him and he stopped moving. She let out a mewl of disappointment and held her hands on his shoulders. "Ih... Inuyasha, what is it?"

"Um, well... are you sure... this ... this is forever..." He was greeted by her smile.

"I know, are... are you having second thoughts or something?" She looked a little worried as her smile fell into a frown. Gently, he kissed her nose.

"Never..." he said confidently, starting to move within her again. This time, her moans became considerably louder and more frequent as he brought her to the edge and back. The effect her body and sounds were having on him drove him crazier than he had ever been. Their bodies entwined, moving with each other thriving off of each wave of pleasure the friction created. This is real. Kagome mused. We are one. Suddenly, she cried out as her final orgasm overtook her and he spilled his seed; clamping his teeth into her collarbone. The intensity caused her to cling to him, sinking her own dull teeth into his shoulder just to find some sort of control. Finally she felt him collapse; bringing her tightly to his side, her head on his chest.

"I love you." She whispered softly as she started to drift into a peaceful sleep. Carefully, Inuyasha reached for his Haori and covered the both of them, holding her closer.

"Thank you, Kagome." He replied, falling into an equally if not more tranquil slumber. Little did he know, she was planning to leave him forever. Opening her eyes, she realized he was asleep; so beautiful and happy, she couldn't stop the sad smile from gracing her lips.

/This is where it ends./
/ /
/TO BE CONTINUED? Hmmm should I?/

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