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Harry's meeting with King Ragnok has a lot of consequences, for Harry as well as the goblins.

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The Chieftain
Chapter Two - Endorsement

Harry entered the Great Hall with Tracy and Daphne walking beside him. They weren't holding hands, nor did they kiss, but the simple fact that they were walking beside each other was enough for the whispering to start. Tracy and Daphne made their way over to their usual spot, acting very Slytherin-like.

"What were you doing with Pothead?" Draco demanded.

"We? Not much really," Daphne said, unconcerned. "And I suggest you keep your insults of Potter in check," she continued with a feral smirk on her face, "because after today, he'll be the Head of your mother's family."

Draco blanched. The Head of a family had legal and magical rights, like the right to divorce members of the family if the Head considered the in-laws unworthy of the family name. In the case of Potter, this could certainly be said of the Malfoys. If he wanted to remain a Malfoy, he would have to tread carefully around Potter from now on. Remembering his stature, color returned to his face and he regained his posture.

"That didn't answer my question," he said.

"Now you mention it," Tracy said, after which the two girls simply began their lunch.

Harry approached the place his friends were seated. He absent-mindedly noted that Luna sat with them as well. When he came near, they looked up, worry and curiosity quite evident in their eyes. He sat down, looked each of them in the eye and said:

"Room of Requirement," and started lunch. It didn't take long for the six of them to be ready, so they rose and quietly went out of the Great Hall, attracting many curious gazes, the Headmaster's not the least. In passing the Slytherin table, his eyes swept over each member, before resting on Daphne and Tracy's gaze. From the look they gave him, they were informing whether he wanted them to come with him. He shook his head slightly, which was enough an answer for the girls.

The group quietly went to the seventh floor where the Room of Requirement was located. Walking three times past the portrait of the trolls, Harry wished for a room in which he could explain things calmly. After the third time, he opened his eyes, saw the door, opened it and gestured for the lot of them to enter. The room they entered was like the Gryffindor common room in appearance, though where the common room had red and gold as colors, this room had blood-red and silver colors. In the middle were various comfortable seats assembled around a small table. They sat down and turned expectantly to Harry.

"Dobby and Winky?" Harry asked. Immediately two pops announced the arrival of two House-elves.

"Harry Potter sir?" Dobby asked. Winky looked shyly to her feet.

"Dobby, Winky, how would you feel about working for me?" Harry asked, much to the annoyance of Hermione, who hadn't given up on S.P.E.W. yet. The rest just looked questionable to Harry.

"Of course, Harry Potter sir!" Dobby exclaimed. "Dobby would love working for Harry Potter sir."

Winky looked at Harry, insecurity evident in her eyes. Harry looked back, then he glanced at Dobby.

"Would you like to bound to my family?" Harry asked. "If you do, I will give you the necessary things so you can make clothes of it." Winky immediately looked down again. "Winky, the material I would give you, wouldn't be considered as clothing," he gently said. Winky immediately looked hopeful again.

"Winky will bound with you, Master Potter," she said. Harry smiled and then looked at a bouncing Dobby.

"Dobby will bound with Master Harry, sir, Dobby was hoping you would ask Dobby."

Harry nodded, asked the House-elves for pumpkin juice for everybody. Once they returned and left once more, he turned his attention to his friends.

"All right, firstly I like to thank you for accompanying me to the Ministry last week. You've all shown enough potential to take on any Death Eater, the only thing missing is more training.

"I've asked you to come here so I could make several explanations, for things have changed and will change in the future. Do you remember the prophecy I took and was lost during the fight?" At their nods, Harry continued. "Well, even though it was the only recording in the Ministry, the original prophecy was spoken by Trelawney some seventeen years ago. Dumbledore was the one who heard it and he said it to me right after my encounter with Voldemort.

"It comes down to this: at the end of July 1980, a boy would be born whose parents had defied Voldemort three times already. He would be marked by Voldemort as his equal and would yield a power Voldemort doesn't know. That boy would be the only one who can kill Voldemort, just as Voldemort is the only one able to kill that boy.

"At the time, there were two boys who fit the description. You," he looked Neville in the eye, "was one option. I was the other. The night he killed my parents and do me in, a lot of things happened. I am the only one able to kill Voldemort, so that is what I am going to do."

They all looked shocked, not the least Neville, who knew how close he must have been to be the chosen one. Harry continued.

"Dumbledore told me that that power is love, but I sincerely doubt it. I think he's expecting me to snuff it when Voldemort dies, or Voldemort to die when I die. Anyhow, he hasn't spoken of this, my destiny, until he no longer could. He has never given me training or more explanations, even when I asked for it year after year. I've lost my trust in him.

"Now, I was shocked and angry and a lot of things when he told me, the events of the night catching up with me. After my outburst, I evaluated my options and made a decision. The first option I have is joining Voldemort," the five gasped, "which I'm not planning to do. The second option is following Dumbledore and remain a puppet, a weapon, the Gryffindor Golden Boy, which frankly said isn't what I'm looking for. To me, the only difference between following Voldemort and following Dumbledore would be that I wouldn't have to be actively part of raping, murdering and physical torture with Dumbledore. It wouldn't, however, leave me the space to be myself.

"So my third option, the one I've chosen, is gaining individuality, becoming the man prophesied. In other words, learning as much as possible and be the enemy I should be to Voldemort. First, I will learn, all forms of magic, even the Dark Arts, for I will need to know what I'm dealing with. Secondly, I'm going to make Voldemort sweat, make him fear me. Then I'm going to kill him." The last he said with such steel in his voice that left all doubts behind.

"You could always give him a Nargle," Luna absently said. Harry looked at her and smiled.

"I could, Luna, but the prophecy states clearly that only I, not another, not an animal, can kill him."

"Too bad, he would have loved it," Luna concluded.

Hermione was bewildered. "But Harry, when and where are you going to do this? And are you sure about Dumbledore? I mean, he is getting old, but he's still the most powerful wizard in the world! And the Dark Arts... You're not going to turn completely dark, are you?"

"When is quite simple, this summer, where is also a simple question. Along with my invitation, I also received a packet of information on my inheritances, finances and estates. I'm not sure where exactly I'm going to go, but I am most certainly not returning to the Dursleys. They don't belong in my life, besides, I don't know what I'm going to do to them if I would see them. One of the papers given to me was a list of instalments. Apparently Dumbledore arranged an unlimited instalment to the Dursleys of about £ 500 a month. Not to mention the monthly loan of 500 Galleons Dumbledore gave himself. When I get the chance, I will cancel any of those arrangements.

"But that wasn't really the most interesting thing about the papers I received."

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked.

"Well, I'm not so sure whether you will like to hear this. Merlin, I'm not so sure I should be acting so confident about it. Anyhow, one of the envelopes I was given was an automatically generated document by the Slytherin vault." Two witches and two wizards' eyes almost popped out of their heads. Luna merely shifted her dreamy stare.

"The document I'm speaking of said that I am the Heir of Slytherin through," he coughed, "my father, Tom Marvolo Riddle." Ginny fell out of her seat, the rest almost choked in their pumpkin juice.

"Apparently, when he tried to kill me, he somehow made me his son as well and when he used me to regain his body, he just strengthened that bond. It was quite disturbing to read that, but I should have known it before I received the document."

"How could you possibly know that?" Hermione asked.

"The prophecy," Harry told her. "The prophecy said that he would mark me as his equal. Dumbledore thinks that is equal in power, but I don't buy it. No, the equal truly means equal. Just think about it.

"Voldemort was an orphan, I am an orphan. His childhood stank, my childhood sucked. I've had my share of adventures at Hogwarts and considered it to be my first home, he surely had his own sinister adventures and considered Hogwarts as his home. He was a popular Prefect and Head Boy, I'm a famous lad. In both cases, people looked at us, either out of awe, either out of fear.

"He speaks Parseltongue, I speak Parseltongue. He was Slytherin's Heir, so to bring true the equation, I am Slytherin's Heir as well. It's too much coincidence for the prophecy not to be like this.

"And what means is that everything he knows, I should know too. I need to know it anyhow, but there's a cosmic reason behind it now."

Neville nodded his agreement, seeing the logic, and asked a question that was a bit unrelated to the whole "Son of Voldemort" issue. "So what were you doing with two Slytherin girls?"

Harry shifted his feet and blushed slightly. "We erm... made an arrangement."

Ron's eyebrow shot up. "An arrangement?"

"Well, they wanted to know what the deal was between me and Dumbledore and me and Voldemort, so I told them and we just started talking. In the end, I got them to tell their ulterior plan and they said that they wanted to start a relationship with me because of the countless possibilities of finances and influence. I can't deal with my fame and I certainly know next to nothing about money affairs. That was our initial arrangement, and you know, I quite like it."

"But you don't love them!" Hermione and Ginny exclaimed at the same time. Harry shrugged.

"I don't know what love is, but I do like them. It's easy to talk to them. They've got bright minds, know what they are doing. Not to mention their good looks," he grinned. "Really, it's a win-win situation."

"But what if their parents are Death Eaters?" Ron said, trying to persuade his friend to at least not go out with a Slytherin.

"I don't care," Harry calmly stated. "But if they betray me, I will personally go to Africa to catch a Nundu and release it on the lot of them.

"However, I don't think that's the case, they both know that if, when, I win, I will hold the most ideal position to make arrangements. They gave me their word, I trust them well enough and if it sounds too businesslike, well, could you please explain me what love is and how it operates, 'cause I surely can't. Feelings might be minimal at the moment, but I've got years to get to know them, in the best of situations, and I've got decades to learn how to love them."

Ginny looked jealous, but if Harry saw it, he didn't comment. He knew well enough of Ginny's crush on him, but Harry had dissected his own thoughts and feelings well enough to know that he would never be able to handle her feelings. It just wasn't meant to be.

Hermione still looked bewildered, no doubt wondering what had happened to her friend, even if she knew the reasons.

Ron was numb, probably not able to process everything at once.

Neville looked relieved and a tad concerned, but mostly happy that instead of leading the war against Voldemort, he would be able to simply support the one who had to.

Luna, to the best of Harry's knowledge, didn't look much different. Surely the look she gave him seemed to go even deeper than it used to, but Harry didn't mind. She had proved herself in the Ministry fight as being the last of them to bite back, the only one who hadn't been injured. And he found that her fondness for strange creatures, most of them seemingly non-existent, had grown on him. Through them, she explained the world in simple terms. She spoke the truth and he appreciated that, even if it was blunt most of the time. As if reading his thoughts, her look softened and she smiled brilliantly at him. 'Figures she's capable of doing that,' he thought.

Checking the time, Harry knew it wouldn't be long for his meeting with King Ragnok. So he rose, explained he was going to prepare himself for his meeting with the leader of the Goblin Nation and left his friends behind so they could think things through and discuss it. He went to the Fifth year dormitory, changed his robes into fancier robes and took the invitation letter. Goblins had made their own alternative to the Portkey, a much gentler version. Five minutes later, a quarter to two, he was whisked away from Hogwarts and arrived in front of gigantic golden gates. He was in front of the King's office, he knew.

He patiently waited for the doors to open and when they did, he could only be impressed. A slow march could be heard as he made his way through the door into a room reminiscent of the Great Hall. Most of the walls were covered with tapestries showing many goblin battles: fierce, little warriors wielding nasty swords and daggers, broadcasting one idea: do not mess with goblins.

The walls weren't the most impressive thing about the room though. That was reserved for the ceiling. Like the ceiling of the Great Hall, the ceiling of the king's office was enchanted, but not to show the sky. The ceiling showed a gigantic ball of liquid fire, lava. The ceiling apparently was enchanted to show the core of the earth, a most fascinating sight. Due to the light spread from the ceiling, further light wasn't necessary in the room.

In the middle of the room stood the most beautiful desk he had ever seen. It appeared to be made of dark wood and was finished with gold. The throne showed signs of silver and gold as well. It truly was the desk of a king.

Behind the desk, on the wall, was the biggest portrait Harry had ever seen. In it were twenty goblins, all dressed in the same clothing. They were gathered around a table and seemed to be some kind of council.

When Harry looked back at the desk, he was surprised to see a goblin sitting in it. Had he overlooked him the first time? He didn't know.

"Welcome, Mr. Potter, in my office. I am Ragnok, king of the Goblin Nation in Britain," the goblin said.

"I thank you for your invitation, my majesty," Harry sat. Ragnok looked appreciatively at Harry. It had been centuries since a human ever called a goblin king his king. In fact, it had been since before the goblin revolutions started that a human had done so.

"Please be seated," Ragnok gestured to the front of the desk, where immediately a luxurious seat appeared. Harry sat down and waited patiently for Ragnok to begin, when the king didn't speak, Harry decided to commence.

"May I ask why exactly you have asked me to come here?"
"Of course you may," Ragnok said. He straightened a bit. "What do you know of the goblin rebellions, Mr.Potter?"

"To be honest, sir? Not much. We read all about them in History of Magic, but I'm afraid that having a ghost as a teacher works counter-productive for the knowledge of many goblin battles. And you may call me Harry, sir."

"Very well, Harry, I will tell you about them. For thousand years now, goblins have regularly rebelled against the ruling human governments. Not because we have a certain urge to rebel, but because throughout all these years, goblins have been treated like vermin by humans. We have a strong sense for freedom and we find ourselves unable to truly act free. We are regulated, even though we have been able to arrange various treaties, and we strongly oppose to that idea."

Harry nodded his agreement. "I can identify myself in your situation well, sir. It's an unacceptable treatment of your kind by my kind, just like my kind generally treats werewolves, centaurs, house-elves,... Even vampires are mistreated."

Ragnok smiled toothily at Harry. The suspicions of the Goblin Nation and the Council of Kings, the twenty goblins seated in the portrait behind him, were being confirmed. "It indeed is a shame that your people act like that."

"I do wonder, King Ragnok, what this has to do with me," Harry said.

"It all comes down to a prophecy," Harry inwardly smacked his head, "made about five hundred years ago by a goblin elder woman. I do not remember the exact wording, but it has been passed along by the last five kings. The prophecy spoke of a marked human who would be the one that lead the goblins to full freedom. For the first year, this prophecy was well known by our people and even misinterpreted by a several goblins who were attempting to overthrow the kingdom. It is in the last year that such an attempt was made, that the Goblin Nation made a final treaty with the humans. There hasn't been a Goblin Revolution since, because we know that our freedom shall one day come.

"In the light of the conflict going on in the human world, we took a special interest in you, Harry, for this past year. I believe that there was an other prophecy about you?"

"Yes, there is another prophecy, and it indeed speaks of me being marked," Harry said.

"Then we have our final answer," Ragnok said. "Harry, I will make you a unique offer. I, Ragnok, current king of the Goblin Nation, pledge my service to you." Bright blue light flashed from Ragnok to Harry for a moment. Harry took his queue.

"I, Harry James Slytherin-Potter-Black, pledge my service to the Goblin Nation and its need for freedom," Harry swore. Another bright blue light flashed, this time from Harry to Ragnok. A magical oath had been sworn.

Ragnok smiled, if possible, even more toothily. "I believe, Mr.Potter, that it is my duty to make you an honorary member of the Goblin Nation and give you the position of the first human Royal Adviser." Ragnok snapped with his two fingers, then clapped once with his hands. Four small boxes, a necklace and a bigger box appeared. "Even though I usually do not interfere with affairs like this, I would like you to give you your three family rings as well as your family vault keys, a fourth ring and a dagger.

"The dagger was made by one of the finest craftsmen of the Nation and indicates your position in the Goblin Nation. The three family rings are obviously yours and indicate that you fulfil the requirements the families put in the acceptance of your inheritances.

"The fourth ring is a ring bearing the Gringotts sign. It is a fairly new way of transportation and is at the moment only granted to senior employers and citizens of the Goblin Nation. The main idea is a combination of human Apparition, house-elf Apparition, and the human Floo network. It is unique in such a way that it will transport you to any place that has been linked with the ring. As such, at the moment, you would be able to transport to any of your estates, the Gringotts building above, the doors in front of which you appeared earlier and the castle doors of Hogwarts."

Harry sat back, stunned. Thanks to Ragnok, he now had an unstoppable, secure, fast way to transport. Thanks to the dagger, the full ten inches, and the position he was given, combined with the magical oaths, Harry now had the full support of the goblins. And the family rings would insure him access to the vaults, even if he hadn't a key.

"How do I use the ring?" Harry asked.

"The ring uses a rare form of Legilimence, so all you have to think is 'ashran' and the location you want to go. For example, if you would like to come here, you would have to think: 'ashran King Ragnok's office'. It is quite handy, which is one of the main reasons we use it primarily for goblin elders."

"I don't know how I can express my thanks, my King," Harry said. Ragnok waved them away.

"We have formed an agreement, I'm only respecting that agreement."

"Then may I ask you a question relating to the goblin culture?" Harry asked.

"I believe you may," Ragnok said.

"I just wanted to ask where goblins usually live, is it truly only below grounds? And what about goblin women and children, I've never heard or read anything about them."

"Goblins indeed have a preference to live below grounds, but it wasn't always like this. Before the humans truly controlled our lives, we went out in the open more often than not. I fear the years if suppression made our opinions change, since our best survival is underground.

"As to our women and children, goblins are more protective of them than we are of the money in our custody."

Harry pondered this for a moment. "Than I believe I may have a temporary solution for those problems of freedom. Will you excuse me for a moment, sir? I am going to inspect one of my properties for a moment and will return to your office immediately." In the meantime, Harry took his four rings, put them on. The Potter and Gringotts ring he wore on his right hand, ring finger and index finger, while he wore the Slytherin and Black ring on his left hand, also on his ring and index finger. At Ragnok's nod, Harry thought: 'ashran Ashwind Isle' and disappeared in a purple magical fire.

Harry reappeared in front of a large mansion, once upon a time it housed the Slytherin family. Deciding to visit it another time, Harry looked around and saw some empty fields, but mostly a forest. Ashwind Isle was an island near the Aran Islands, not far from the western shore of Ireland. The island was unplottable and had been ever since Salazar Slytherin retreated to the place. According to the data on his parchment of estates and Daphne's knowledge, it was slightly smaller than the Isle of Man, but most certainly greater than any other island. Looking around, Harry nodded to himself and thought: 'ashran King Ragnok's office'. Again in purple fire, Harry disappeared and reappeared in front of the golden door. The door immediately opened for him and he once again approached King Ragnok.

Harry sat down and, on seeing the curiosity in Ragnok's eyes, began to explain. "This morning when I was browsing through the documents listing my estates, I came upon 'Ashwind Isle', an island that is slightly smaller than the Isle of Man, is located near the Aran Islands in Ireland, is unplottable and in my possession. As a first step towards your freedom, I offer the Goblin Nation this island at the cost of one Galleon, otherwise I wouldn't be able to give it to you, and on the condition that Slytherin Manor remains in my possession and that we - that is my two future wives and I, be given permission to walk the lands.

"I know that it isn't the complete deal, but I believe that it is a great step forwards. You could set up several goblin villages, do anything possible to secure your people, and impose your own laws. I don't believe the Ministry of Magic is aware of its existence and since it was in my possession, I would be the only one capable of refusing anything."

Ragnok sat back, stunned, a rare sight for a king, but in this case, it was indeed. Even the goblins in the portrait were surprised. Once upon a time, they had hoped to have a real country and now it seemed that the Marked One, whom was only recently officially recognized, had given them one of their dreams. Harry, knowing he was causing something resembling a rift, continued.

"I don't know how its condition is, but I'm sure there are enough goblins to arrange things. I am also hoping that you could assign someone to do the paperwork, I'm afraid I'm not very good in doing such things."

"Are you sure you wish to do this, Harry?" Ragnok finally asked.

"Of course I am! You desire more freedom, I find it unnecessary to own an entire island, if I'd just be able to walk there. Once again, I find myself in a win-win situation. You are happy, your people will be happy, I am happy and I am sure my two future wives will be very happy to know that I've secured our relation with Gringotts so that our money will be in safe hands," Harry grinned. "Now, if you'll excuse me, my majesty, but I do believe I need to visit some shops and vaults before I return to school for dinner." Standing up, Harry took the dagger he had left behind, said a final goodbye to a very happy Ragnok and thought 'ashran Gringotts'. Purple fire announced the arrival of Harry Potter in the entrance hall of the bank. Harry quickly made his way over to a counter, went into a cart and was off to visit his vaults.

In the Slytherin vault, Harry found the fang of a basilisk, enough tomes on the Dark Arts and especially several feet of parchment filled with Parseltongue magic, like the creation of the entrances to the Chamber of Secrets. Lack of a bag and the prospect of entering his school, where such magic would be disapproved of, Harry left the vault only with a parchment listing the various places in the castle of Hogwarts that would only be accessible for an Heir of Slytherin wearing the family ring and, more broadly, a Parselmouth.

In the Black vault, Harry found enough books on the Dark Arts and Dark objects to last him a lifetime, as well as a book dedicated to Russian magic and several wands. Harry tried each of them and finally left, a blackthorn wand with dragonstring of a Chinese Fireball as core in his pockets and the minimized book on Russian magic.

In the Potter vault, Harry found several pictures of relatives, several books filled with the Light Arts and a Japanese katana, which he shrunk as well.

In the end, he left with the knowledge that he had enough reference books, enough material to even make a new wand, a weapon he wanted to learn how to fight with, a bag filled with Galleons and a parchment containing the coats of arms of each family and the coat of arms of the Goblin Nation, which wasn't that much different than the logo of Gringotts.

In Diagon Alley, Harry went to see Madam Malkin's where he ordered several robes, specifically asked for a black silk robe that bore the four coats of arms on the back, big enough for a stranger to recognize, and the same on the front, on the place where usually the heart was located. He had arranged the model of the coats of arms so that a large 'H' was in the center with the Potter crest above, the Goblin Nation and Slytherin crest respectively on the left and the right of the 'H', with the Black crest below. From far away, it resembled the windlass, Potter north, Slytherin east, Black south, and the Goblin Nation west. He decided to wear the robe. His leadership had started today, he had done more in one day concerning the war than the Order of the Phoenix in weeks, it was time to make an appearance.

After ordering robes and the likes, Harry bought two wandholders, one which he strapped around his right leg and contained his holy wand, the other strapped around his right wrist that contained his blackthorn wand. In the same shop, he also bought a leather belt on which he could attach his goblin dagger and katana.

He left the shop, wandered around Diagon Alley for a bit and finally entered a shop that sold watches. Looking around, he also saw rings, earrings, necklaces and various other jewellery. Deciding to at least cover some ground, Harry bought two engagement rings, each would look lovely on the lady in question, a watch that told the time (a rebellious act, according to the salesman) and two bracelets. He wasn't planning on giving anything away soon, but it would do good to be prepared. 'You never know,' Harry thought, 'Gryffindor for something, right?'

By the time he had finished his affairs, it was about dinner time at Hogwarts. Mentally preparing himself for a fabulous, though sober entry, Harry thought 'ashran Hogwarts' and appeared in front of the open doors of Hogwarts. Several students had watched Harry's arrival and were flabbergasted by the method of transportation he might have chosen. Harry wasted no time and went straight for dinner in the Great Hall with a confident step. The agreement he had with the goblins had done much to reinforce Harry's new self-confidence.

He entered the Great Hall, noticed it was already almost filled with students, and calmly went forwards. Conversation ceased as they noticed who had entered and what exactly was shown on the black robes. It didn't take long for the whispering to start, for a third time that day. Harry thought it rather funny that people always spend so much time talking about his life.

Harry sat down at the Gryffindor table near his friends, who were surprised to see him like that, but not as surprised as the teachers seemed to be. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Dumbledore, Snape, Flitwick and McGonagall rise and leave there seats. Harry calmly awaited them, but they did not stop to discuss events, only ordered Harry to follow them to Dumbledore's office. His friends at the Gryffindor table made motions to rise, but Harry shook his head. At the Slytherin table, his two girlfriends rose and joined his side once they were in the entrance hall. The teachers were about to order them back, but one look of Harry made them shut up, even Snape.

Harry contemplated his teachers. Dumbledore obviously wanted to know what happened, Snape would probably reprimand him for anything at all, or maybe just insult him for wearing Slytherin's crest. McGonagall would be strict, probably chose Dumbledore's side in the end, but would have to be present since she was his Head of House. Flitwick probably was interested in meeting Ragnok and his current position and the Goblin Nation at present. Tracy and Daphne would need to know about his afternoon as well, so now he could spare himself explaining eighty percent of the story twice. 'So moth it be,' Harry thought.

They arrived in Dumbledore's office not long after they left, Tracy and Daphne secretly remembering the dream. Dumbledore conjured extra seats. Harry decided to sit in the middle, ignoring Snape's sneer. Daphne sat at his right, while Tracy sat at his left. Dumbledore sat behind his desk, Flitwick sat next Daphne, McGonagall sat next to Flitwick and Snape sat next her.

"Would you mind telling us about your meeting with Ragnok and that wonderful robe you're wearing, Harry?" Dumbledore asked. Snape snorted. 'Somebody's jealous.'

"I won't tell you everything if that is what you are asking, but I will tell you about it. First, though, Tracy, Daphne, avoid looking them in the eye, they'll try and use Legilimency." The two girls nodded, while Snape scowled. "In a nutshell, Headmaster, I've talked to King Ragnok for a while, he told me the main reasons behind the previous Goblin Rebellions and the reason there hasn't been one for a while now. I made a magical oath in which I swore to help their cause, Ragnok made a magical oath in which he pledged his services to me. He made an honorary goblin, gave me the position of Royal Adviser, apparently the first human to ever have such a position. He then gave me a goblin dagger, my family rings and a ring of the Goblin Nation."

His teachers were speechless, even Snape. Tracy and Daphne had a smug look on their face. They had indeed chosen the right man.

Dumbledore swallowed once, realizing that Harry had single-handily gained the support of the goblins in one meeting, a feat which he had yet failed to do in many months of meeting with goblins.

"I assume that is all that has transpired, Harry?" Dumbledore asked. Harry looked straight into his eyes.

"That is Mr.Potter for you, sir," Harry said. Daphne and Tracy looked even more proud. 'Definitely the right man,' they thought in unison. "And no, that wasn't all. It appears an entire island near Ireland was listed in the list of my estates." Dumbledore looked confused. Harry loved this, it was time to shock the old crowd.

"But there are no islands near Ireland listed in the Potter estate folder," Dumbledore finally said.

"Of course not, the island is part of my other inheritance," Harry said.

"The Black estates?" Dumbledore asked.

"No, the estates of my father's family," Harry said. Daphne smiled at him in amusement, she too loved this game.

"Your father? But your father is James Potter!" Dumbledore said bewildered.

"Figures you never knew, old man," Harry said.

"Mr.Potter!" McGonagall warned.

"It appears, Headmaster, that I gained a second father on Halloween 1981."

Dumbledore blanched, Snape's eyes widened, Flitwick and McGonagall were shocked.

"And you know what the funny part of all this affair is?" Harry continued. "Dear Tom was refused by the family ring and vault. Appears that one condition for an Heir to be recognized is that he or she must have two magical parents." He snorted. "Luckily enough, because I've found some interesting tomes in the vault."

Now, Dumbledore had fear in his eyes, then anger. "Mr.Potter, I demand you to hand over all of the books relating to the Dark Arts to me at this instant. I cannot and will not allow another student of mine to travel down that path, do you understand?" Apart from Harry, who had seen the Headmaster fight, everybody flinched. Power was radiating from the man, who was clearly trying to impress Harry. Harry narrowed his eyes. 'Two can play this game, if that is what he wants.' Collecting all of the anger he felt in one place and guiding his magic along, Harry commanded his aura to show. He stood up, just for the effect. Immediately an aura that held the color of the Killing Curse was visible, stronger than Dumbledore's.

"Don't fool with me any more, Headmaster," Harry warned. "I am through with playing your manipulations. Denying me access to my rights is one bridge too far, one that I'm not willing to take at this moment. If you expect me back for Sixth year, stay off my back. Daphne, Tracy? Take hold of my arm, will you?"

To the amazement of the four Professor, purple flames shot from Harry's hand and covered the three students, when the flames disappeared the students were gone. Flitwick clapped his hands in excitement and exclaimed: "Wonderful!" much to the amazement of the remaining Professors.

"What the bloody hell was wonderful about that?" Snape said.

"Don't you see?" Flitwick said, but refrained from telling more.

"I'm afraid I can't find your enthusiasm, Filius," Dumbledore said. "I fear Mr.Potter is turning dark."

McGonagall snorted. "Your own ministrations made that happen, Albus." She stood up, like Flitwick, and went out of the Headmaster's office, leaving a frustrated old man and a sneering Potions Professor behind.

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