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Chapter 3-Inheritance

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Harry's powers fully awaken

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*Harry's Room*

"Harry, you really need to take your birth right soon. It is getting a lot fiercer and a lot harder for you to control isn't it? Please Harry, take up the birthright and complete the ceremony. You know what will happen if you don't." Nicholas said to Harry was putting on a sleeveless black shirt.

"Nicholas, where is all of my stuff?" Harry asked looking around his room.

"Harry, now don't get mad, but you destroyed them all when you lost control." Nicolas said waiting for Harry to get pissed.

"Well, I guess it is time after all for the birthright. Come on Nicholas, I might need your help." Harry said as he opened a hidden safe that was located behind one of his posters on his walls. There was only one thing in the safe, an amulet that had a large blood red ruby in it. On one side the surrounding metal was gold and on the back it was silver. Harry grabbed a normal leather jacket and a sawed off shotgun and his wand, which he put in his customized hip holsters. "Jesus, I hate this damn wrist breaker, but I always pack so form of heat, so oh well." Harry said as he and Nicholas portkeyed to Gringotts.

*Gringotts Bank*

"Welcome Knight Lord!" the goblin at the teller said to Harry. "Are you finally ready to take your family name and birthright?" the goblin asked.

"Yes I am Odinspear, Chieftain of the Asgard tribes." Harry said, knowing that the goblin was testing him.

"Very good Knight Lord. Now, if you will just follow me, I am after all the only one who really knows the way to the Atrum Porta." Odinspear said as he led Harry and Nicholas threw a complex maze of tunnels that anyone would get lost and eventually die in without a guide of some sort. "Here we are my Lord. Master Flamel, you will have to wait until your student is done with his trials." Odinspear said as Harry touched the large obsidian door that was built into a large marble wall with figures of demons and human warriors carved into it. Harry walked into the darkness and the doors closed behind him.

"Welcome young heir, I see that you have your many times great grandmother's amulet, very good. Now, you will have to prove you power to the Bloodline to receive your birthright." A regal voice said. A large demon that looked lion like, but it had black fur, a fiery mane, and two large black horns appeared out of no where and charged towards Harry. Harry jumped twenty feet straight up and opened fire with his shotgun and wand. Harry felt his left wrist start to ache a little bit due to the recoil of the shotgun. The lion demon shrugged the shots off and the spells seemed to give him more strength. The demon swiped at Harry who just barely dodged the strike, but his left arm got a fairly large cut on it. The demon then spat a huge fire ball at Harry, which encompassed him totally.

Harry found himself starting at his inner demon and Harry said, "It looks like I need your help after all."

"Didn't I tell you, you will need my help from time to time? Now, let me join in control of your body. Use my strength as if it were your own..." Harry's inner demon said as Harry's eyes changed color from green to red, and the rest of his eye turned black.

"Lesson one; every action has an equal and opposite reaction." Harry said with a double voice as the demon tried to punch Harry, who was still in the fireball. The demon missed Harry and slammed his fist into the solid wall behind Harry. "Lesson two; always be prepared for the unexpected." Harry said as he ran up the demon's outstretched arm and proceeded to rip off one of its horns. "Lesson three; if you have the opportunity to kill you enemy, do it!" Harry shouted as he punched straight threw the demon's skull, cutting off all brain function. As a result however, Harry's bandaged right arm was covered in blood and brain matter, which gave off a really bad odor. Harry cast a cleaning charm over him self as something appeared on his left arm.

It was a black gauntlet had a design similar to the demon's head right where the fist was, but he could still move both of his fingers individually. Surrounding the rest of the gauntlet was a spiked chain. Harry swung his arm, which activated the chain as it glowed with a fiery fury. Harry mastered the weapon almost instantaneously.

"Very good my heir, now, you have one more test..." The voice said again. This time however no evil spirit came to do battle with him. This time he saw his Mother and Father.

"Mom? Dad?" Harry said with tears in his eyes. At this moment Harry broke down and fell to his knees crying. The images of his parent came to him to comfort him. "I missed you guys so much. I love you so much and I have so many questions." Harry said sobbing. Harry looked at his parent knowing that this was a test, but he had never seen their faces. "Mom, Dad, I have to go. I will never forget you." Harry said advancing to the door which appeared at the other side of the room.

Harry walked into a large chamber that had only one thing in it, a large stone coffin. Harry pushed the lid of the coffin off and saw a large broadsword in a bed of black silk. The sword was around five feet tall and the hilt had the design of a horned demon engraved into it. The blade was about four inches in width and two in thickness. As soon as Harry took up the blade his inner demon came out fully. Harry's skin turned a dark gray while two small black horns came out of his head. Two large demonic black wings came out of his back, spraying blood everywhere. Harry's nails became claws that radiated power. He knew that magic would make his current wand useless so he scratched of a part of his horn, which quickly grew back to normal. In a burst of red runes, Harry turned back to normal. Harry's shirt however was completely trashed due to the sudden increase of muscle mass in his body. His hair had lost all color and it was now a snow white. Harry held on to the sword with his right hand as he walked out of the Atrum Porta.

"Nicholas, we need to visit the tailor really soon." Harry said as he saw Nicholas. Nicholas just laughed as Harry's body changed yet again.

"I hope to God that this is the last time Harry. I mean Jesus, the tailor knows whom the fuck you are just by your voice." Nicholas said as he conjured a plain black shirt for Harry until he got to the tailor. Nicholas also conjured a back holster for Harry's new sword until they could get to their weapon smith.

"Hello, Mr. Flamel and Mr. Potter how are you on this fine day?" Valmont Valentine, their personal tailor said. Valmont Valentine was one of the many tailors who had their shop in Diagon Alley; Valmont however specialized in Muggle clothing.

"I'll take the usual Valmont." Harry said as he took off his sword from his back. Valmont laughed as he got ready the usual wardrobe for Harry. "This time, how about a red duster?" Harry said as the measuring tapes got his new measurements. After an hour of Nicholas laughing and Harry mumbling about crazy old wankers. Harry walked out in black combat boots; a long sleeved black shirt, black cargo pants, and a red leather duster with his sword on his back.

Harry and Nicholas then headed to a shabby little store named Wonderland's Wizarding Clocks. Harry and Nicholas walked up to the shopkeeper and said, "I walk through the Valley of Death, and I will fear no evil, for I'm the baddest motherfucker in the god-damned fucking valley." Harry said. The old man smiled as he recognized one of the Venator of Malum's many code phrases.

"Welcome Hunter of Evil. Follow me to get what you need." The old man who was better know as the Mad Hatter led them down a secret passage. The secret passage was hidden in a mirror, thus going thru the looking glass.

"I'll take the usual Hatter. You know what actually, I want you to do a few things different. The first thing is that I want you to make the black one with Bo-mar sights and a longspur hammer. The chrome one needs more rounded parts, shorter safety, and a hidden bobbed hammer. For the love of God please mold my hands for the grips this time. Also, I am going to need a lot bigger clips, and can you put these two pictures into the grips? The guy put with the black gun and the woman put with the chrome gun. I owe you huge Hatter." Harry said as the Mad Hatter got to work.

"May I suggest Millennium clips to fix your issue about ammunition? They each hold one million rounds." The mad Hatter said as he was chambering the guns. The Mad Hatter was inhuman, every one of the Hunters knew that, but what he exactly was, no one knows. Harry agreed and the Mad Hatter was done in a half hour, where as anyone else it would take months. The new engravings read Ebony and Ivory, the clips and triggers were both gold, the pictures were in the custom made grips, and Harry laughed when he saw this but he put on the other side of the guns For Harry Potter by .45 Warks. Mad Hatter also handed Harry a holder for his sword and two hip holsters for his pistols.

"So, what do I owe you Hatter?" Harry asked the Mad Hatter.

"Let me see, add a three, multiply by Pi..." Hatter said. "How about the shotgun, Tweedledee and Tweedledum?" The Hatter asked. Every Hunter knew that the Hatter asked for the craziest things for payment. Harry nodded and took of his shotgun with holster still attached. The Mad Hatter threw Harry a box of his fire weed cigarettes and a golden Zippo lighter. Harry opened the box and lit one of the cigarettes up.

"Thanks Hatter, I'll see you later, maybe." Harry said with an impish smile as the Mad Hatter gave a mad laugh.

"You know, after twenty years of getting my guns from him, I never got use to that laugh." Nicholas said as they head to Ollivander's to get Harry a new wand due to the fact that he was know using half demon magic and half human magic.

"Mr. Potter, this is the third time that you come into my shop looking for a new wand." Mr. Ollivander said with a jovial tone. "Ah, I see that you visited a friend of mine today. How is the man who is a mad as a hatter?" Mr. Ollivander asked.

"Oh, not you too. How many are there?" Harry asked knowing exactly what Mr. Ollivander was talking about. Mr. Ollivander did not answer his question however as he took a pinprick of Harry's blood. Nicholas and Harry waited until Mr. Ollivander came back with a sample of a black wood.

"This is a sample of wood for one of the Underworld doorway trees. This sample was taken from the one in the Black Forest. Now, I understand that you have a sample from one of your horns?" Mr. Ollivander said as Harry handed over the small horn fragment that he was holding on to. After another half hour of waiting, Mr. Ollivander came out holding a thirteen inch wand that had many runes carved into it. As soon as Harry grasped the wand, the runes pulsed blood red.

"What do I owe you Mr. Ollivander?" Harry asked.

"Just give me you old wand for payment. I want to see how your magic works exactly. Maybe you have more chaotic..." Mr. Ollivander said to himself as Harry handed him his old wand. "Ah, I see that you are using a djinni spirit in that gauntlet." Mr. Ollivander said as he saw Harry's left arm.

Harry and Nicholas left the store and used the Portkey. Nicholas disappeared in a flash were as his Portkey wouldn't work for him for some reason. Harry heard a little voice in his head tell him to try a different mode of transportation. Harry felt the human and chaotic magic around him separate as Harry filled the void between these magics with his body. As soon as Harry filled the void, Harry's body became raw energy (Lightning). The crack that usually flowed apparation was replaced by a large thunder clap when Harry apparated now.

*Arcanum Moenia*

When Harry rematerialized, he saw Nicholas shaking uncontrollably on the courtyard floor. Nicholas's body was slowing aging, Harry knew what was about to happen. "Help, Nicholas needs help!" Harry shouted as he tried to give Nicholas some of his magic until some one would get Nicholas's Elixir of Life.

"Sir, we can't find it anywhere." A soldier told Harry as Nicholas was on the verge of death. Harry started to as Nicholas smiled at Harry as he died.


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